Best 20 Career Aptitude Tests You Can Take Online

Best 20 Career Aptitude Tests You Can Take Online.
Career aptitude tests enable you to know what career or jobs that best match your skillset and personality.

Best 20 Career Aptitude Tests You Can Take Online

Career aptitude tests will give you the knowledge of the best jobs suited for your skillset and personality.
If you are wondering what career path to take, whether you a recent graduate or a beginner figuring out your future profession, or someone considering a career change, the career aptitude test will be helpful to you.

Career aptitude tests are objective measures of your interests so you can choose your dream job and not just a temporary job that has nothing to offer you on your career journey.

For example, your dream of being a writer may be shattered by taking a job as a financial analyst just to work on a temporary basis, instead of what you’ve always desired to be.

Whether you are thinking about what career is right for you or not, we have compiled a list of the best career aptitude tests you can take online so you don’t waste your precious time searching and applying for jobs you don’t have passion for.

Best 20 Career Aptitude Tests You Can Take Online

If you feel unfulfilled in your current role, these career aptitude tests will help you make the right decision for jobs that will match your interests, values, goals, and skills:

  1. What Careers is Right For Me: Career Aptitude Test

The uniqueness of this test involves using a method to rank your skillset along with your values, interests, work style, how much possible growth you would like to see in your career field, and how much money you would like to make.

The outcome is practical with connections to job descriptions and job openings.

  1. 123 Career Test: Career Aptitude Test

123 Career Test is an understandable test that lasts for 5 to 10 minutes used for assessing your career personality.

You merely imagine people performing job-related tasks and pick either “yes” or “no” to consider whether you could picture yourself enjoying that duty.

This test uses Holland Code personality types to give you information about which work scenarios and professions best suit your career personality considering the fact that you need to find a job that matches your personality and gives you a passion for what tasks you perform.

Sometimes, you might be attracted to a job for money or status, rather than a true consideration of whether your personality would suit well in the work scenario or the job itself.

  1. Princeton Review Career Quiz

This test is the same as the 123 Career Test, providing you with samples of people carrying out tasks and asking you to select which one you would rather perform.

Unlike the 123 Career Test that shows your pictures, the Princeton Review Career Test provides you with phrases that state, “I would rather be a doctor” or “I would rather be an analyst”.

This test is a better option for you if you would prefer words to pictures.

With 24 questions to answer, you will be given a color based on your perceived interests and style at the end of the test for Princeton Review to provide you with potential careers well-suited for people of your color type.

The results are however useful displays of possible paths you might take.

  1. Truity: The Big Five Personality Test

This career aptitude test will make you discover more about how you relate to others in less than ten minutes.

The results will provide details of how open you are to new experiences, how much self-control you may possess, how much of an outgoing person you are, and how to manage hectic conditions.

This information is most useful to understand in terms of how you take care of your job and coworkers, and not just how you imagine yourself to be.

Although you don’t need to pay for the basic report of this test, you will however be required to pay $19.95 for the full report.

  1. My Next Move O*Net Interests Profiler

The O*NET Interests Profiler is a test that is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor in which you have 60 questions to answer concerning different work activities.

There is a level of interest you need to provide for each task in the form of “strongly like” or “strongly dislike” to identify career interests and suggest potential career paths.

This category of test will allow you to filter your career path search based on how much preparation is required in order to find jobs you’ve currently qualified for.

  1. Various Tests provides you with four various test options including a career skills profiler, a career personality test, career values assessment, and a career interest inventory.

These tests will collectively enable you to effectively assess your career personality just as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test does and help you to find your perfect career.

Each of these four assessments has some value to offer you.

For example, the career personality test contains 739 careers ranked according to how well the jobs support your personality, while the career values test will offer you a sense of what to expect in a position so as to find the meaning.

This test is offered for free and also for a fee at $19.95.

  1. CareerExplorer: Career Test

This all-inclusive career test assesses your interests, workplace, and personality traits, as well as history and objectives, and compares you to several characteristics for you to make a knowledgeable decision concerning your career.

You’ll also get personalized top career matches and insights in return for taking the test that lasts for 20 minutes.

You can get the basic report of this test for free while the premium report is offered for a fee at $35.

  1. MAPP Career Test

The MAPP Career Test or Motivational Appraisal Personal Potential gives you insights concerning your career motivations and also provides you with 10 industries best-suited for you.

Furthermore, the MAPP Test compares you with exact careers in their database of over 1,000 roles, assisting you in choosing your best career path.

This is an excellent test to take if you are interested in a more honest recommendation.

There are different packages to select from for more detailed information.

However, the free sample provides you with sufficient knowledge about your top quality in each type and puts you forward to 10 potential career positions.

You can get this test for free but for full results, the test is offered for $89.95+.

  1. Career Test – Work Personality Analysis

This test consists of 60 questions and offers you the opportunity to identify your personality strengths, but places the results on how to locate the appropriate career path.

Although you can use the free career test version for your major strengths and style of management, it’s worthwhile upgrading to the premium report which contains 10 pages so you can find more useful information.

The feedback of this test comprises the most excellent career choices for your personality type, your best business settings, and details about possible weaknesses.

Although you can get this test for free, it also has a paid version that costs $39.95.

  1. Career Strengths Test

The Career Strengths Test is a group of assessments developed by the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation for Oprah to measure your strengths in terms of skills different from numerical reasoning and concept arrangement.

Completion of the four quick tests will lead you to a list of multiple jobs that need your skills.

The test is good for identifying your job strengths and restricting your career search to roles that best match your skills.

  1. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is recognized as one of the most perfect career aptitude tests that has a free version known as the Jung Typology Test and offers a paid version for $50.

A series of 64 statements that this career aptitude test presents include “It’s not easy to get you thrilled” and “You like to fit into an active and high-speed job”.

  1. PathSource

A free career assessment app was created by PathSource for people who prefer using a smartphone instead of a desktop.

PathSource provides you with a list of possible career options and includes information such as income expectations and lifestyle for each potential role once you enter personality characteristics and interests.

The app, in addition, offers 2,600 informational interviews with a display of an insider’s view from people in different careers.

There is also a database of careers related to different academic majors that PathSource provides.

This is a very helpful tool if you’re a recent graduate unsure of what career paths to take.

  1. Self-Directed Search

The Self-Directed Search or SDS is a career assessment test that compares people with jobs based on interests, aspirations, activities, and more.

The result of the test comes in a personalized report that ranks and shows detail of how social, realistic, conventional, artistic, or investigative a candidate might be, being a version of the Holland theory that is called RIASEC.

In addition, you will be given a list of careers, salary data, and educational opportunities that best fit you and your results along with your personalized summary code.

  1. The Enneagram Institute: Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator

This type of career aptitude test gives you information about which of the nine Enneagram types you may like to choose, ranging from the helper, the individualist, the reformer, the achiever, the loyalist, the investigator, the challenger, the peacemaker, to the enthusiast.

It will be helpful if you can understand more about your type so as to get along better with your colleagues.

You will also have the opportunity to know which attributes you desire in a career to make it fulfilling.

  1. Gallup: CliftonStrengths

Previously known as the Clifton StrengthsFinder, this career aptitude test makes you discover what you naturally do best, helps you to know how you can develop your talents into strengths, and guides you to tactically use your skills to improve your career.

As soon as you finish taking this test, you will be provided with a customized report that lists your top five main talents, along with videos and materials that help you achieve academic, career, and personal success.

  1. Johnson O’ Connor Research Foundation: Aptitude Assessment

Since 1922, this nonprofit research foundation has been studying human natural abilities to help candidates make informed decisions about their career paths.

The foundation states firmly that the career someone finds most rewarding is the one that uses their inborn strengths and aptitudes.

As you recognize those aptitudes, they will give you the ability to commence with fields that will most likely bring you the most satisfaction.

These tests are only available at 11 testing centers across the country, unlike most tests that can be performed online.

You can get a taste for the Johnson O’Connor approach through a free career assessment test developed for if getting to a center is not in your future or you find the $750 price tag too expensive.

The free career assessment test will offer you five shorts tests to measure a variety of skills ranging from inductive reasoning to structural visualization.

The test is offered at the rate of $750 for most offices and $850 in Austin, San Francisco, and Florida.

  1. Red Bull Wingfinder

The energy drink company’s slogan, “Red Bull gives you wings”, has been applied to a serious career aptitude test.

This test, created by psychology experts from the University College London and Columbia University New York, is also called personality assessment test.

It assesses more of your work style and strengths.

It’s a 35-minute career aptitude test that is offered for free to your advantage.

As a four-part test with timed sections and right-and-wrong answers, the Red Bull Wingfinder test measures your thinking when under pressure.

Questions you will find in the test include image sorting, leadership scenario, and logic puzzles.

The test gets more challenging as you quickly answer the questions, and it adapts to your level in case you are having difficulty with the questions.

The key areas that the full result report covers your strengths and weaknesses include creativity, managing relationships, your drive to succeed, and complex thinking.

You will receive a nine-page report and career coaching adapted to your results, including videos from expert athletes and entrepreneurs whose skills match your profile.

  1. Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI)

In your career, it’s certain that the important skills you will have for success include communication, organization, and problem-solving.

However, you may not know how important emotional intelligence in the workplace can be.

Proficiency in this area, which is also known as emotional quotient or EQ, can help you understand your emotions and motivations as well as other people’s own.

If you are able to guide your own thinking and behavior to make the most of your potential, it means you have a high EQ or emotional quotient.

If your dream job requires negotiation or sales skills, your high EQ can also help you to influence others.

Several tools developed by credentialed psychology professionals are offered by the six seconds of this test to understand your EQ.

You will receive a 20-page report after you have completed the test online such as development suggestions, and a 30-minute debrief by Skype or phone.

The total estimated time for this career aptitude test is 60 minutes, and the price stands at $195.

  1. Keirsey Temperament Sorter

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter is part of the career aptitude tests that are based on Keirsey Temperament Theory used to divide people into four temperaments including rational, guardian, artisan, and idealist.

With 71 questions to attempt, the test tends to evaluate the communications and actions of people.

  1. MyNextMove

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, MyNextMove is a tool that uses information from O*Net and helps determine your interests as they relate to work.

This test differs from other career aptitude tests and requires you to rate how much you would enjoy performing very specific work tasks such as laying bricks, making kitchen cabinets, as well as purchasing and selling bonds and stocks.

In the test, you will be presented with 60 questions to attempt.


Career aptitude tests are meant to help you at some stages in your career, such as choosing a university degree path, searching for your dream job, and changing careers completely.

They objectively measure your job skills, unlike some career testing options that explore your values or work style.

By assessing your job skills and aptitude, this type of test will help you select a career you are most likely to succeed in.

You will get information about your strengths and weaknesses so you can go for additional training where necessary.

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