What Jobs can you get with a Business Management Degree?

What jobs can you get with business management degree?

Having a business management degree provides more opportunities in getting high paying jobs.

What Jobs can you get with a Business Management Degree?

Ever wondered if bagging that business management degree will bring home the bacon? Well, think no further, a business management degree has numerous well-paying jobs you can get, ranging from the lower level labor relations specialist to the exalted senior management consultant.

This post answers the usually question: “What jobs can you get with a business management degree?” in the minds of people thinking of starting a career in business management.

According to Burning-Glass, in 2014 there were 357,983 job openings for holders of business management degree in the U.S.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S Department of labor pegged the growth rate of management occupations at 6% within 2014-2024, estimated availability of roughly 505,400 jobs.

As published by The Telegraph, business management takes second place after nursing as one of the most sought after courses in the U.K, while in the U.S, it takes the top spot as the most popular course with thousands of students offering the course annually as published by USA Today College.

There is therefore no denying the fact that with a business management degree you can get lots of job prospects.

So, what really can you do with a business management degree?

Here are the job opportunities in details:

What can you do with a Business Management Associate’s Degree?

As a step towards accessing the job opportunities in the field of business management, one can decide to go for an Associate degree.

An Associate degree (AA) in business management can help one secure a nice job in the healthcare and technology sector.

Contrary to the general notion, it lays the foundation for one to kick start a management career and can as well serve as a stepping stone for the pursuit of a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree.

Payscale ranks AA in business management as one of the highest paying (67/142) disciplines with a potential $35,200 early career annual pay and a possible $51,100 mid-career median salary.

There is a wide variety of job opportunities provided by having an Associate’s degree in business management, among them include: a position as an

  • Advertising sales agent, selling of ad space to individuals
  • Auditing clerk, monitoring the financial accounts/records of a company
  • Insurance sales agent, creating business for insurance agencies
  • Real estate broker, assisting home sellers/buyers to get optimum price properties
  • Administrative assistant, providing admin support for a company’s top management
  • Hotel general manager, ensuring smooth operations of the hotel on a daily basis, including safety of staff and company assets
  • Executive assistant, providing support to the executive or CEO to be able to make quality decisions for the success of the organization
  • Retail store manager, developing and implementing both short and long term plans to actualize company’s goals
  • Office manager, providing administrative services for the smooth operation of the office
  • Restaurant general manager, directing the operation of a unit of the restaurant.

All the above positions are within your grab with just a 2-year Associate degree, which is achievable with a tight budget over a relatively short time period.

However, it is important to note that this only prepares you for entry-level jobs which are under stiff competition with Bachelor’s degree holders.

Associate degree holders of business management often feel the need to pursue a Bachelor’s degree mostly when they seemingly hit the apex of their paycheck and promotion.

At this point, it is a necessity, which eventually is worth every dollar and time spent in attaining the degree because a Bachelor’s degree repositions Associate’s degree holders for upper-level management positions and professional development.

What can you do with a Business Management Bachelor’s Degree?

Bachelor’s in business management, according to Education Post is a highly competitive course with a commercially-driven market and consequently associated with prestige.

It is no wonder the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 6% growth rate within 2014-2024 for management occupations, business management inclusive. This is an above average rate for all occupations presumed to create 505,400 jobs.

The Telegraph also states that1,200 out of every 12,000 students of Lancaster University, U.K, completed business/management programs and 84% of the number found employment within six months of graduation.

Top job positions you can get with a business management B.A degree include:

  • Financial analyst, using evaluation of stocks and bonds
  • Accountant, preparing and ensuring accurate financial records are kept and taxes paid duly
  • Business analyst, using analytical tools to identify a company’s need
  • Account executive, liaising with clients and company to ensure mutual understanding between parties
  • Human resources manager, supervising the recruitment, hiring, training and welfare of staff
  • Management consultant, providing consulting services
  • Sales manager, co-coordinating the activities of sales team
  • Sales support, handling the administrative part of a sales process
  • Marketing manager, strategizing on the best approach to create awareness for a product/service
  • Sales representative, carrying out actual selling process for a company’s products.

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2010 projected the salary range of business management degree holders to be $40,000 to $100,000 annually, depending on the focus and experience.

In 2015, they predicted a median salary of 165,710 for business/financial occupations.

What can you do with a Business Management Master’s or Doctorate Degree?

To develop expertise within specialized aspect of management, students may choose to pursue advanced degrees such as Master’s or Doctorate in business management to focus on key areas like: operations management, human resources management, organizational leadership, and financial management.

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a favorable growth rate of 22% for business management Master’s holders indicating that a lot of employers are on the lookout for graduates with that extra education required to become top level executives.

With advanced business management degree, you can do the following jobs: cash manager, branch manager, treasurer, senior management consultant, director of operations, brand manager and chief executive officer.

U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an annual median salary of $126,660 for business management MBA holders majoring as financial managers and $86,990 for MBA holders majoring as management analysts.


A course in business management no doubt provides a great platform to become an entrepreneur or get various jobs in the corporate sector and go ahead to have the successful career you have always dreamed of.

What do you think of our report on jobs you can get with business management degree? Please make your comment and share addition jobs you know that someone can do with such degree.