Warehouse Team Leader Job Description Sample, Duties and Responsibilities

Warehouse Team Leader job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Warehouse Team Leaders supervise activities of warehouse workers daily to ensure smooth operation of the department. Image source: qstockinventory.com

Warehouse Team Leader Job Description Sample, Duties and Responsibilities

What Does a Warehouse Team Leader Do?

A warehouse team leader is responsible for supervising the day to day activities of team members employed to work on a given project in an organization, to ensure operations run seamlessly.

He/she is always on ground to monitor and evaluate the performance of workers and ensure that work equipment is available.

As the one in charge, the warehouse leader plays a managerial role on the work site, overseeing the welfare, and productivity level of all workers.

He/she ensures that the work environment is healthy and conducive for workers to carry out their duties without subjecting themselves to any harm or danger.

He/she uses his/her expertise to hire qualified workers with the approval of management, and assigns each worker to specific tasks based on the specialization for maximum output.

Team leaders make it a priority to assess the performance of workers under them in order to identify areas that need to be perfected for the purpose of achieving best results for their warehouses.

Job Description Sample for the Warehouse Team Leader Position

The following sample job description consists of major duties, tasks, and responsibilities that make up most warehouse team leaders work activities, which they are expected to carry out.

  • Inform workers of management conditions of work, rules and regulations guiding the establishment to ensure that they adhere to company policies, and take disciplinary measures against workers who are found wanting.
  • Make available all work related records such as attendance and efficiency score to management for the purpose of payment and other rewards.
  • Give workers detailed feedback on their level of performance most especially when they are not performing up to company expectations, in order for them to sit up and do better.
  • Make a draft of shifts for workers and ensure that they follow it diligently to avoid commotion and agitations between workers over non compliance by some members.
  • Constantly inspect all work equipment to identify shortages and damages, and relate findings to management for quick resolution to enable smooth flow of operations.
  • Place order for new equipments as directed by management, and inspect them upon delivery to ensure that they are of good quality and in the right quantity.
  • Step in to resolve conflicts that may arise between workers on site, and exhibit good sense of judgment to ensure that parties involved are treated fairly without bias.
  • Keep accurate records of workers performance and ensure that all payments are fully made as at when due without shortage and victimization.
  • Work as the middleman between management and workers to facilitate good communication and airing of complaints from both parties, and see to it that all issues are sorted out.
  • Check all outgoing stocks to ensure that they are in good condition and make sure that all documents are accurately signed for proper documentation.
  • Ensure that stock inventory is carried out in a timely manner and that it is in line with the stock balance to avoid mix up.

Writing a Resume for the Post of Leader, Warehouse Team

The job description example above can be employed in writing a resume for the position of the leader of warehouse team.

Requirements – Qualities – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for the Position of Warehouse Team Leader

The skills, knowledge, and abilities employers usually want warehouse team leaders to have to excel on the job include the following:

  • Good team skills to be able to work with others.
  • Good leadership skills.
  • Ability to fully carry out instructions.
  • Ability to management temperament.
  • Ability to multitask.
  • Good knowledge of record keeping.

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