Walmart IMS Supervisor Job Description Example

By | August 29, 2023
Walmart IMS Supervisor job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Walmart IMS Supervisors oversee the work of associates and other team members. Image source:

Walmart IMS Supervisor Job Description Example

What Does a Walmart IMS Supervisor Do?

IMS supervisors at Walmart have the responsibility to oversee the activities of Inventory management system associates and put them in line, so to speak.

The Walmart IMS supervisor job description entails assessing the tasks done by IMS associates and other members of his/her team to ensure they are in line with company’s regulations towards improving on customer service.

Everything Walmart do is designed towards having a perfect customer satisfaction, and the IMS supervisor is expected to keep this in mind while carrying out his/her daily tasks.

The IMS supervisor is expected to meet outlined goals of the company and also be able to work at very fast pace.

Needless to say, the supervisor must be able to meet deadlines and should have enthusiasm for his/her job, as this will rob off on the associates and others who he/she leads in the company.

Additionally, the IMS supervisor must be reliable and hardworking. He/she should equally be punctual to work always.

Walmart prefers individuals vying for this role to be energetic, since he/she is usually required to work on his/her feet for hours on end.

The company places preference on retail sales and customer service support background for any individual who seeks to be employed as an IMS supervisor at Walmart.

The IMS supervisor is also expected to possess team spirit and should have collaborative mindset.

He/she should additionally be approachable as this will encourage members of his/her team to get him/her informed about new developments and issues that affect his/her job.

While he/she is expected to follow the rules to the letter, he/she is equally expected to use his/her discretion to institute flexibility when necessary.

The IMS supervisor should be able to manage time and human resources perfectly in order to achieve goals of assigned tasks as and when due.

He/she should equally be cheerful as this can prompt members of his/her team to dedicate more energy and time to assigned duties.

He/she should relate well with members of his/her team and with superiors. He/she should also understand how to effectively communicate with superior personnel.

The supervisor should be available to direct unloaders to ensure they get the job done as required, and should always be available at his/her duty posts.

The work description of the Walmart IMS supervisor may also involve properly overseeing the inventory control of merchandise, but can delegate some of such tasks to the IMS associate.

Be that as it may, he/she must properly check the inventory control job done by the IMS associate to ensure they are done in line with company’s laid down regulations.

While the IMS supervisor is not employed to help the unloaders in unloading trucks, he/she should still give them a helping hand here and there to encourage them and create a friendly working environment.

Walmart IMS Supervisor Job Description Example

Are you interested in working as an IMS supervisor at Walmart, and thinking of the kind of duties, tasks, and responsibilities that you will likely perform? If yes, here is a job description example that shows it:

  • Communicate with customers and also respond to their queries when required
  • Locate any merchandize the customer may be searching for at any particular time
  • Retrieve any item from backroom on customer’s request
  • Verify all items brought into the outlet
  • Dispatch sales items to the sales floor when such items are out of stock
  • Restock sales items that are returned from other areas
  • Demonstrate reliability and dependability via punctuality
  • Complete all assigned tasks within stipulated time
  • Interact effectively and politely with IMS associates and customers
  • Work in line with the Sundown Rule and Ten Foot Rule, and observe Walmart Culture
  • Have listening ears for queries, complaints, and other information from customers, IMS associates and unloaders.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Walmart IMS Supervisor Role

To make a success of the IMS career as a supervisor at Walmart, you will need to acquire or develop the following skills and qualities, which can help in improving your efficiency and effectiveness on the job:

  • Education: High School Diploma
  • Possess good knowledge of choices, prices, and merchandise being sold at Walmart
  • Possess knowledge and ability to operate various equipment, like pallet jack, sky lift, power jack and scanning equipment
  • Ability to enforce and apply procedures and policies relating to your department as established by the company
  • Ability to follow guidelines of the company in stocking and displaying sales items
  • Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Possess express knowledge about sales items in stock and make use of such knowledge to meet the needs of customers
  • Ability to effectively communicate and also interact with IMS associates and customers
  • Pre-employment tests: To be hired for this position, you may be required to take and pass a test or two to confirm having the needed skills and aptitude for the role. Find out about job assessment tests you may be required to take and how to easily make top scores in them.