Walmart Unloader Job Description Example

By | August 29, 2023
Walmart Unloader job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Walmart Unloaders play crucial role in Walmart by making sure company’s merchandize
are made available for distribution to shelves. Image source:

Walmart Unloader Job Description Example

What Does a Walmart Unloader Do?

The unloader at Walmart is an individual who is responsible for unloading items or goods from the truck into the main store from where they will be transferred to shelves.

Aside offloading or unloading trucks, the Walmart unloader job description also entails properly arranging or storing of unloaded items in the store.

He/she may also be required to move the items from the central store room to the shelves for customers’ perusal and purchase.

After unloading the items, he/she is also involved in sorting them. In actual fact, the unloader only serves a supportive role in this regard as the actual professional task of sorting is done by more superior and experienced members of staff at Walmart.

Additionally, the unloader also participates in cleaning and organizing the store. He/she ensures the items are properly arranged and that they do not obstruct human traffic in the store.

This role is entirely physically demanding; therefore individuals aspiring to become an unloader must be physically fit.

It must be noted that the physical strength of the individual vying for this job will be properly examined during interview to find out if he/she has the ability to bear the physical stress of the job.

In most instances, Walmart insists that anyone to be employed into this position must be able to lift minimum of 60 pounds weight, since his/her work will involve lifting of loads of varying weight.

Any individual seeking employment in this area should be prepared for tough job. He/she must also be ready to work as a member of a team, since he/she will work along with several other unloaders.

The number of those in the team can be determined by the quantity of items to be unloaded. There are however times when the unloader will have to work alone.

The Walmart unloader will have to work in rather challenging environment and he/she must be ready for that. For one, work is usually done in non-air-conditioned area.

In order to improve on efficiency unloaders do divide themselves into groups. While one group unloads from the truck and transfers to the store, another group would be available in the store to properly arrange the items and merchandize being unloaded.

In most instances, the unloaders have to work during the night when customers have gone home.

A supervisor is placed ahead of the unloaders to direct their activities and ensure they get the job done as required.

Walmart unloaders should be able to stack items properly in the store and to place them in the right places allocated for such.

He/she should also be able to work fast so as not to drag other members of the team back.

Walmart Unloader Job Description Example

The following is an example of job description usually handed to a newly hired unloader, consisting of duties, tasks, and responsibilities they will likely be asked to perform at Walmart:

  • Carry out varieties of duties related to customer service
  • Responsible for unloading all products and items being brought to the outlet by trucks
  • Bear such unloaded items to the store
  • Sort items unloaded from the trucks at the store
  • Relocate all merchandize unloaded and sorted to their respective departments in the outlet
  • Lift equipment and other heavy items in various departments when such task is required
  • Be aware of all safety-related rules and regulations of Walmart
  • Give full focus to customer satisfaction
  • Adapt to new working environment and condition
  • Operate heavy equipment used at Walmart.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Walmart Unloader Role

If you are thinking of how to succeed as an unloader at Walmart or anywhere else, below is a list of skills and qualities you need to develop. These attributes have been shown to help unloaders execute tasks in their work description seamlessly with great result.

  • Education: High School Diploma or its equivalent; though education is not a must
  • Ability to lift heavy loads in the minimum of 60 pounds
  • Ability to operate and move heavy equipment used in the outlet, like forklift and pallet jacks
  • Ability to work at very fast pace in order to meet deadline set by Walmart
  • Possess excellent eye for details
  • Possess very sound verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to analyze situations in order to proffer very good and workable solutions
  • Ability to adapt to changes or modifications in the way work is done
  • Ability to work as member of a team
  • Pre-employment tests: You may be required to take a test to prove you have the right skills for this job. Learn about job assessment tests and how to score highly in them.