Walgreens Pharmacist Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | July 18, 2023
Walgreens Pharmacist Job Description
Walgreens Pharmacists help customers with effective usage of medications. Image source: cbsnews.

This post presents detailed information on the Walgreens pharmacist job description, to help increase your knowledge of what they do.

It highlights the key tasks, duties, and responsibilities that typically define the work description of a pharmacist at Walgreens.

It also provides important requirements employers/recruiters may want you to meet to be hired for the pharmacist job at Walgreens or other companies in same industry.

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What Does a Walgreens Pharmacist Do?

The pharmacist at Walgreens is responsible for offering consulting services to customers with regards to the effective usage of medications.

It is also their responsibility to create awareness on drug interactions and offer preventive healthcare services like immunizations.

The Walgreens pharmacist job description also involves performing proper compounding, reviewing, dispensing, and verification of medications prescribed within regulatory guidelines, company procedures, and policies.

They support the efficient workflow of the pharmacy and also assist the pharmacy manager in finding ways to optimize financials of the pharmacy.

They are also responsible for the management of the inventory.

They enhance the customer experience of the company’s customers.

Walgreens Pharmacist Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Here are the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities that typically define the job description of the Walgreens pharmacist:

  • Greets and engages patients and customers and helps them with products and services
  • Quickly resolves customer issues and answers their questions, thus, ensuring a positive customer experience
  • Shares best customer service practices with all members of the team to deliver an amazing customer experience
  • Develops and maintains very strong relationships with valuable customers by offering services proactively and by anticipating their needs
  • Assists in increasing the focus on healthcare services, hence, supports the efforts on enhancing customer experience, thereby promoting the shift of the role of the pharmacy from transactional to interpersonal
  • Participates in community events as requested by the store manager, district manager, healthcare supervisor, or pharmacy manager, and also provides some assistance
  • Counsels patients and answers all their questions regarding the use of medicine, their interactions and  side effects, and contraindications; generics, patient information privacy, and medical price, and over-the-counter products, and when needed refers to medical providers to ensure that the medication is correctly taken, health needs are addressed, and that there is satisfaction with the service
  • Performs tasks of a pharmacist like compounding, verification, drug therapy reviews, and medication management
  • Reviews, interprets, and dispenses accurately the prescribed medications when necessary
  • Ensures that the pharmacy operates in accordance with company policies, standards, and regulations
  • Establishes procedures that enhance the efficient workflow of the pharmacy, for example, assigning roles, soliciting employee suggestions, and coordinating activities alongside the pharmacy manager
  • Responsible for shift change duties as well as the opening and closing of the pharmacy
  • Proposes and also implements enhancements to the existing pharmacy systems so as to further promote productivity
  • Ensures accurate processing of insurance claims in order to resolve the issues that customers have and thus prevent payment rejections
  • Follows-up with the offices of medical providers to clarify the prescribed medications, refills dosages, allergies and interactions, and to suggest alternative medications, and also answer medical provider questions
  • Performs certain wellness services like immunizations, flu shots, and diabetes awareness, and other preventive healthcare services
  • Supports and assists the pharmacy manager in performance data analysis, such as pharmacy financials, inventory management, customer service, and implementation of procedures for pharmacy asset protection
  • Reviews the key performance indicators with the healthcare supervisor, the pharmacy manager, and the store Manager
  • Cultivates and sustains good relationships with the local medical community, including optometrists, nurses, physicians, and other health care providers
  • Assists the pharmacy manager with hiring and training of staff
  • Encourages teamwork and motivates members of the team by establishing expectations, monitoring and recognizing progress, and fostering a shared vision.

Walgreens Pharmacist Job Description for Resume

If you are writing a resume or CV for a new job and have worked before in the role of a pharmacist with Walgreens or other similar company, or are presently holding that position, you can make the Work Experience section of your resume/CV effective by using the sample Walgreens pharmacist job description provided above.

By highlighting your duties and responsibilities as a pharmacist from the above job description sample, you will be able to convince recruiters/employers that you have been effective performing the pharmacist role.

This piece of information in your resume/CV can greatly enhance your application and influence the recruiter/employer to invite you for an interview, especially if the new position that you are seeking requires the successful candidate to have some pharmacist job experience.

Walgreens Pharmacist Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge for a Successful Career

If you are seeking the pharmacist position with Walgreens or similar retailer, here are important requirements recruiters/employers may want you to meet:

  • A BS in Pharmacy or Pharmacist Degree from an accredited educational institution
  • Current pharmacist license in the states that are within the district
  • Experience performing prescription dispensing activities which show a strong working knowledge of applicable federal and state controlled substance laws
  • Must be a certified immunizer or willing to become one within 90 days of being hired
  • 1 year experience, at least as a pharmacist in a retail setting which includes filling and verifying prescriptions, pharmacy operations, technology systems and insurance, pharmacy software and records and legal compliance.


This post is helpful to individuals interested in the pharmacist career with Walgreens or other like companies who want to know what the duties and responsibilities of the role are.

It is also useful to recruiters/employers looking to hire the best pharmacist for their organizations.

They can apply the Walgreens pharmacist job description sample provided on this page in making a detailed description for the role, for use in their company’s recruitment process.