Video Producer Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Video Producer Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities.
Video producers supervise camera operators, sound technicians, and video editors.

Video Producer Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This article covers the specifics of a video producer job description. You’ll learn what they do, as well as the major responsibilities and obligations that commonly define the video producer work description.

It also highlights the important requirements for obtaining the role of a video producer with most firms.

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What Does a Video Producer Do?

A video producer is in charge of monitoring and keeping track of contracts, as well as ensuring that the rights to intellectual property are protected.

They also manage film set logistics and post-production activities such as editing and video animation.

They play a role in the creative and technical processes of all phases of video production.

A video producer writes and directs scripts, while also working alongside other coordinators who take care of equipment and props for film sets. They may provide editorial supervision too.

They are responsible for assembling shooting crews and cast, and working out schedules.

They need to be able to work with the latest video production equipment, software, and tools.

They also have to be skilled in graphic design and animation so they can create visual effects for videos.

They should have a good understanding of video compression and file formats in order to deliver videos in the correct format for the intended audience.

They need to be familiar with different video hosting platforms and how to publish videos online.

They are also responsible for marketing and promoting videos by coming up with creative ideas for outreach campaigns.

A video producer is responsible for budgeting and accounting for all video production expenses.

They often work long hours, especially during the shooting and editing stages of a project.

They need to be able to take criticism and feedback positively, in order to improve the quality of their videos.

They must be able to stay up-to-date on changes in the video production industry, especially when it comes to emerging technologies.

Experience working with teams of people is essential for this job, as is being able to work under pressure to meet deadlines.

Soft skills like decision-making and problem-solving are important too, as well as having excellent communication skills.

As a video producer, you might be required to work in different locations, sometimes overseas.

It is also important to work independently and take initiative when needed.

A video producer must have a good sense of aesthetics and be able to judge the quality of videos.

They mentor juniors and give them guidance when needed.

They handle stress and work long hours when required.

Video Producer Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The video producer job description consists of the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities:

  • Designs graphics, including title sequences, credits, and special effects
  • Directs the work of camera operators, sound technicians, and video editors
  • Arranges shoots and manages the cast and crew
  • Makes budgeting and accounting for all video production expenses
  • Conducts outreach and marketing campaigns
  • Familiar with different video hosting platforms, compression formats, and publishing online
  • Stays up-to-date on changes in the video production industry
  • Directs the technical aspects of a video production, such as lighting, sound, and camera work
  • Works with directors to create scripts for videos
  • Supervises the editing process from pre-production through post-production
  • Oversees all production activities, such as coordinating schedules and organizing film sets
  • Confers with producers, directors, and other coordinators to discuss topics such as procedures and costs.

Video Producer Job Description for Resume

If you are writing a new resume or CV and have worked previously in the position of a video producer or are presently working in that role, you can apply the sample video producer job description above in creating the professional experience section of the resume.

Your resume will be more impactful on the recruiter/employer by highlighting the duties and responsibilities you have performed as a video producer or are currently carrying out in the professional experience section, especially if the job that you are seeking requires some working experience as a video producer.

This shows the recruiter/employer that you will be successful in performing the responsibilities of the new job since you have been effective performing the duties of a video producer.

Video Producer Requirements: Abilities, Knowledge, Skills for a Successful Career

If you are seeking the job of a video producer, here are important requirements most recruiters/employers may want you to fulfil:

  • A Bachelor’s degree
  • Excellent in the use of Adobe Premiere or Final Cut
  • Experience with video production
  • Possesses an eye for detail and storyboards well
  • Has excellent communication skills with deadline-oriented personalities
  • Has passion for video production.

All these requirements may not apply to smaller companies where a video producer is just another name for a camera person.

In that case, the only requirement is a passion for film and a good work ethic.

Though, one must not disregard the benefits of being educated in video production. A degree from an accredited university can open doors to better-paying jobs and opportunities.

Video Producer Salary

The average salary for a video producer is around $58,020 per year according to Payscale website.

However, with experience and additional skills, that number can go up significantly.

Companies usually offer benefits such as healthcare and 401k plans.

Some video producers may also work on a freelance basis and charge by the hour or project.

This can result in significantly higher paychecks. For example, a producer who charges $100/hour can make up to $250,000 per year.


Being a video producer is an exciting and challenging career. It allows you to utilize your creativity and manage a team.

The job description is long but there are many opportunities for growth in this field.

Investing in a college degree can significantly increase your pay and open doors to better-paying jobs.