Videographer Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | July 16, 2023
Videographer Job Description
For a successful career, the videographers must be familiar with scriptwriting, editing, and sound recording, and all areas of film production.

This post focuses on the videographer job description, including the duties and responsibilities they perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be asked to meet to be hired for the videographer role by most recruiters/employers.

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What Does a Videographer Do?

The videographer job description involves recording videos for weddings, documentaries, training videos, commercials, TV shows, infomercials, live events, and corporate promotions, and other films using a video camera.

Videographers use a variety of cameras, lenses, lights and other equipment to record images as required for different projects.

In addition to the camera operators, videographers also need producers and directors to handle all details of a project from beginning to end.

They handle criticism professionally, work well under pressure, and meet tight deadlines.

Videographers must be familiar with all aspects of film production, including scriptwriting, editing, and sound recording.

Their duties involve working closely with other members of a film crew to create the desired result using both technical expertise and creativity.

Videographers use various operating systems for editing purposes, such as NLEs (Non Linear Editing), which can be very complex.

They troubleshoot and solve complex problems quickly and effectively.

Videographers must have a good sense of composition, framing and lighting when shooting video footage.

They focus on the shot while keeping track of other elements in the scene.

More on Videographer Job Description

Videographers ensure that videos are recorded properly; they must also have a good knowledge of camera settings and the equipment used.

They know what type of camera, lighting or other equipment is best suited for a project.

Videographers need to be able to shoot with a variety of cameras, including DSLRs, compact digital cameras and video cameras.

They must be familiar with the different types of lenses and filters that are used in videography.

In order to get the best shots, they often need to use a variety of stabilization devices such as tripods, monopods, and glidecams.

Videographers have a good sense of timing and are able to work under pressure to meet deadlines.

They take direction from producers and directors, as well as work independently when necessary.

Videographer Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The videographer job description majorly consists of the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities:

  • Take instructions from directors and other technical personnel
  • Work with physical and digital media for post-production, including photochemical film and videotape
  • Provide creative input into the production and to solve technical problems
  • Directly interact with actors and other performers on set, or in a sound-stage environment
  • Work knowledgeably with cast and crew
  • Design, develop, and implement lighting schemes for genre of genre of photography of which is being shot
  • Express ideas clearly and concisely through creative verbal communication as well as in writing
  • Orally communicate with others to convey a clear understanding of information or issues
  • Interpret written or printed material such as scripts, reports, manuals, policies and procedures where the purpose is not obvious from its content
  • Communicate information in a variety of forms through the use of modern technology
  • Apply creativity to solve real-world challenges and manage a wide range of concrete variables in situations where only minimal standardization is available
  • Meet deadlines without compromising quality or quantity of production
  • Prioritize tasks no matter how minor they may seem and work independently.

Videographer Job Description for Resume

If you are presently working as a videographer or have previously worked in that role and are writing a new resume or CV, then you can apply the sample videographer job description provided above in making its professional experience section.

By applying the duties and responsibilities of a videographer provided in the above job description example in the professional experience section of your resume/CV will show to the recruiter/employer that you have been effective performing the functions of a videographer.

This information can significantly boost the impact of your resume on the recruiter/employer to grant you an interview, especially if the new job that you are seeking needs the right candidate to have some working experience as a videographer.

Videographer Requirements: Abilities, Knowledge, and Skills for Career Success

Here are major requirements most recruiters/employers may want you to meet to be hired for the videographer job:

  • An accredited qualification in videography or a related discipline
  • Minimum of two years of experience as a videographer in a busy broadcast or production environment
  • Excellent practical and technical skills
  • Can work effectively as part of a team and follow instructions
  • Good communication, problem solving, and interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of relevant local laws, regulations, codes of practice and conventions
  • Fluent in English language (written and spoken)
  • Flexibility with working hours is essential as the role may demand shift work
  • Television experience will be an added advantage.

Videographer Salary

The average salary for a videographer is $41,000. The salary can vary depending on the level of experience and skills that the individual possesses.


The videographer job is a rewarding position that requires creativity and patience.

If you are interested in the videographer career, then this post will be helpful to you to understand the key duties and responsibilities of the role so you can make an informed decision about your career.

This post is also useful to recruiters/employers who are looking for competent individuals to hire for the videographer position in their organizations.

They can create effective description of the role for use in their hiring process by applying the sample videographer job description provided on this page.