Top 20 Resume Objectives for Receptionist Position

By | August 15, 2023
Resume Objectives for Receptionist
A compelling objective statement in your receptionist resume can increase its chances of being read by the recruiter.

Top 20 Resume Objectives for Receptionist Position

If you are applying for a receptionist position, you will have to create a highly compelling objective statement for your resume to increase your chances of getting the recruiter to be interested in reading it.

The first step in getting the receptionist job that you are interested in is to get the recruiter to read the resume you have submitted.

It is when they read what you have to offer from your resume that you can get a chance of being invited to an interview.

It is therefore important to start your receptionist resume with a captivating career objective statement, which is able to grab the recruiter’s attention and interested and cause them to want to learn more about you in other parts of the resume.

If you are looking for how you can make a powerful resume objective for a receptionist job, this post will be of immense help to you.

So, keep reading, but first let’s learn about what a receptionist do.

What Does a Receptionist Do?

A receptionist provides a number of services to an organization that range from greeting patrons, making and taking calls, scheduling appointments, and maintaining records, and a spectrum of other tasks that border largely on administration.

To be a really good receptionist, you must have some skills that will place you on top of the pack.

Your competence should easily help you stand out when a hiring manager or potential employer makes a glance on your resume.

How to Make a Great Receptionist Resume Objective Statement

There is no guarantee that a hiring manager or a potential employer for a receptionist position will read through your resume; this is the reason why you should have a compelling resume objective to increase your chances of being read.

Your objective is a statement of intent that occupies the top of your resume, expressing the job you are applying for, the employer, and what you have to offer that will help you perform the receptionist position effectively.

Your resume objective is your pitch as it should help your personality and skills shine through; ensure you state your skills, qualities, experience, etc. that are most relevant for the receptionist role that you are applying for.

To write an effective resume objective for a receptionist role, you should present a combination of your education, experience, and customer service, and administrative skills.

You should study the job description published by the recruiter to know the specific skills, qualities, experience, education, etc. that they need applicants to meet to be qualified for hiring as a receptionist in their organization.

Having learnt what the employer requires for success on the receptionist position, you can then write your resume objective statement showing that you have the required qualities, skills, experience, etc. to be effective as a receptionist with the organization.

Your receptionist career objective statement written in this manner will definitely capture the employer’s interest to read your resume.

Now, let’s see some really good examples:

20 Best Examples of Receptionist Resume Objective Statement

  1. Personable with warm and friendly demeanor seeking for a Receptionist position in Western Dental. Coming with excellent customer service skills, follow-through skills and proven ability to take high volume calls on multiple phone lines in a calm and professional manner.
  2. Experienced receptionist skilled in scheduling appointments, maintaining log book, chart filling, and cash handling. Looking to obtain a Receptionist position at SKY Inc., bringing a positive attitude and polished communication style as the face of the company.
  3. Looking to obtain a Receptionist position to apply selling skills, excellent communications abilities and a customer service orientation to support marketing initiatives that drive brand awareness at RONAT Inc. Also coming with strong computer and phone handling skills, and a positive attitude.
  4. Individual with active listening skills and excellent phone handling abilities, hopeful for a Receptionist position in CBC. Coming with 3 years receptionist work experience and a customer orientation to handle all customers, prospects, and visitors in a professional manner.
  5. Strong multi-tasking individual with time management skills and ability to prioritize assignments. Desires the position of Receptionist with Rental Inc. where proven customer support abilities, keyboarding skills, and housekeeping skills will be applied.
  6. Seeking to apply 4 years receptionist experience in CISPO. Coming with strong product knowledge, relationship building skills, and ability to handle high volume phone calls on multiple lines in a fast-paced environment.
  7. Excellent communicator with superior clerical skills and working knowledge of office machinery, seeking for the position of Receptionist in BDC; coming with strong computer and follow-up skills to provide customer support functions.
  8. Skilled clerk seeking to advance career in the position of a Receptionist at Company Inc. to apply advanced clerical skills, high volume call handling capabilities, accurate data entry skills, and a positive attitude to provide administrative and customer support functions in a professional manner.
  9. Detail oriented individual with ability to prioritize assignment and maintain files (digital and print format). Interested in the position of Receptionist with ABC Company where phone handling skills, computer skills, housekeeping abilities, and a clear and concise communication skill will be utilized.
  10. Experienced individual seeking for the position of a Receptionist at XYZ Inc. to apply administrative skills, phone handling skills, and ability to operate and maintain basic office machinery.
  11. Individual with excellent PR skills, 5years experience working with multiple lines phone system and interacting with the public. Desire the position of a Receptionist at ABX Inc., to apply advanced capabilities on all MS Office applications and a friendly attitude to interface with all customers.
  12. Professional communicator skilled in scheduling appointments and handling high volume calls. Hopeful for a Receptionist position in ABC; bringing strong keyboard skills, proficiency in CONCUR, and cash handling skills.
  13. Seeking to foster smooth office operations in the position of a receptionist; coming with experience in scheduling appointments, phone handling skills, maintaining records in digital and print format, and performing administrative duties.
  14. Hopeful for a Receptionist position in a fast-paced organization where ability to handle multiple lines phone system, excellent customer service, and superior clerical skills is required.
  15. Meticulously detailed individual with strong time management skills, looking to obtain a Receptionist position at XYZ Inc. to apply 5years front desk experience scheduling appointments, filling, housekeeping, and providing clerical and customer support functions.
  16. Team player with excellent administrative skills seeking for the position of a Receptionist at XYZ Resources, where strong office management skills, phone handling skills, and proven abilities to provide support to walk-ins, prospects, and customers will be applied.
  17. Multi-tasking and self motivated receptionist seeking to utilize excellent clerical skills, strong product knowledge, computer skills, and excellent communication skills in providing support to customers at the front desk. To obtain the position of Receptionist at XYZ Inc.
  18. Service- oriented individual with keen eye for details seeking for the position of Receptionist in Center for Change. Bringing excellent customer support abilities, bookkeeping and filling abilities, appointment scheduling and conflict resolution skills.
  19. Individual with strong initiative and ability to maintain confidentiality, and possessing adept knowledge of telephone system. Seeking the position of Receptionist in Brightstar Corp., coming with strong experience preparing and processing out/in going mails, proficiency in all MS Office suites, and basic office machinery skills.
  20. Polished communicator with friendly and positive attitude, hopeful to utilize office management skills, phone handling skills and proven customer support abilities in the position of a Receptionist at ABC Inc.


When seeking a receptionist job or any job for that matter, it is important that your resume is read by the recruiter or employer.

It is when they read what you have to offer as a receptionist if you are hired from your resume that they can consider you for the job.

But unfortunately, most resumes don’t get read as most recruiters only skim through the objective statement, to settle on the one that appear to reflect the person they want.

You can apply the ideas and examples in this post to create a great career objective statement for a receptionist resume; one that clearly defines you as the person the recruiter is looking for.

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