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Top 20 Resume Objectives for Receptionist Position

Top 20 Resume Objectives for Receptionist Position If you are applying for a receptionist position, you will have to create a highly compelling objective statement for your resume to increase your chances of getting the recruiter to be interested in reading it. The first step in getting the receptionist job that you are interested in is to get… Read More »

Top 12 Receptionist Skills to be good on the Job

Top 12 Receptionist Skills to be good on the Job To be good at performing the duties of a receptionist, certain skills and qualities are needed. A receptionist is a front desk officer in charge of receiving visitors and customers entering the organization. He/she is like the face of the organization, and as such creates a lasting first… Read More »

Receptionist Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post provides complete information on the job description of a receptionist, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they typically perform. What Does a Receptionist Do? A receptionist refers to an employee who takes an office or administrative support position. Depending on the nature of the organization, receptionist job description varies. For instance, receptionists in hospitals and… Read More »

Receptionist Resume Example

Looking for a receptionist job in this competitive employment market place as ours needs you to have a good resume.Employers will always want to see your resume for them to know more about your job history, skills, knowledge, and qualification for the job. Their goal is to hire the best receptionist they can find, and the first step… Read More »