AIG Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | August 15, 2023
AIG Hiring Process
To gain employment at AIG requires passing through the company’s hiring process. Image source: businessinsurance.

AIG Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

The AIG hiring process involves various stages, including the job application and interview where you will be expected to answer specific questions to prove that you are the right candidate to hire for the job.

This post provides exhaustive information on the hiring process at the American International Group (AIG), to help you effectively seek employment with the company.

It presents the various stages, including job application and interviews that you will have to pass through if you are seeking employment with the American International Group.

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American International Group Company Overview

The American International Group, AIG, is an American multinational company that was founded by Cornelius Vander Starr in 1919 and has its headquarters located in New York, USA.

American International Group provides life insurance, property casualty insurance, retirement products, and other interesting financial services to both individual and commercial clients.

The General Insurance segment extends to insurance businesses in North America and international business areas of the world.

American International Hiring Process

If you have the interest of getting hired in this organization, it is important that you are properly guided into the steps you will need to take to ensure that you are hired.

So on this note; let’s look at some of the processes involved in getting hired in this organization.

  1. The Online Job Application

The online application takes place on the company’s website. On logging in to the company’s website, you are expected to use the “apply now” link.

This link affords you the perfect section where you can submit your application as well as your resume.

As you know, your resume should contain your strengths, skills, and other things you believe you can offer the organization if hired.

So, your skills should be well stated in your resume and should be in line with the required skills for the job.

If you happen to find yourself in a college that AIG visits during their recruitment process, you can apply through AIG campus postings available in the on-campus recruiting portal.

You will have to submit an application to AIG campus postings via the on-campus recruiting portal, if you attend college on a campus that AIG visits during their recruiting process.

2. First Interview

The organization through the recruiter arranges an interview session with you after your application has been received.

This interview is intended to assess you on the basic interpersonal skills and other basic abilities the organization intends to see in anyone working for them.

Some of the questions may come in this form:

  1. What are your strengths?
  2. How do you cope when working with a team?
  3. What challenges did you face in your past job and how were you able to overcome?
  4. Why would you like to work for AIG?

Some more questions may pop up depending on what the recruiter feels is right to ask you at the moment.

The questions are not difficult to deal with if you already have confidence in what you can do if given the opportunity to do so.

3. Second Interview

You are only considered for this second round of interview if the organization believes you did well in the first interview.

In this second round of interview, the hiring officer focuses on the technical aspects of your job and other knowledge you need to possess.

It is also important that you know that it is at this stage you should know whether this is the right job for you.

The hiring officer also intimates you with everything you are expected to know about the organization, its values and working routine.

It is at this stage that you can be convinced if this is the right job for you or not.

4. Offer Considerations

AIG sends offer letters after assessing all candidates interviewed during recruiting.

You need to consider the options before you if you received an offer.

AIG Jobs and Careers

AIG offers many job opportunities which will certainly delight you. These jobs include:

  • Executive Assistant, Actuarial
  • Global Real Estate Accounting Manager
  • Implementation Consultant
  • Senior Trade Credit Underwriter
  • Quantitative Researcher/Model Developer
  • Business Development Manager
  • Underwriter, Environmental
  • Commercial Property National General Adjuster
  • Assistant Vice President, Complex Claims Unit
  • Trade Credit Underwriting Specialist
  • Account Development Manager
  • Inside Sales Account Executive
  • Financial Services Associate
  • Administrative Assistant – Legal
  • Assistant Director – Retail Mutual Funds Risk Management
  • Complex Director – Primary Claims, etc.

The above vacancies may not be available always, but you need to keep watch and know the right time to apply for any available vacancy that might interest you.

What to Expect Working with AIG

AIG deals more on insurance matters and as such anyone working in whichever capacity is expected to have sufficient and acceptable knowledge of insurance policies and how they work in each circumstance.

The next thing you should know about working with AIG is that good work ethics is very important.

You will be demanded to give your best to the job as a justification for the pay you receive.

So, you have to be at your very best on your job always.

Benefits and Compensation for Working with AIG

One major benefit of working for AIG apart from the pay you get regularly while active on your job is that you have retirement benefits which is the concern of many working people.

So, AIG provides you with pension plan, which is one of the things you will come to know about if you eventually get hired in the company.

It is interesting to know that the organization does not erase your name from their payroll after you might have retired from your job.


Starting a career in any position at AIG is something attractive and interesting.

Both at the entry and advanced levels, AIG provides you the platform to showcase your insurance knowledge while earning in the process. So this is sure to be a good option for you.

Also, the compensation plan that comes in the form of retirement pension or benefits is one of the factors that make working for AIG a good option for many that want to have a successful career in the insurance industry.

So, your journey to working for this organization starts with your application and when hired; give it your best and grow in the job.

The information shared in this post is sure to help you build a successful career in the American International Group.