Top 15 Teacher Skills to be best on the Job

By | August 27, 2023
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Ability to solve problem is an important skill a teacher should have to gain the respect and trust of their students.

Top 15 Teacher Skills to be best on the Job

Teaching is a job, practice or profession that requires that anyone interested in pursuing a career in it should possess certain skills and qualities to be the best teacher around.

A teacher should be able to help his/her students grow mentally, physically, and psychologically, and to develop the right qualities to succeed in life.

15 Skills and Qualities to be Best Teacher

1. Ability to Learn New Things. A teacher should be busy with steady research of what to teach, and not a type that gets the students loaded up with worksheets from textbooks. A good teacher should be able to change lessons that are irrelevant and look for ways he/she can always improve.

2. Innovation. Introduction of new technologies and ways will enhance your teaching model and give you an opportunity to lay your hands on different devices and equipment. He/she should be able to use the social media or the web instead of textbooks to teach his/her students.

3. Kindness. The only thing that can make the students to develop love for you as a teacher is when you try not to be harsh, but wear some nature of humility, gentleness, kindness, and benevolence. The students would respect and obey you if you are kind to them.

4. Respect for students. Every student deserves some respect, especially during learning sections. Listen to your students to know the areas they are having difficulties, and help them solve their problems.

5. A Pardonable Heart. Children are liable to making mistakes no matter the number of times they have been corrected. It takes you as a teacher to give room for the students to grow. Don’t keep mentioning their mistakes or offenses but have a forgiving heart. Children can easily improve and succeed in a conducive and accommodating environment, especially when the teacher is pardonable.

6. Listening Skills. Teachers should listen attentively to their students’ questions. They should take time to understand their points when they are asking or answering questions, and not interrupting them. If the teacher wants to ask questions, it is most necessary that they become relevant questions.

7. Proper Time Management. Every teacher has to spend enough time to prepare the students for class, teach, attend school meetings and serve whenever necessary. The students tend to love their teacher more when he/she spends long hours with them. How you manage your time engaging in school activities determines how much love and affection the students will have for you.

8. Collaboration. Every good teacher merges with colleagues so as to gain more knowledge and experience. Collaboration is another way you can learn from other teachers who have been in the field before you. You seem to grow when you accept criticism and advice.

9. Creative Thinking. A good teacher should be able to think creatively and look for ways to actualize their thoughts. Being creative helps both you and the children you teach to improve. The students have a lot to learn from you, and you feel more confident possessing such potentials.

10. Judgment and Decision Making. Sound judgment and good decision making truly make a very good teacher. Teachers should be able to analyze consequences of some actions to know the best decision to take.

11. Problem Solving. There are difficult and complicated problems that require proper evaluation in order to find solutions. Most times teachers implement solutions through reviewing of some information that are related to the issue.

12. Writing Skills. A teacher should possess the skills of communicating effectively in writing so that the students can properly understand him/her. Your communication skills should also be felt in writing, if not your students will find it hard to catch up with you.

13. Organization. Teachers should be able to keep things well-arranged and in order so as to easily access them. There are many complex tasks in the teaching profession that require good organization skills to carry out. If you don’t organize yourself, you will likely lose a lot of materials because you would always get confused.

14. Patience. Some classes are difficult to handle because of obstinate behaviors of students. If teachers are not patient enough, they could not maintain a noisy and disordered class. Sometimes the teacher has to explain concepts many times before the students can understand. That is the reason they have to always be calm and patient.

15. Commitment. It is necessary that teachers are committed to their work, especially when teaching the young ones. Being committed helps teachers with huge responsibilities, as this reduces the amount of challenges they face in their profession.

Teacher Skills and Qualities for Resume

If you are making a teacher resume, you can quickly create the skills section by applying the above skills and qualities.

This can improve your chances of getting the teaching job because the recruiter could see that you possess the right skills and qualities to be effective as a teacher in their organization.


If you are a teacher who wants to be best on your job, or are a student who needs the services of a good teacher, these skills are what to look for when hiring one.

Do you find these skills useful in becoming the best on your teaching job? Please leave a comment in the box below. You can also share other teaching skills that have made you a better teacher with other readers.