Technical Architect Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Technical Architect job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Technical Architects must ensure a company’s business needs conforms to the technical requirements of software being created.

Technical Architect Job Description Example

What Does a Technical Architect Do?

Working as a technical architect involves working in IT projects from start to finish. It is the primary responsibility of this professional to define the overall structure of IT programs or systems.

The technical architect works as the IT project manager, with a job description that focuses on making sure that the technical and business aspects of a program work harmoniously.

Technical architects usually lead or work as part of a team that plan and design IT programs for clients.

It is equally the duty of technical architects to ensure that such plans are developed into workable IT systems.

Technical architects work to integrate software designs and components into different hardware components like personal computers and mobile phones.

Before embarking on the design of programs or systems, the architect is expected to identify the needs of the business he or she is working with.

It is equally the responsibility of the Technical architect to break down complex projects into manageable deliverables.

He/she is also expected to conduct cost-benefit analysis to determine the viability of an IT project as well as select the materials and vendors to utilize in the course of executing a project.

His/her role also entails explaining and overseeing the execution of projects. He/she may not be in charge of the design and development of programs but directs designers and developers what is required of them.

The technical architect also explains technical components of the program to the client. He/she is expected to explain plan and design to the client, and must agree with clients before the execution of IT plans.

The technical architect work description also includes preparing progress reports during the execution of IT projects and keeping clients and stakeholders informed.

He/she is expected to maintain accurate and detailed report of the progress of IT projects.

It is his/her responsibility to identify issues as the project progresses and effect changes to mitigate future problems.

It is equally the duty of the technical architect to advise clients on how to manage and maintain programs and systems to avoid breakdown or technical issues.

He/she is also expected to advice on the need for future updates and upgrades to keep the system always in perfect working condition.

To obtain a job as a technical architect, certain skills are expected of you. Firstly, you must have strong knowledge of IT systems. In addition a degree in computer engineering or computer science and project management certification may be may be required.

The technical architect must be a problem solver and should be quick at thinking up solutions to problems, and must also possess effective communication skills.

Technical Architect Job Description Example/Template

Technical architects are usually responsible for delivering IT services to clients across various industries.

However, irrespective of the nature of the project a technical architect is working on, the duties performed are usually the same.

Below is a typical technical architect job description showing the common tasks and responsibilities they normally perform:

  • Define the overall structure of IT programs or systems
  • Integrate the software components of an IT system with the hardware components
  • Develop IT plans into workable programs and systems
  • Identify the needs of the business so as to develop compatible IT plan
  • Breakdown complex projects into manageable deliverables
  • Conduct cost-benefit analysis to determine the viability of IT project
  • Decide on the materials and vendors to utilize in executing a project
  • Direct program designers and developers on project requirements
  • Explain the business and technical components of projects to clients
  • Prepares progress reports during the execution of projects
  • Inform clients and stakeholders on progress and challenges
  • Maintain accurate and detailed log of project progress
  • Identify technical issues and effect changes to avert future breakdown
  • Advise the client on how to manage and maintain the system.

Technical Architect Resume Preparation

Sometimes, finding the right set of words to describe your previous experience may be difficult.

So, if you are preparing a technical architect resume but find yourself in the position described above, feel free to utilize the sample job description highlighted above to create a convincing job experience section for your resume.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – For Technical Architect Role

It is wise to know what employers’ requirements are when looking to work as a technical architect so that you can properly put in your application.

Stated below are the major skills, abilities, and knowledge that most employers would usually expect candidates for technical architect job to possess:

  • Education: A Bachelor’s degree especially in IT related discipline is necessary but not mandatory. However, a thorough understanding of hardware and software components of the computer and computer networks is very important. A technical architect must have extensive knowledge of technologies such as java, SQL, C++ and their applications
  • Problem solving skills: He/she must be good at thinking up innovative ideas and solutions to problems. A technical architect must be an analytical thinker and logical in approaching issues
  • Communication: A technical architect must possess effective communication skills that will allow him convey complex technical details to clients in a straightforward manner
  • Flexible and innovative: A technical architect must be innovative and should be up-to-date with current technologies. He/she must be able to identify technical issues and fix them. Most importantly, he/she should be flexible in making plans and program decisions.

Technical Architect Skills for Resume

The core competence section of your technical architect resume will go a long way in helping you to convince a hirer of your skills and expertise as a technical architect.

So, you can utilize the information above to create a strong core competence section for your resume where you emphasize the skills you are bringing to the job.


If you are seeking the technical architect’ job, it will be a good idea to learn as much as you can the kind of work you may likely perform.

This will enable you to succeed in executing the job description you will be handed with when eventually hired.

The information contained in this post about the duties, responsibilities, and skills of a technical architect will greatly help to increase your knowledge about the position and prepare you for the job.

Employers too will find the information, including the job description template provided in this post valuable in designing a work description for recruiting the right candidate for the position and assigning responsibilities to them.

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