Teacher Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Teacher job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
The teacher must ensure the classroom is orderly and safe for students.

Teacher Job Description Example

What Does a Teacher Do?

If your aim is to learn more about the teacher job description to be able to create a good resume for the role, or to design a work description for hiring and assigning tasks to your newly hired teachers, then this post shall help you to achieve it.

The primary responsibility of the teacher is to maintain orderliness in the classroom, as well as ensure that discipline is maintained among the students.

The teacher develops lesson plans and delivers lesson instructions to the students.

It is equally the duty of the teacher to prepare and conduct tests, quizzes, and examinations to the students.

He/she is also expected to mark the tests, quizzes, and examinations as well as record the scores in a sheet.

It is equally the duty of the teacher to prepare result based on students’ performance, as well as enter the results into the relevant sheets to be distributed to students.

The role of the teacher also includes monitoring and assessing the behavior of students.

He/she is responsible for teaching students some social skills and socially acceptable behaviors.

The teacher is expected to provide parents and guardians with useful information about the behavior and academic performance of their wards.

His/her work description also entails identifying the speed at which different students learn and adopting suitable teaching techniques that will allow students with special needs to learn as well.

It is also the duty of the teacher to inform parents and guardians of important meetings and events.

His/her functions also involve organizing and coordinating students during social activities and field trips.

The teacher is expected to administer first aid to injured students in case of any emergency.

It is equally his/her responsibility to ensure that the classroom environment is neat during and after teaching periods.

Also, a teacher ought to attend seminars and teaching courses periodically to enable him/her learn new techniques to improve on his/her job performance.

To work as a teacher, you must have strong passion and ability to impart knowledge. In addition to the passion, you must be a good communicator to be able to pass relevant information across to students.

Again, you must acquire relevant academic qualifications which are dependent on your area of specialization.

For a primary school teacher, a degree or equivalent qualification in early childhood education may be necessary.

Teacher Job Description Example/Template

If you are an employer seeking to attract qualified teachers for employment, then, you need to prepare a good teacher job description for your advertisement.

The job description example below shows a set of responsibilities and tasks that will guide you in preparing teacher work description that will attract the right candidates:

  • Maintain orderliness in the classroom during lesson
  • Ensure that discipline is maintained among the students
  • Develop lesson plans and deliver lesson instructions to the students
  • Prepare and conduct tests, quizzes, and examinations
  • Mark tests, quizzes and examinations, and record in score sheets
  • Prepare result sheets based on students’ performance
  • Monitor and assess the behavior of students
  • Provide parents and guardians with useful information about the behavior of their wards
  • Inform parents and guardians about the academic performance of their wards
  • Teach students how to behave in public
  • Assist students with special learning needs
  • Attend important teachers meetings and inform parents of such meetings
  • Organize and coordinate students during social activities and field trips.

Teacher Resume Preparation

If your aim is to secure employment as a teacher and you need to create a resume for the role, then feel free to utilize the information in the sample job description above in creating the work experience section of your resume.

This will make your resume more effective and convincing to employers.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – For Teacher Job

Here are the major requirements, consisting of skills, knowledge, and abilities that most employers usually advertised for applicants for the teaching job to meet before they are called for an interview:

  • Education: A teacher must be educated to a minimum of bachelor’s degree in relevant discipline(s). The subject to be taught by a teacher will depend on the candidate’s area of specialization. However, for elementary school teachers, degree in early childhood education may be necessary
  • Passion: To be a teacher, you must have passion and ability to impart knowledge. You must be able to motivate students to learn, and be patient to see them through
  • Communication: To be able to pass information across to students, exceptional communication skill is necessary. A teacher must be able to explain complex topics in an easy to understand manner. He/she should be a good listener and willing to answer all questions asked by students
  • Classroom Management: He/she must be able to coordinate students’ activities during lessons by ensuring an orderly and clean environment.

Teacher Skills for Resume

The employers’ requirements above will help you in creating a strong core competence section for your teacher resume as it contains relevant skills expected of teachers by most employers.

So, feel free to utilize the information therein in creating your resume for teacher job position.


Teachers perform various duties and responsibility in their quest to impart knowledge to their students and build them up to generally succeed in life.

To be effective as a teacher, and also to successfully recruit the best individuals into this position, the job description information and template shared in this post will be useful to you.

Did you find something new to learn about the duties and responsibilities of a teacher in this post? If you do, or will like to share your experience working as a teacher, please do so in the box below.