IT Architect Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
IT Architect job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
IT Architects may also design and test both hardware and software.

IT Architect Job Description Example

What Does an IT Architect Do?

The position of IT architect is an important one in IT projects. Though they can sometimes be referred to as technical architects or solution architects, their job description remain basically the same across all sectors.

IT architects work in different positions depending on the individual’s level expertise and experience.

While many work as members of IT architecture team managing specific aspects of IT projects, others work as lead IT architects coordinating the work activities of other professionals.

Generally, the role of IT architects involves modeling and thorough assessment of complex IT solutions.

They provide advice to clients on project design, costs, and expected benefit.

In order to identify the IT needs of an enterprise, the IT architect is expected to interview and collaborate with clients.

It is equally the duty of the IT architect to ascertain the profitability of an IT project prior to its execution by analyzing the scope and expected organizational impact of information systems.

IT architects are responsible for developing distributed system architecture and system integration.

It is also part of his/her work description to prepare budget for the design and execution of IT solutions.

IT architects help clients to evaluate existing systems and provide advice on how to meet organizational requirements.

It is the responsibility of IT architects to ensure the safety and security of information systems. They identify and address security threats.

IT architects ensure that technical and business components of the project are in harmony to meet the needs of the enterprise.

They organize for the transfer of IT solutions to clients as well as train clients and employees on how to utilize the systems effectively.

Employers look out for certain qualifications and skills in candidates for this role to be sure they will be effective in carrying out the functions of the.

IT architects must be educated to a minimum of Bachelor’s degree in disciplines such as computer engineering, computer science, or in other related fields.

The individual must also have some sound knowledge of technologies, various programming languages, and the application of the knowledge to solving human problems.

He/she must have great communication and interpersonal skills because executing IT projects tasks usually involve the collaboration of different professionals in the field.

The architect must also have sound time management ability to be able to deliver projects before deadline.

IT Architect Job Description Example/Template

Below is a job description example highlighting the common duties performed by IT architects across various industries; it can serve as a template in creating a job description for your employees as a recruiter:

  • Carry out Model and assess complex IT solutions
  • Design and conduct hardware and software tests
  • Work closely with network engineers and other IT professionals to choose compatible design solutions
  • Provide advice to clients on project design, project costs, and expected benefit
  • Find out clients’ software and hardware needs by interviewing them
  • Analyze the scope and expected organizational impact of information systems
  • Develop distributed system architecture and system integration
  • Prepare the budget for the design and execution of IT solutions
  • Evaluate existing systems and provide advice on how to meet organizational requirements
  • Ensure that information systems are secure from threat
  • Identify and address security threats
  • Ensure that the technical components of the project are in sync with the business needs of the organization
  • May be involved in the recruitment and training of new IT professionals
  • Organize for the transfer of IT solutions to clients and non-technical staff.

IT Architect Resume Preparation

A strong job experience section on your IT architect resume will help convince a potential employer of your expertise.

So, the sample job description highlighted above will assist you in creating a powerful work experience section for your resume.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – For IT Architect Role

Are you searching for IT architect job? If you are, the following are the typical abilities, skills, and knowledge that usually make up most employers’ requirements for the position:

  • Education: Most companies prefer to hire Bachelor’s degree candidates majoring in computer/software engineering or computer science. However, with experience, academic qualification becomes less relevant
  • Computer Literacy and Technical Skills: To work as an IT architect, one must be a computer literate. In addition, he or she must have in-depth knowledge of programming languages, including Java and C++; as well as knowledge of computer networking. He or she must also be proficient in applying the knowledge to designing IT programs and solving problems
  • Team Play Skills: An IT architect must be a team player since the job involves collaboration with other IT professionals and clients to arrive at valid solutions. It is equally important that he or she is an excellent communicator to be able to explain complex solutions to clients and subordinates in an easy to understand manner
  • Time Management and Organization skills: To be able to deliver projects within stipulated time, IT architects are usually required to have sound time management skills. They ought to be good at planning and organizing projects as well.

IT Architect Skills for Resume

The skills requirements presented above can also help you in creating a strong core competence section for your IT architect resume as it contains relevant skills and qualities expected of IT architects by most employers.


If you are looking to work in an IT architect position, then you need to know the duties and responsibilities of the role beforehand so you can prepare for it and increase your chances of succeeding in it when hired.

This post provides details of the functions of an IT architect to improve your knowledge of the role.

Also, employers can create effective job descriptions with the knowledge of the responsibilities of IT architects and the sample work description shared in this post for use by their new hires.

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