Stonemason Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | November 14, 2023
Stonemason Job Description
Stonemasons use tools such as chisel to trim and smoothen workpieces.

This post provides detailed information on the stonemason job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the stonemason role by most recruiters/employers.

What Does a Stonemason Do?

Stonemasons build and repair stone structures such as piers, walls or arch supports using stones and pieces of rock.

The stonemason job description entails cutting, shaping, and laying stones to create artistic structures such as monuments, tombstones, and statues.

Stonemasons work with a range of tools in shaping and assembling of rock pieces. They set and verify the vertical and horizontal alignment of structures using levels and plumb bob.

They mark out and measure distances with the aid of stakelines, straightedges and rules.

They also trim and smoothen workpieces using chisel, hammer and powergrinder.

In performing their duties, stonemasons work with both natural stones (granite, marble, limestone) and artificial stones (cement mixed with chips).

They introduce mortar in between stone rows using a trowel. They also indicate cutting lines along the grain of work materials and cut to various sizes using an abrasive saw or hammer.

As part of their responsibilities, stone masons produce detailed stone carvings for buildings to replicate or replace an existing stone structure.

They install prefabricated stones on building walls or surfaces using traditional lime mortars.

Their role also involves collaborating with crane operators in running hoists and other grappling device to lift and guide stone materials onto work table.

Usually, stonemasons wear protective gear such as ear plugs, masks, and goggle when carrying out job operations.

They set and line chemical tanks with stones resistant to acidic substances. They also install high-temperature materials on furnaces, kilns and boilers.

Stonemason work description also entails conducting repairs of damaged or defective masonry units.

They use blow torch and mastic to fix cracked or chipped areas on marble or stone.

They also remove rough concrete parts using a power grinder or a chisel and hammer.

In fulfilling their role, these masons dig trenches using a pick and shovel to create foundation for monuments.

They drill holes in marble and stone structures to create anchor for wall brackets.

Smoothening, beveling, and polishing surfaces using hand and power tools is also part of the stonemason description.

To get into the stonemason career requires a high school diploma and about 2-5 years apprenticeship under an experienced mason.

Some of the major qualities to have to excel on this job include physical strength and stamina, and visualization.

Stonemason Job Description Example/Template

Stonemasons perform various functions as they strive to produce awesome artistic structures.

The job description example below shows the typical tasks, duties, and responsibilities usually performed by stonemasons:

  • Read and interpret blueprints/drawings to determine the specifications and materials required for a project
  • Use straightedges, rules, and staked lines in laying out a foundation or wall pattern
  • Mix specified proportions of cement, sand, and water to obtain grout used in fusing stone pieces together
  • Lay and align stones according to set construction plans and specifications
  • Apply and spread mortar on slabs/surfaces using a trowel
  • Cut, shape, and smoothen rock materials using abrasive saw and power grinders
  • Operate cranes, hoists and other lifting equipment in moving monument sections from truck bed onto the foundation
  • Position construction forms or mold along the guidelines of walls
  • Line mold interior with treated paper and fill with composition-stone mixture
  • Construct and install prefabricated stone carvings/masonry units for buildings
  • Use pick and shovel to dig trenches or holes for monument foundation
  • Set and verify the vertical and horizontal alignment of structures with the aid of levels and plumb bob
  • Use tucker point to smoothen mortar in order to achieve an attractive finish
  • Replace defective or missing masonry units on walls or floors
  • Carry out repairs on cracked or chipped stone carvings
  • Clean the surface of marble/stone structures using sponge, brush, water or chemical solution.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Stone Mason Job

Are you seeking a stonemason job? If so, then here are major qualification requirements most recruiters will want you to have to access the job:

  • Education and Training: To become a stonemason, you require at least a high school diploma, which allows for entry into a trade school. On the other hand, you can enroll for 3-4 year apprenticeship program with labor unions or contractor associations
  • Visualization: Stonemasons are able to envisage and implement aesthetic patterns in the design and construction of stone structures
  • Physical Strength: They are able to lift and work with heavy tools and building materials
  • Physical Stamina: They can perform the rigorous work task of lifting and aligning blocks for extended periods
  • Pre-employment tests: To work as a stonemason or an apprentice, you may be required to pass an assessment test. Find out what job assessment test you will need to take and how to top the competition.


If you are working on designing a job description for the stonemason position in your firm, you can simply apply the sample copy provided above to quickly create one.

The detailed stonemason work description you will create with the information in this article can help you attract the best candidates for the role.

The stonemason duties and responsibilities presented in this post is also helpful to individuals interested in working in this career to learn more about what to expect on the job when hired.