School Counselor Job Description Example, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | November 16, 2023
School Counselor Job Description
School counselors help students with emotional, social, and educational support to succeed in their school work.

This post provides detailed information on the school counselor job description, including key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements that employers/recruiters usually expect candidates to meet to be hired for the school counselor role.

What Does a School Counselor Do?

School counselors provide guidance and counseling services to students and their families.

They work in a school setting where their job description entails offering students social, emotional, and educational support.

In performing their duties, school counselors develop and implement school counselling programs that enhance students’ success.

They establish and maintain a system that values and responds to ethnic and individual differences among students.

They also ensure school curriculum addresses the academic and developmental needs of students.

As part of their responsibilities, school counselors monitor students to identify those with social problems, low self-esteem or learning disabilities.

They schedule counseling sessions and interviews during which they listen to students’ issues and proffer recommendations effective in resolving such issues.

They also evaluate students’ career/academic goals and assist them to set realistic objectives.

Usually, counselors organize seminars to educate students/parents on sensitive topics such as drug abuse, peer pressure and bullying.

They develop and implement action plans essential to improving parent-teacher and teacher-student work relationships.

Their role also involves referring students to psychologists or other mental health experts for medical examination and treatment.

School counselors collaborate with parents, teachers and school administrators to implement strategies for enhanced social, personal and academic development in school children.

They conduct research to identify and address cases of domestic or child abuse.

Their work description also entails providing direct assistance to students through preventive and responsive services.

In fulfilling their role, school counselors intervene during crisis situations and mediate conflict between students or teachers.

They assist students in writing applications for scholarships, college, and jobs.

Evaluating the strengths, weaknesses or needs of students to provide advice on areas that require attention is also part of the description of school counselors.

Counselors may run career information centers, as well as oversee the planning of school fairs and test skills preparation.

To work as a counselor in most schools requires a Master’s degree in school counseling or psychology, or in a related field.

Some of the major qualities you will need to succeed in this career include problem-solving, compassion, and communication skills.

School Counselor Job Description Example/Template

The role of a school counselor entails performing various functions to aid student success. Here is an example of job description, consisting of typical tasks, duties, and responsibilities counselors usually carry out in most schools:

  • Assist students in understanding and overcoming social, behavioral or academic problems
  • Provide group or individual counseling to address the needs of students
  • Evaluate students’ academic/career plans and assist them in setting realistic goals
  • Monitor and observe students to identify and address personal, emotional or social issues
  • Refer students to health psychologists and other mental professionals for proper attention
  • Consult with families and staff to highlight students’ needs and discuss strategies necessary for improved social and academic performance
  • Plan and organize classroom counseling sessions to address career, academic, and personal development issues among students
  • Develop and implement school counseling programs effective in meeting students’ needs
  • Prepare students for transition to higher institutions and colleges
  • Ensure school curriculum meets the academic and developmental needs of students
  • Conduct student assessment and maintain records of test results
  • Implement programs for students with special needs or learning disabilities
  • Organize seminars to educate teenagers on the ills associated with drug and alcohol abuse
  • Listen to students’ concerns and proffer recommendations effective in addressing academic or psychological problems
  • Guide and support school staff in implementing school advisory programs
  • Employ responsive counseling in establishing positive relationship between teachers, parents, and students.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for School Counselor Job

Are you thinking of working as a school counselor? If you are, then here are important requirements you may have to meet to qualify for the job with many employers:

  • Education and Training: To become a school counselor, you require a Master’s degree in school counseling or psychology, or in a related discipline. School counselors following completion of their degree programs are required to carry out a 1-2 year internship under a licensed counselor in order to obtain credential for practice
  • Problem-solving Skill: School counselors are able to provide solutions effective in addressing students’ academic, social, and behavioral issues
  • Communication Skill: They are adept at listening/interacting with students to identify and help resolve their problems
  • Compassion: They empathize with students dealing with emotional or difficult situations.


If you need to design a school counselor job description, you can apply the sample copy given in this post as a template to easily make one.

You will be able to create a detailed work description that you can use in hiring the best candidates for the position when recruiting.

And if you are interested in working as a counselor in a school, this post helps you to learn more about the career, and the duties and responsibilities you may be assigned when hired.