Computer Network Engineer Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 11, 2023
Computer Network Engineer Job Description
Computer Network Engineers may need to troubleshoot network routers in Windows Active Directory environment from time to time to keep the network system operating effectively.

This post provides detailed information on the computer network engineer job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the computer network engineer role.

What Does a Computer Network Engineer Do?

A computer network engineer is responsible for designing networks that connect various devices such as computers, scanners, and printers for efficient and effective resource sharing and constant communication between all the devices in the organization.

Where networks are required for multiple locations, the engineer will be expected to design a wide area network (WAN), which will involve the use of data communication providers, as well as more performance challenges.

The computer network engineer job description entails ensuring a secure, efficient, and effective operation of the company’s voice and data communication resources.

It also involves evaluating needed equipment and services and recommending the ones appropriate for a given job.

He/she coordinates the purchase and application of resources; monitor cost to ensure proper allocation and accuracy; test and monitor the functioning of system to ensure operation continuously runs smoothly and reliably.

The network engineer’s role may also involve supervising the work of temporary part-time workers as situations might require.

He/she is expected to provide major support for all company data communications, including extensive wide area networking that connects all sites, switched local area networks at all sites, network management systems, and Internet service.

His/her duties involves making plans, acquiring, and installing cables, data communication equipment, and services, as well as performing support, security, and programming functions.

He/she ensures an efficient, effective, and secure operation by monitoring traffic and network function.
It is also his/her responsibility to improve network security and function by evaluating, recommending, and implementing remedial and preventive measures.

The computer network engineer work description also involves assisting with integration and management of network-based resources such as print servers, file servers, e-mail, desktop systems, and student computer labs.

He/she provides assistance with networked PABX/VoIP systems, digital and analog trucking, voice mail, local and long-distance service, E911 service, point-to-point network services, ACS, work order software, management software, and other voice communication resources.

He/she also help plan, acquire, and install all voice communication services and equipment, as well as provide needed support.

Completing all work order and trouble reports effectively and in good time, as well as maintaining detailed records of all work requests, and tracking of work orders progress, is also part of a network engineer job description.

The engineer is also expected to develop materials necessary for effective voice and data operations and management, including budgets, administrative and technical reports.

He/she is responsible for ensuring accuracy of service invoice and equipment and approving invoices for payment, as well as assisting with budget estimates and long range plans to ensure improvement in telecommunications service.

Computer Network Engineer Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Computer network engineers perform various functions in ensuring that the operation of a company’s data and voice communication resources is efficient, effective, and secure.

The kind of duties, tasks, and responsibilities that make up their job description depend on the peculiar nature of the company they work for, however, the focus is same – to keep the company’s communication resources operating effectively.

Below is a sample job description of a computer network engineer whose work is to provide support to a large Government client with multiple locations:

  • Perform scheduled deployments, configuring, patching managing and maintaining, and monitoring to maintain government and industry IT compliance standards
  • Troubleshoot encryption devices, switches, and network routers in Windows Active Directory environment
  • Ensure production systems are set for top performance and secure, and that they interact effectively with Wide Area Networks (WANs), as well as deliver the required information to end-users
  • Troubleshoot network outages and problems; maximize network environment monitoring performance; collaborate with System Integration network architects; and schedule upgrades
  • Attend meetings, Interact with other stakeholders, provide recommendations, and generate reports for improvements and enhancements
  • Confer with users to establish network specifications; perform analysis of access, workflow, security, and information requirements; perform router administration design, including routing protocols and interface configuration
  • Perform evaluation of network performance problems, including utilization, availability, latency, and throughput to establish network
  • Plan and implement the selection of equipment, including installing, configuring, and testing them
  • Define policies and procedures for networks; setup firewalls and connections
  • Monitor, analyze, and tune performance to ensure network performance; troubleshoot network issues; escalate issues to vendor when necessary
  • Ensure network is secure by creating network access, control, evaluation, and monitoring; ensure documentation
  • Design and implement training programs for uses, as well as providing them with support and references
  • Carry out upgrade on network by interacting with vendors
  • Build enhancements; perform testing, installation, and evaluation on them
  • Present information for budgets to satisfy financial requirements and ensure expenses are properly monitored
  • Take part in educational programs to update knowledge about the job, as well as maintain personal networks, take part in activities of professional associations, and read professional publications
  • Ensure information is kept confidential to protect company’s value
  • Accept complete responsibility for carrying out new and different requests that may be assigned and seek ways to add value to service delivery.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Responsibilities – for Computer Network Engineer Role

If you are seeking the job of a network engineer, the following are typical requirements – skills, knowledge, abilities, and educational qualification – you may be expected to meet for employers to be sure that you will succeed in the role, and so be able to access it:

  • Possess Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or in other related field
  • Working experience of two years and above in network administration, handling various networking equipment
  • Possess current IT I level certification IAW AR 25-2, as well as an IAT II certifications BBP 05-PR-M-0002 and IAW DoD 8570.01-M
  • Received training in Juniper, CWNA, and Cisco
  • Strong knowledge of principles and practices of information security in addition to advanced knowledge of security standards and protocols
  • Good working experience with network monitoring tools and Windows and Linux servers
  • Deep networking experience and knowledge such as TCP/IP, Ethernet, Vlans, SONET, routing and routing protocols (BGP/OSPF), DNS, switching, and 802.1Q
  • Strong knowledge of control, server infrastructure monitoring, and management best practices
  • Strong working experience with problem resolution, Internet VPN’s remote implementation, firewalls, and troubleshooting
  • Exceptional ability to develop and configure server hardware
  • Experience working with software for recovery and backup; and methodologies
  • Significant experience and knowledge of Microsoft, Unix and other operating systems in a cloud environment, as well as knowledge of networking components
  • Deep knowledge of Security Frameworks, including ISO, HIPAA/HITECH, COBIT, and NIST; and knowledge of regulatory requirements
  • Strong research and problem solving skills, in addition to possessing strong technical aptitude
  • Strong ability and willingness to develop self, learn new skills, and apply them for better service delivery
  • Strong communication skills to effectively express resolutions, proposals, plans, concepts, and other issues to management and other levels of staff in the organization
  • Strong ability to ensure confidentiality with sensitive internal and customer information
  • Strong organizational skills with ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines
  • Exceptional ability to deliver information, however complex, in a simple manner that anyone can comprehend
  • Profound problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Self motivated individual with the ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Strong ability to prevent problems from occurring by taking proactive measures.


If you are hiring for the position of computer network engineer in your organization, you will need to make a good description of the job to increase your chances of attracting the best people to your organization.

Employers can make use of the network engineer job description example provided in this post to create a great one for their company.

And if you are interested in the network engineering career, the content of this post will help you to be better informed about the role.