Software Engineer Salary in Connecticut and How to Increase It

By | July 18, 2023
Software Engineer Salary in Connecticut
Connecticut is one of the US States where software engineers can earn high salaries.

The software engineer salary in Connecticut is estimated between $85,000 and $93,292 yearly.

This post provides exhaustive information on the salary of a software engineer in Connecticut and how to increase it, to help you learn how much you can earn working in the State, including the cities and companies that pay the highest salaries in the State of Connecticut.

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Located in the North Eastern region of the US, the State of Connecticut is home to large corporations and government establishments, with a high cost of living.

The salaries for software engineers in Connecticut hover in the range of$85,000 to $93,292 annually, with added bonuses of $4000.

The salary can rise to $135,000 yearly depending on a number of factors, like skill and educational level of the software engineer.

The annual salary is the same as the National average in the US.

Software Engineer Salary across the Cities of Connecticut

Connecticut has some high-paying cities where software engineers earn as much salaries as the national average.

Cities like Stamford, Waterbury, and Bristol all pay software engineers highly as much as $132,000 yearly.

However, the high cost of living seems to overshadow the high salary range.

Cities with Highest Salaries for Software Engineers in Connecticut

Some cities in the State of Connecticut pay software engineers high and they attract the majority of people working in the industry.

Listed below are the ten highest paying cities where software engineers earn highly in Connecticut:

CityYearly Salary($)
Cities of Connecticut that pay highest salaries to software engineers

Software Engineer Salary Based on Skill in the State of Connecticut

There are major skills software engineers need to have if they want to move up in their chosen professional career in Connecticut.

Aside having a good degree under one’s belt, having a professional certification that helps to develop relevant skills is an added advantage to an engineer in the software industry:

  • Scala: +24.30% more yearly, that is $22,824.
  • Deep Learning: +23.39% more yearly, which adds up to $21,916.
  • OS Kernels: +17.55% added on yearly, which gives $16,428.
  • Big Data: +17.35% as add on yearly, totaling $16,296.
  • Computer Vision: + 16.58 as add on, which is $15,573.
  • Microservices: +16.13% yearly, making $15,150.
  • Machine Learning: +11.71% more yearly, which is $10,999.
  • Computer Graphics: +11.36% more, bringing the total to $10,670.
  • CI: +10.23% yearly add on, summing up to $9,608.

Software Engineer Salary Based on Experience in the State of Connecticut

Experience they say is the best teacher, so applies to every job and the job of a Software engineer is not an exemption.

Here are relative earnings based on years of experience for software engineers in the State of Connecticut:

  • – 1 year earns $91,558 yearly.
  • 1 – 2 years takes home $94,067 yearly pay.
  • 3 – 5 years earns $90,000 yearly salary.
  • 6 – 9 years takes home yearly $107,593.
  • While 10 years and above earn $123,265 yearly.

10 Companies that Pay Highest Salaries to Software Engineers in Connecticut

Here are major companies paying the highest salaries to software engineers in the State of Connecticut:

CompanyYearly Salary($)
Workday sd151,362
Juniper Networks143,130
Bridgewater Associates142,440
Companies in Connecticut that pay highest salaries to software engineers

More Benefits for Software Engineers in the State of Connecticut

Aside the 3 basic components of a software engineer’s salary (cash bonus, long term incentives, and basic salary), there are other benefits that are as added incentives, which are translated into either cash or kind in the long.

They include:

  • Stock options: These are handed out either annually or quarterly depending on how the company chooses to declare its end of year profit. Software engineers are given such stocks for working with the company.
  • Referral bonus: These are also given to software engineers as incentives.
  • Visa sponsorship: Can come during the active years of services, when the company needs to move personnel to another country or location.
  • Gym assistance: A sound mind produces better results. Stress and fatigue often comes into play in the life of software engineers. So to help relieve stress, the engineer is helped in getting assistance in gym membership, which is paid for by their companies.
  • Vision insurance: Staring for long hours on end at the computer can have diverse effect upon the eye, so companies have in place a good health program that caters for the vision of software engineers.
  • Health saving insurance: Sitting and working for long hours sometimes has it’s bad side, and due to the nature of their job, the software engineer works long periods of time, which in no small measure affects their health and wellbeing. A good health savings scheme is provided for the engineer to ease the burden towards health savings.

What Related Job Titles to Software Engineer Earn In Connecticut

There are job titles related to that of software engineer and such earn as much or lower than the software engineer.

Here are some of the related jobs to the software engineering career and how much they take home annually in Connecticut:

  • Developer earns $134,413 yearly salary.
  • Frontend developer earns $120,158 salary yearly.
  • Software developer takes $112,660 home yearly pay.
  • Backend developer earns $111,382 as yearly pay.
  • Full stack developer earns $106,798 year pay.
  • Application developer rakes in yearly pay of $91,000.

Software Engineer Job and Salary Outlook in Connecticut

Due to its location in the North East region and with salaries as high as $135,000 yearly, the State of Connecticut has a mobility to go higher up the ladder of top paying States for software engineering services in the US.

It has shown this with some of her cities, like Waterbury and Stamford attracting lots of software engineers and big high tech companies.

The State’s only drawback is the cost of living, which is 125.1% than the normal. However, in spite of this, most software engineers in Connecticut are happy with the living cost and salary.

How to Increase Your Salary as a Software Engineer in Connecticut

A good relevant skill set plus the much needed professional degree will greatly help increase your salary as a software engineer in Connecticut.

Here are factors that can play a deciding role in your quest to increase your salary as a software engineer in Connecticut:

  • A good degree: This can’t be over emphasized or understated; a good software engineering degree can open endless opportunities for its holder in the State of Connecticut.
  • A good skill set: Getting attention means you have certain skills that stand you out from the crowd. Want a salary increase in Connecticut? Then get more skills.
  • Relocate: Yes, you read it right; you can relocate to the big cities, like Waterbury, Stamford, Bristol, Cheshire, or Norwalk, where the big companies are.
  • Work for the big companies: Needing a high pay in Connecticut means working for the big companies. You can apply for a role and get hired in one of the big companies to get a high salary.
  • Network friends: Some friends’ networks do help seek out high-paying job openings in Connecticut, by word of mouth or through post; certain advertised openings are made known to only insiders.

More Career Opportunities for Software Engineers in Connecticut

Here are some career opportunities software engineers can also embark upon and get well paid.

Software engineers are not limited to working only in the laboratory, but can explore other career opportunities open in the State of Connecticut.

Here are more career areas that software engineers in Connecticut can explore:

  • Nuclear engineers, make $112,000 yearly salary in Connecticut.
  • Information security analysts, earn $108,000 yearly.
  • Biomedical engineers, earn $102,000 yearly.
  • Database architect, earn $100,000 yearly.
  • Statistician engineers, earn $94,000 yearly.


Connecticut is on the rise, due to its location, North- East of the USA, which is a region seriously competing with the rest of the country for high cost of living standards.

Typically, a software engineer in Connecticut has a satisfactory salary under their belt ($90,000 – 135,000 yearly),however, putting into consideration other factors like the high cost of living in the State, the salary might just be slightly lower than what a software engineer earns working in the lower salary States with low cost of living.

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