Small Business Owner Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 30, 2023
Small Business Owner job description, duties, and responsibilities
Small Business Owners job includes making a plan for the business.

This post provides complete information on the job description of a small business owner, to help you learn the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that they commonly perform.

What Does a Small Business Owner Do?

A small business owner is one who starts a business on a small scale.

The small business owner job description entails defining the product or service, planning the promotion, production, sales and budgeting for the business with the aim of making profit.

Small business owners understand the importance of certain elements of business, such as investment and loans, and the importance of defining the goals of the business in a coherent business plan.

A small business owner is a solution provider. He contributes to the reduction of unemployment and to the increment of production of his country.

Other roles of the business owner include helping to improve the economy of the country by contributing positively to the economy; providing a non-public sector employment opportunity.

He/she helps explore the untamed mines in business by bringing out an innovation that meets the need of his/her immediate community. He/she aligns the activities of his/her business in accordance with the nature of the business.

A small business owner understands the importance of having a business plan and carrying out feasibility studies on his/her business interest before starting out.

To ensure that the business is heading towards the direction of achieving its goal, the owner must realize that he/she needs other people to work for the business, so he/she hires new hands to get all the assistance needed to take the business to the desired level.

Other duties the owner of a small business performs include portraying their product to the right audience through the creation of associate campaign.

He/she must be able to take advantage of the social media, live advertising, and different promotional means to sell his/her product or service to the right customers.

He/she should also participate in direct sales, networking, or in a constructive market system.

The small business owner knows that the ability to reach out to the public to create an increasing client and customer network base is important to the business since creation of business is as important as having patronage.

Small Business Owner Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Running a small business as an owner entails carrying out several duties, tasks, and responsibilities to ensure the success of the business. Here is an example of a typical job description for the role:

  • Dictate the approach by first creating a business set up
  • Define the merchandise or service
  • Carry out plans for promoting, production, sales, and budgeting for the business
  • Create monetary arrangement
  • Review the report of production and compare the report with sales made or services offered
  • Compare the short and long term goals of the business
  • Hire qualified and skilled employees
  • Meet with the provider or producer of merchandise to reinforce fast delivery
  • Head the acquisition of vital inventory
  • Compare between expenditures and actual financial gain and relate them with the budget
  • Review the report on sales and build adjustment on sales deeds to ensure that they are aligned with the budget
  • Embark on the coaching and mentoring of employees
  • Hire skilled personnel to handle challenges on taxes and other financial obligation of the business
  • Prepare customer service approach for the business
  • Make a viable feasible assessment to envision the possibilities of the business
  • Ensure customer satisfaction is a priority
  • Conduct training for his employees to improve their products and service delivery
  • Offer presentations to enlighten customers on the importance of the products and the business offered

Small Business Owner Job Description for Resume

To write a resume for the position of small business owner, you will need to use the appropriate information in creating the various sections of the resume.

Therefore, the job experience section can be successful created by using the work description sample shown above, however, you will need to ensure that the duties and responsibilities stated match the experience you’ve had or are currently having on the job.

Small Business Owner Requirements: Abilities, Knowledge, and Skills for Career Success

To be successful working as a small business owner, the following skills, abilities, and other attributes are basic necessities for the individual to possess:

  • Although there are no qualifications required to start a small business, acquisition of a degree can equip the owner for success achievement in a competitive market atmosphere
  • Knowledge of some principles like management, marketing, business set up analysis and business ethics will increase the possibilities of survival of a small business
  • Ability to pinpoint issues and take initiative
  • Ability to create provision for the business success
  • Ability to develop disciplines in management by coming up with strategy
  • Ability to promote diligence in people
  • Ability to improve productivity
  • A good sense of direction
  • Good business insight
  • Ability to prepare budget for a business and implement the budget bidding
  • Technical skill applicable to the running of the business on daily basis
  • Ability to supervise and coordinate the activities of others
  • Ability to drive enthusiasm for work in employees
  • Discipline in time management and human relation
  • Operational superior skill in business promotions
  • Good work ethics
  • Good communication; written and oral talent.
  • Proficiency in the application of modern information and communication technologies
  • Being proactive and independent; and possessing the skills to adapt to dynamic business circumstance are qualities expected of a small business owner
  • Ability to hire, train, and mentor workers to foster the growth of the business