Business Analyst Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 16, 2023
Business Analyst Manager Job Description
Business analyst managers find ways to enhance a company’s efficiency and productivity.

Business Analyst Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post provides exhaustive information about the business analyst manager job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities typically carried out by individuals who work in that position.

It also gives the major requirements that individuals seeking the job of business analyst manager are commonly asked to fulfill by recruiters before they can be hired.

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What Does a Business Analyst Manager Do?

Business analyst managers serve as a liaison between IT and business teams; they find ways to increase productivity and efficiency.

They work closely with Implementation and Operations managers/director and are the bridge between the technology and reporting teams.

They work in various sectors and businesses, including financial institutions, consulting firms, healthcare organizations, and telecommunications.

The business analyst manager job description entails building business requirements, managing the sequence, and delivering business intent and execution following predetermined product strategy for offers.

It also involves designing process flows, writing requirements, and testing systems to meet customer needs and contract requirements.

Business analyst managers also establish the estimation of requirements documentation and testing efforts for various projects and initiatives.

Their role also involves monitoring the progress of projects by tracking activity, resolving issues, and recommending actions; and also providing regular updates on deliverable timeline and project status to senior management and project management.

They ensure that all business analysis and quality assurance resources comply with time reporting and other mandated organizational and corporate policies.

The business analyst manager work description also entails ensuring that the business analyst teams are trained, and are able to effectively and consistently use supporting application life cycle management tools.

To become a business analyst manager individuals require a minimum of Bachelor’s degree.

They also require critical thinking and analytical abilities, exceptional communication skills, and strong leadership and collaborative skills, as well as project management skills and advanced Excel skills to perform their job successfully.

Business Analyst Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The business analyst manager performs various functions that involve bridging the gap between the technology and reporting teams of a company; ensuring efficiency and increased productivity by managing projects and business analyst teams in collaboration with implementation and operations team.

The job description of a business analyst manager is summarized below by the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities which they perform:

  • Serve as bridge between the Technical Manager and End users to plan and execute User Acceptance Testing
  • Handle business and project issues proactively and escalates appropriately.
  • Develop and manage relationships with relevant stakeholders and their respective requests for analysis
  • Work collaboratively to assist in the design and implementation of analysis to answer challenging business questions
  • Responsible for developing and operationalizing statistical models, as well as performing model updates to analyses as needed
  • Undertake research and analyze data garnered from disparate sources and related industries and external benchmarks
  • Provide relevant insights and recommendations with statistical support/validity on analysis
  • Provide assistance in the design and delivery of automated, scalable analytical models to stakeholders
  • Work collaboratively with cross-functional teams, including Operations, Global Program, and Training teams; and Capacity Planning and Quality teams
  • Provide leadership and develop the team of business analysts.

Business Analyst Manager Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities- for Career Success

To be certain that candidates for the business analyst manager role in their organizations can effectively carry out the purpose, objectives, and obligations that will be assigned to them if they are hired, employers/recruiters commonly give a set of requirements applicants must meet to move ahead in the recruitment process.

These requirements are majorly the following:

  • Education: Applicants for the business analyst manager position are expected to possess a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management or in a quantitative field such as Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, or Finance
  • Knowledge: They require experience in developing requirements and formulating business metrics for reporting. They must be able to transform an idea/strategy into a product through process mapping and requirements writing
  • They also require a solid background in statistics methodology and experience with R, Python, or similar statistical software. They must also be familiar with data visualization tools, e.g. Tableau
  • Critical thinking and analytic orientation: They must be able to undertake research, analyze data, and apply results in problem solving and decision making, taking a long term perspective
  • Strong business judgment: The business analyst manager must be a tenacious decision maker, with strong business acumen and ability to bring a sound, aggressive, and responsible approach to business
  • Quantitative skills: They require the ability to utilize numeric data and metrics to back up assumptions and develop business cases
  • Problem solving skills: They must be naturally curious and result-oriented individuals who not only identify problems but find solutions to them
  • Teamwork abilities: They must be able to work with a cross-functional team in handling cross functional initiatives, and bridging the gap between the business/operations and technology
  • Communication skills: They require exceptional verbal and written communications skills to effectively work with teams, vendors, and clients from diverse backgrounds
  • Computer skills: They require advanced proficiency in Excel (including VBA, Pivot Tables, array functions, Power Pivots, etc.), and experience in SQL and manipulating large data sets in a database
  • Self- starter: They must be experts with strong business acumen and ability to undertake analyses and deliver projects independently in a fast-paced business environment
  • Project Management skills: They require this skill to effectively get projects completed through others. They must be able to coach, mentor, and drive their team to be their best individually as well contribute optimally to group projects, and complete projects within required time frames
  • Leadership skills: One of the job requirements of the manager is to lead and train a team of business analysts; hence they must be able to build and leverage on the capabilities of their team, as well as business partners across the organization. They must be able to foster innovation, drive critical decisions, and to consistently deliver results.

Advancing your Business Analyst Career

To be hired for the business analyst job, you will need to possess certain skills and knowledge to meet the recruiter’s requirements.

You can acquire those skills and competence by taking the right training courses.

Also, if you are looking to take your business analyst career to a higher level, you will need to take the right training courses to gain the needed skills and knowledge to succeed on the higher job.

Individuals in other career areas interested in moving into the high paying business analyst job can do so by taking relevant training courses to give them the needed certifications.

Fresh graduates and students who want to build a career in the business analysis field can achieve their dream by also completing the ideal training courses.

If you have any of the above described needs, you can check out the following training courses to help you achieve your business analyst career goal:

>> Business Analytics Certification Training with Excel
>> Business Analytics Expert Program


If you are a recruiter, HR manager, or employer needing a job description sample to use in creating a detailed description of the business analyst manager position in your company, the one provided in this post will be helpful to you.

By making and providing a detailed description of the role to applicants to guide them in their application, will help you attract only the best qualified business analyst managers to your offer.

You will equally find this post helpful if you are interested in the business analyst manager career and desires to learn about the duties and responsibilities commonly assigned to the role.

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