Business Architect Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Business architect job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Business architects have the skills to identify business challenges and create the right solutions.

Business Architect Job Description Example

What Does A Business Architect Do?

Business architects specialize in the structuring of an organization’s corporate objectives, business processes, and operating model to produce information that relates the concepts, risks, and value of a business.

The job description of business architects entails designing business capability models and providing architectural solutions for an organization.

They create a link between a firm’s I.T architecture and business process management by aligning company goals with business operations to produce information as to the connection between different aspects of an enterprise.

Business architects develop strategies and goals that guide the operation and management of a company; they employ internal and external resources to determine the business capability/functionality of a firm so as to produce results useful in developing business strategies.

They work with senior business process executives to design transformation plans for an enterprise; they produce an operating model that integrates business processes, organization, and I.T concepts.

Business architects provide unconventional approach to tough business challenges.

Their role involves drawing up an evaluation system that considers all possible factors instead of focusing on just the direct causative factor.

Most business architects’ job descriptions also include assessing the capacity of an organization to achieve its set objectives and goals.

They evaluate the assets and capability of a company to identify loopholes and limitations that should be surmounted to achieve set target.

They employ value stream methods and capability map analysis in the assessment of company capability.

As part of their duties, business architects are responsible for creating investment models that suggest suitable investment schemes for a firm to pursue considering available funding and objectives.

They are usually tasked with the task of resolving complex problems such that cannot be solved by stereotypical methods.

Business architects are skilled in measuring the effectiveness of a business strategy; they are able to determine the degree of strategy implementation as well as the outcome of an implemented strategy.

They require a good knowledge of business and information technology for their job position, thus a degree in business management, marketing or accounting is useful.

Training courses on enterprise architecture (EA) framework such as Zachman or TOGAF are also indispensable.

Some of the qualities necessary to excel on the work description of a business architect include excellent spirit for teamwork, problem-solving, communication, and decision-making skills.

Business Architect Job Description Example

Business architects perform various functions. The following is an example of the job description usually assigned to them, showing the various duties, tasks, and responsibilities they are normally expected to carry out:

  • Provide architectural solutions for business organizations to address structural issues that hinder achievement of company goals
  • Align the I.T. initiatives of a company with their business processes
  • Employ internal and external resources in the development of business strategies that guide the operation and management of a firm
  • Liaise with senior business executives to design an operating model that integrates business processes and organization with technical solutions
  • Draw up an evaluation system that considers essential contextual parameters during the analysis of an organization’s problem
  • Assess the capacity of a business to meet its targets and objectives using value stream tools and capability map analysis
  • Conduct evaluation of available company assets to generate results which is helpful in identifying capability gaps that need to be filled in order to achieve set goals
  • Create investment models which serve as an indication of suitable investment choices open to a business organization
  • Design structural systems effective in the resolution of complex business problems
  • Measure the effectiveness and outcome of an implemented strategy to determine the possibility for new strategies/implementation scheme
  • Apply their knowledge of business architecture to describe the basic business functions of an organization
  • Develop strategic processes that highlight the essence of external influences (suppliers and customers), as well as their impact on business structure
  • Supervise the activities of junior business analysts to ensure they are in line with set standards
  • Interpret data produced within an organization to give insight as to relationships between produced data.

Business Architect Resume Preparation

Are you applying for the business architect role? If you are, then you will need to make a good resume to convince employers that you are the right person for the job.

One of the areas in the resume employers usually like to see is your work experience on the position.

To make this section, you need to highlight the duties and responsibilities of the job, which you have done before with other firms.

You can easily and satisfactorily make this section by applying suitable functions of the position from the sample job description above in your resume.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for the Business Architect Job

Here is a list of the important requirements employers usually demand that applicants for the job of business architect meet:

  • Education and Training: To qualify for a business architect role, you require solid knowledge of business and information technology. A degree in business management, marketing or accounting is a step towards occupying the business architect position. An in depth experience and knowledge of EA framework (Zachman, TOGAF) is also essential. Certifications from recognized professional bodies such as the Business Architecture Guild can also set you apart for the role
  • Problem-solving Skills: Business architects are well-versed in developing architectural structures that help to identify and resolve business problems
  • Communication Skills: Business architects are effective communicators who are able to relate structural solutions orally, graphically and in writing
  • Teamwork Spirit: Business architects work efficiently with various management personnel.

Business Architect Skills for Resume

If you are looking to create a business architect resume, then the above mentioned qualities will be helpful in completing the skills section of your resume.

If you have the above qualities, it will be beneficial to use them in making the skills section of your resume, which will boost the effectiveness of the resume on prospective employers because those are the qualities they usually seek in applicants for the business architect position.


The business architect job description, like the given template above, is an essential document both job seekers and employers should read to have a good knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of the role.

This will enable job seekers to better prepare for the career, and employers to design a more effective job description that gets the best business architects when recruiting for the position.

What do you think of our job description for the business architect role? Also, do you have any experience working as a business architect that you want to share? Please make your comment in the box below.