Site Manager Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Site Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Site Managers provide leadership to construction workers to deliver on projects
within completion date.

Site Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Site Manager Do?

A site manager, who is also known as a construction manager in most firms, is responsible for supervising construction works taking place on a particular site.

The site manager job description entails studying project sites and taking note of the nature of the soil.

Making plans is also a major responsibility of a site manager. There has to be a lot of planning before even a foundation is laid.

There must be consistent planning and taking notes of all measurements, lengths, and widths of structures drawn by architects. The manager must make sure that everything is in order.

The manager must know the right equipment to be used for a particular project having studied the site before starting work on it.

He/she will oversee the entire project and make sure it is completed as at when due.

The construction manager must be a problem solver. He/she must be able to work, think, make calculations, and take the right decision even when under pressure.

The success or failure of a project lies with the manager, therefore he/she must be someone with the ability to make the right decision most of the time.

The site manager’s role also includes recruiting a number of staff to help out in the day to day activities on the site to make the project a success. The staff may include architects, civil engineers, and surveyors.

The manager’s duties also involve providing the basic necessities needed on a site. These include temporary office and toilets.

He/she is also responsible for the welfare of staff under his/her supervision and will be expected to care for them when they take ill or are involved in accidents.

The manager will work closely with the workers in his/her team, establishing a good working relationship with them.

He/she will ensure that all calculations are implemented so as to be able to detect mistakes easily.

The site manager reports to the employer or the owner of the project while every other worker reports to him/her.

As the head of the workers at a construction site, the manager has the authority to suspend or sack any worker who is incompetent.

In many construction firms, the site manager of a small scale project reports to a senior manager who oversees a larger scale project, which can be the construction of bridges, roads, houses, and shopping complex.

Site Manager Job Description Example, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

Here is an example of site manager job description, consisting of common duties, tasks, and responsibilities holders of the position are usually charged with at most construction firms where they work.

  • Discuss with clients, consult with architects, and surveyors, before commencing a project
  • Employ the required number of competent workers for a project after reaching an agreement with the client, making
  • Supervise workers and make sure they are well engaged and not distracted during work periods
  • Keep an eye on expenditure to avoid spending more than is budgeted for; also ensure the capital allotted for project is enough to complete it as earlier discussed with the client
  • Make plans for the construction of a building before laying its foundation; take note of the building’s specifications, such as its width and length as drawn by the architect, making sure that everything is in order
  • Provide basic needs like temporary office, toilet, and bathroom for workers
  • May help clients in advertising their projects after they have been completed to get occupants for them if they are buildings for rent

Site Manager Resume Preparation

In preparing a resume for the job of site manager in a construction firm, you can extract the information you need in creating the work experience section of the resume from the sample job description shown above.

The job description sample provides information about the common activities of managers who work at construction sites, including their duties and responsibilities.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for Site Manager Position

To function efficiently as a site manager and excel on the job, you will need to have the following qualities, which are usually required by employers when screening candidates for the position:

  • Good communication skills: Site managers need to be able to communicate clearly with workers, clients, and managements to avoid information wrongly understood
  • Ability to solve problem: The manager must be able to resolve issues with his/her workers on the site and get all parties satisfied, and to work together for the interest of the company
  • Possess the ability to motivate workers on site especially when the work is challenging and the pressure is high on workers to deliver
  • Must be a team leader: The site manager must have a great deal of team leadership skills to be able to keep the workers focused on the job and to increase their efficiency to deliver the project within the deadline given
  • Possess commercial awareness skills.

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