Sales Support Representative Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | September 20, 2023
Sales Support Representative Job Description
Sales Support Representatives provide quality support to a company’s sales team.

This post provides detailed information on the sales support representative job description, including the duties, tasks, and responsibilities they perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to meet to be hired for the sales support representative role.

What Does a Sales Support Representative Do?

The sales support representative provides help to the sales team by offering strong support through the performance of a series of administrative tasks.

They act as a communication link between a company and its customers. Their job description involves getting, engaging, and retaining old and new clients, with the sole aim of generating sales and retaining customers.

Sales support representatives perform actions in the daily run of the company that might include receiving and making regular emails to and from clients, financial advisers, and investors.

Their role also involves overseeing sales support for a particular territory and keeping a smooth communication with department and individuals within their organization when needed. They also aid in resolving customers issues in an efficient and timely manner.

Sales support representatives working in companies also help prepare marketing and sales proposals, develop marketing strategies, and render product and service feedback to necessary departments within the organization.

In addition, they will need to maintain a strong knowledge of services and products offered by their company while undergoing the necessary continuous education.

Sales Support Representative Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Sales support representatives perform various functions as they provide quality support to a company’s sales team.

The major duties, tasks, and responsibilities that make up the sales support representative job description are shown below:

  • Create contracts, quotes, and RFI/RFP responses for potential clients
  • Keep each quote with precise configurations and pricing
  • Maintain each sales documentation applications and tools
  • Prepare and deliver sales presentations in an effective and professional manner
  • Create technical presentations for potential clients
  • Maintain the company’s current awareness of activities, government regulations, and industry trends
  • Carry out, arrange, and streamline operational tasks to reduce the occurrence of errors
  • Offer technical assistance to staff and clients
  • Carry out monitoring exercise for a problem and taking fast action(s) where possible, and escalating where necessary
  • Communicate with clients, help solve their problems, and provide up-to-date information
  • Do order processing/entry when needed
  • Make real price quotations and perform record keeping in the company
  • Do proper product training or other related tasks
  • Attract potential customers by answering service and product inquiries
  • Record new account information
  • Maintain new customer accounts by recording current account information
  • Reach team sales quota by matching customer needs with product benefits
  • Master in-depth knowledge of the company’s services and line of products
  • Craft, design, and provide sales and information quotations for customers
  • Manage sales force, which involves the entry of opportunities, contacts, accounts, and quotations
  • Qualify customer leads and disseminate to field sales appropriately
  • Use digital information systems to identify, research, and resolve customers’ inquiries
  • Provide order management, including entry, releases, creation, returns, and backorder
  • Provide customer support on customer complaints and technical issues.

Sales support representative Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge for a Successful Career

Employers hiring for the post of sales support representative commonly expect applicants to possess certain skills, abilities, and knowledge to show that they will be able to perform the work description, including the objectives, purpose, and obligations of the support representative role on a sales team as defined by the employer.

See below major employers’ requirements for the sales support representative position:

  • A minimum educational requirement, including a Bachelor’s degree in Communications or Marketing, or in a related field
  • Experience in related sales experience is often needed
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to oversee multiple clients and projects clients at once
  • Good and convincing presentation Skills
  • Accurate technical capacity skills
  • Interpersonal skills in other to work harmoniously with clients or customers
  • Must possess high standard Personal Credibility/effectiveness
  • Should have experience in an administrative support role for at least 2 years
  • Must be willing to gain exposure to some complex tasks within the job function
  • Willingness to report directly to a manager
  • Ability to communicate and work cooperatively with all levels within the organization.


This post is useful to employers to be able to create effective description of the sales support representative when hiring for the position.

By applying the sample sales support representative job description above, recruiters can make a detailed description of the role for their companies and improve their chances of getting the best candidates for the job.

Individuals interested in getting into the sales career will find this article helpful in learning about what sales support representatives do, and so will be better prepared for the role.