Bloomingdales Sales Associate Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | September 20, 2023
Bloomingdales Sales Associate Job Description
Bloomingdales Sales Associates are expected to ensure customers are well satisfied. AARONP/BAUER-GRIFFIN/GC IMAGES

This post provides detailed information on the Bloomingdales sales associate job description, including the duties, tasks, and responsibilities they perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to meet to be hired for the Bloomingdales sales associate role.

What Does a Bloomingdales Sales Associate Do?

The Bloomingdales sales associate acts as a point of contact for all customers. They are responsible for providing excellent customer service by offering customer support functions, including greeting and assisting the customers in locating and purchasing merchandise.

The Bloomingdales sales associate job description entails operating the cash register and scanner to itemize and total customer’s purchase, collecting payment from customers, and making change where applicable; bagging merchandise, and assisting customers with merchandise as necessary.

They are responsible for stocking and recovering of merchandise from customers as well as performing other duties as assigned by the store manager to assist him/her in maximizing store profitability and customer satisfaction while protecting company assets.

Sales associates at Bloomingdales also perform housekeeping duties, including cleaning the store, taking out trash, and dusting and mopping store floors; cleaning of restroom and receiving room, and helping to set up sidewalk displays.

They ensure to follow company merchandise processes; unpack, stock, restock, and rotate merchandise on shelves and build merchandise displays.

The sales associate’s role also entails upholding all Bloomingdale’s OUTSTANDING presentation standard and also offering great service to internal and external customers.

They also provide additional selling support to customers according to their business needs. They possess a basic understanding of merchandise – the features and benefits to aid in the sales of merchandise.

At Bloomingdales, the sales associates’ work description also entails assisting customers in locating pre-sold merchandise as needed; the associate is required to offer flexibility with schedule, depending on business needs.

To work as a Bloomingdales sales associate, individuals should possess a high school diploma or its equivalent.

They must also possess drive, be goal-oriented, and possess an entrepreneurial outlook.

To perform the job successfully, the associate must enjoy meeting and interacting with customers and demonstrate an energetic and positive attitude, as well as possess the ability to work in a fast-paced environment, effectively handle multiple priorities, and learn new procedures.

Bloomingdales Sales Associate Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The Bloomingdales sales associate performs various functions, including completing sales transactions of merchandise, providing customer service, and providing a seamless shopping experience to customers.

The major duties, tasks, and responsibilities a Bloomingdales sales associate may be required to perform are listed in the job description example below:

  • Greet all customers promptly and deliver a friendly and attentive service to all customers
  • Engage all customers as they enter into the department
  • Profile customers to understand their needs; then go above and beyond to exceed their expectations and deliver an outstanding customer experience
  • Responsible for organizing merchandise by style, size, and color on the selling floor and stockroom
  • Provide support to customers in navigating their way throughout the store and locate merchandise
  • Possess product knowledge to provide support and styling advice to customers when needed
  • Responsible for setting up fitting rooms for customers and help to build sales through up-selling – suggesting other merchandise and ensuring follow up with additional sizes when needed
  • Actively promote the Bloomingdale’s Loyalist Program and ensure the customer is informed on benefits and promotions by speaking to them about the features and benefits
  • Establish and build customer relationships as an avenue to meet sales goals
  • Responsible for providing easy and seamless customer experience, and completing transactions on the register
  • Accept and process store and online returns in a gracious manner
  • Responsible for the cleanliness of department and ensure that merchandise is cleared from fitting rooms, and put back into the correct area
  • Utilize technology to locate merchandise and fulfill online orders.

Bloomingdales Sales Associate Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge for Career Success

If you are seeking to work at Bloomingdales as a sales associate, you will be expected to meet certain requirements, including skills, abilities, knowledge to show that you will be able to perform the role’s work description and realize the Bloomingdales’ purpose, obligations, and objectives for the position.

Here are major requirements individuals seeking to work at Bloomingdales as sales associate may likely be asked to meet:

  • Education: A minimum of High School diploma or equivalent is required to work as a Bloomingdales sales associate
  • Experience: Prior retail selling experience is preferred
  • Communication skills: Sales associates require strong verbal communication skills both in person and over the phone for success on the job
  • Mathematical skills: They require basic math skills to perform functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is also essential that they have the ability to use a calculator
  • Entrepreneurial: They should be self-motivated and take ownership of the business, acting proactively with the ability to work in a rapidly changing environment
  • Organizational skills: Sales associates at Bloomingdales require strong organizational skills to prioritize and manage multiple projects while meeting deadlines
  • Flexibility: They should be willing to work a flexible schedule as well as demonstrate flexibility in responding to changing priorities
  • Physical demands: They should possess physical dexterity to perform the tasks of a sales associate since the position involves regular walking, standing, sitting for extended periods of time, hearing, and talking. It may occasionally involve stooping, kneeling, crouching and climbing of ladders; manual dexterity for using keyboard, mouse, and other office equipment; and may involve moving or lifting items at least 30 pounds
  • Team work abilities: They must possess the ability to collaborate and participate as a member of a team
  • They must possess strong sense of urgency
  • Strong customer service orientation: Sales associates require this ability to provide customer support duties to all customers
  • Interpersonal skills: This skill is essential for them to develop and build relationships necessary for establishing a loyal customer base
  • Selling Skills: They must be comfortable with up-selling – suggesting merchandise to clients as well as providing product information and styling advice to customers with the aim of closing a sale.


This post is useful to individuals interested in working as a sales associate at Bloomingdales.

They will be able to learn as much as they can about the role by studying the information about the duties and responsibilities of the position, including the sample job description provided.

This will make them better prepared for the sales associate career at Bloomingdales.