Sales Representative Resume Example

By | September 3, 2023

If you are looking for a job as sales representative, your chances of getting it are enhanced if you presented a good resume or that presents you as a salesperson that is perfectly suited to the job.

For any sales representative job position that is advertised, you can be sure that more people will respond to it than are needed by the employer.

Therefore, one of the usual ways the employer can trim down the number of applicant is to look into their resumes.

A resume can reveal a lot about an applicant’s qualification, experience, and suitability for the job, which the employer can use to screen out those that didn’t meet their requirements.

If you don’t want to be screened out from the job, it is important to learn how to prepare a compelling resume that meets the need of the employer, for them to give you an appointment for interview.

You can learn how to write resumes for yourself by studying several sales representative resume samples. Using these as examples of great resumes, you can discover how the different parts of standard resumes are prepared.

Below is a free sales representative resume template you can study and use in creating your own and increase your chance of being called in for further discussion.


Sales Representative Resume Example/Sample/Template

Rhoda Jons
123 Down Street • Atlanta, Georgia • 33333 • Home: (222) 333-4444, Cell: (111) 111-1111 •

OBJECTIVE: Looking for the position of Sales Representative in a challenging environment where I will have the opportunity to show off my exceptional talents in driving sales growth, as well as learning to advance my career.


Highly motivated and talented sales professional with 6 years of record breaking sales experience, with uncommon ability to exceed sales target.

Attain the position of “Top Sales Rep” four times in the months of June 2009, January 2010, May 2011, and October 2013).

Earn two “Successful New Strategy of the Season Award”, between August – November 2011 and April – July 2013.
Led the team that set a sales benchmark of $6.23M in 2011.


  • Possess enormous ability to easily discern prospective location by keen intuition, tactically converting cold calls to profitable sales
  • Ability to sight opportunities through consultative marketing techniques and excellent customer service skills that lead to customer referral relationship
  • Very vast in marketing and sales activities due to 6 years experience
  • ability to adapt easily to change, which resulted in a 100% capacity performance in a short period
  • Friendly nature that builds sound relationship with new and existing customers, enlarging the management’s customer data base
  • A well nurtured customer service skills that helps in providing effective guidance to customers in purchasing goods that fit their needs
  • Strong ability to perform market research and to reveal new profitable markets
  • Ability to utilize strong presentation skills in marketing and promoting the company’s products and services
  • Confident in taking leading marketing role as a sole marketer or in group marketing, especially in demanding situations
  • Ability to take the initiative to independently set personal goals to achieving and exceeding company’s sales target
  • Ability to take cold calls and convert them to sales
  • Very reliable in projecting company’s image by understanding company’s goal and vision
  • Ability to maintain and sustain a sound relationship with key decision makers in the corporate world.
  • Adequately knowledgeable of company policies, marketing strategies, product designs and functions.

W & NB Koopmans, South Wimberley, YH
2008 – Present

Sales Representative

  • Responsible for implementing new company marketing strategies and policies effectively
  • Directly involved in preparing new marketing plans and strategies which is utilized in achieving company’s goals
  • Increase company’s profit margin every year through a well developed sales and product delivery system
  • Participate in training programs for new marketing recruits
  • Handle customers’ complains, and educate them on company’s policies
  • Supervise clients’ database to ensure continuity in relationship between company and clients
  • Protect company‘s image by ensuring that quality control standard of product and service is adequately adhered to effectively


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, University of Capuano, 2002
  • Marketing certificate, institute of professional marketers, 2005
  • Post graduate degree in Business administration, University of Novelty, 2006

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