Realtor Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 3, 2023
Realtor job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Realtors play the role of a middle man between sellers and buyers of real estate. Image source:

This post provides detailed information on the job description of a realtor, to help you learn what they do.

What Does a Realtor Do?

The job title called realtor is the same as real estate broker, or real estate agent, and it defines a person that acts as a middle man between sellers and buyers of real estate or real property.

The realtor job description entails finding sellers who want to sell, and buyers who want to buy.

In the United States, the realtor’s role was established in reference to the English common law of agency, with the realtor having a fiduciary relationship with his clients.

In the United Kingdom however, estate agent is the term used to describe anyone in this line of work, though there are significant differences between the actions and liabilities of estate agents, it all depends on each country.

Realtors or real estate agents assist sellers in marketing their property and help them sell it for the highest possible price with the best terms.

Realtors also assist buyers by helping them buy property for the lowest price under the best terms.

The real estate broker or realtor is to whoever he services as client, though the relationship can become very confusing because if the realtor is helping both the buyer and seller at the same time, it is called dual agency.

Traditionally, the broker represents the property owner, and has a fiduciary duty to him/her.

If the realtor suggests to the buyer that he will help him negotiate the best possible price, then it is said that the broker is practicing undisclosed dual agency, which is illegal and unethical in this line of work.

A realtor owes his clients fiduciary duties, among which are; confidentiality, care, loyalty, obedience, and disclosure. He owes his clients fair and honest dealing.

A real estate broker must request both the seller and buyer to sign a dual agency agreement in order to protect their license.

Realtor Job Description Example

The kind of job description realtor are usually expected to execute for their employers is shown in the example below.

  • Make plans to grow the business and increase market share
  • Assist realtor loan officers to maintaining client relationships
  • Represents the company at various internal and external functions
  • Abide by state, regional, and national regulations for real estate transactions
  • Might be required to attend meetings as necessary.

Realtor Job Description for Resume

The duties, tasks, and responsibilities stated in the sample job description above can serve as good source of information in writing the job history section of the realtor resume.

See an example of a realtor resume here.

Realtor Requirements: Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills for Career Success

Listed below are important attributes most employers usually expect applicants for the post of realtor to possess:

  • Must poses skills and knowledge of real estate
  • Must be registered and possess current certification of the Realtors Association
  • Must be a licensed realtor agent in his/her state
  • Must be able to communicate flawlessly, both verbally, as well as in writing
  • Must be able to establish and maintain standard working environment
  • Must be skilled in the operation of computer applications like Word, Excel, Zip Forms, and other similar programs
  • Must be able to associate appropriately with other people more than just giving and receiving instructions
  • Must be able to work cordially with co-workers and peers without exhibiting behavioral extremes
  • Must be able to respond well to feedback from a supervisor
  • Should have a minimum of High School Diploma and 2 years of experience in real estate sales.