Restorative Nursing Assistant Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Restorative Nursing Assistant job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Restorative Nursing Assistants use specialized techniques in helping patients attain
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Restorative Nursing Assistant Job Description Example

What Does a Restorative Nursing Assistant Do?

A restorative nursing assistant is a person with special training in the area of restorative care.

The restorative nursing assistant job description entails helping patients to attain and sustain better living standards by implementing strategies and techniques to increase their strength capacity and general well-being.

The Job of a restorative nursing assistant involves meeting patients’ special needs. The individual who works in this position will apply specialized knowledge in carrying out therapeutic techniques under the supervision of a medical staff.

They will engage patients in physical activities to help stabilize their mobility through exercise routines developed by the clinic or rehabilitation center for them to be able to move their limbs and muscles.

The assistant usually works in collaboration with nurses by following treatment procedures outlined by the nursing staff to enable patients perform daily activities, such as bathing and washing.

Their role also covers ensuring that patients are cleaned up and dressed up in accordance with good personal hygiene standard. They are required to groom patients and administer splinting and prosthesis care when necessary.

In order to create a healthy environment for patients, nurse assistants working in a restorative unit of a hospital are also expected to ensure that patients’ immediate environment, whether at home or clinic, is kept in good condition all the time.

Their duties will also include cleaning and scrubbing the floor, as well as taking away dirt and trash that could breed harmful insects to patients.

Restorative Nursing Assistant Job Description Example

Shown below is an example of the restorative nursing assistant job description. It consists of the important duties, tasks, and responsibilities usually performed by individuals who work in that position.

  • Maintain records of patients’ health condition; monitor their daily progress, landmarks and shortfalls. This is important to identify routines and techniques that are most effective to patients
  • Inform nurses of developments in patients’ health
  • Team up with nurses in making adjustments to patient’s treatment technique or in developing new treatment techniques for patients from scratch
  • Aide patients’ mobility by taking them from one place to another. In doing this, ensure that the environment is safe and void of anything that could cause harm to patients as they move around. The vicinity must be made safe in every possible way, including keeping sharp objects and toxic materials away from the location
  • Interact closely with patients to bond with them; pay attention to their needs and body language or sign to decode what patients may be trying to say in cases where they cannot verbally express themselves due to the state of their health condition
  • Ensure that patients’ needs are dully met as this could affect their response to treatment and general well-being
  • Provide full emotional support system for patients’ rehabilitation process
  • Interact with patients’ family members and loved ones in order to have a better understanding of patients’ likes and dislikes and to apply it in their treatment plan to achieve positive results
  • Encourage patients’ loved ones to spend time with them as this could lift their mood, giving them a positive mindset about their recovery

Restorative Nursing Assistant Resume Preparation

When writing a resume for the post of restorative nursing assistant, you can use information from the sample job description shown above in making the work experience part of the resume.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for the Position of Restorative Nursing Assistant

Here are the usual requirements, including skill sets, knowledge base, and abilities, applicants for the position of nurse assistant in a restorative unit of a clinic are expected to meet to stand a chance of being employed.

  • Interpersonal skills to bond and relate with patients on a close level to win their trust and cooperation during treatment
  • Emotional intelligence to understand patients’ needs and temperament at every point in time, to be able to follow them accordingly at their own pace
  • Physical strength to move, bend and stand for long hours in catering to patients’ needs without undue fatigue