Restaurant Hostess Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 30, 2023
Restaurant Hostess job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Restaurant Hostesses welcome guests with a comforting smile.

This post provides detailed information on the job description of a restaurant hostess, including the key tasks, duties, and responsibilities that they commonly perform.

What Does a Restaurant Hostess Do?

A restaurant hostess is most of the time the first person you come across on entering a restaurant.

The restaurant hostess job description includes interacting with guests as they arrive and enter the restaurant, welcoming and directing them on where to sit.

The first impression any customer gets of the restaurant and its standard of service is usually from the hostess. This is why the hostess must be very careful at all times how she handles customers. The ability to be hospitable is an essential skill for this position.

Sometimes, when customers are already seated and waiting for their take-outs, it is the responsibility of the hostess to ensure they are kept comfortable and possibly engaged, and also to keep them informed of the status of their order.

In most restaurants, the hostess’ role also includes answering calls and booking reservations. She also sees to it that tables and seats are well arranged and that customers are accommodated as they come.

Depending on the restaurant and its policy, when guests arrive, the hostess takes their initial drink orders; she either fills it or communicates the information to the food server available.

In some cases, she introduces the guests to their servers.

The work description of hostesses may also involve cashier duties, depending on the restaurant.

Working as a hostess in a restaurant is one job that does require an enthusiastic attitude and a great deal of hard work.

The individual is supposed to at all times know the state of all the tables in the facility so as to be able to direct guests and groups to appropriate tables.

A hostess has no excuse of not being familiar with restaurant’s menu, as she may be required to explain them to guests.

This position is usually occupied by those who were once waitresses and then graduated over time to a hostess.

Being the face of the company, the hostess must adhere to a strict code of dressing.

Depending on the restaurant, hostesses may have uniforms or may be allowed the liberty of their choice of dress, which must be clean and morally presentable.

This is one role that requires anybody occupying it to always put up smiles, making eye contact, and being courteous to guests. She is to make them comfortable by whatever appropriate means possible.

As a hostess, it is your responsibility to ensure that customers/guests leave your facility with an excellent experience.

When there are questions or complaints that you can’t handle, you should refer them to a superior staff or supervisor as quickly as possible.

Restaurant Hostess Job Description Example/Sample/Template

A hostess working in a restaurant is expected to perform various duties, tasks, and responsibilities, such as the examples shown in the following job description:

  • Ensure that everything guests will be needing is in order and clean
  • Estimate wait times for guests
  • Monitor guest waiting list
  • Provide a menu for customers and explain the specials
  • Regularly check the reservation book for next meal reservations
  • Answer customer’s question accurately
  • Make contact with guests as they leave, open the door, and help them to their cars and bid them goodbye
  • Ensure effective and fast delivery service by the servers
  • Inspect dining facilities and ensure proper maintenance
  • Assign tasks to the serving personnel for smooth running of the business
  • Ensure that guests are being attended to
  • Welcome and greet guests as they arrive
  • Escort guests to their seats
  • Schedule reservations in advance for guest
  • Ensure that guests receive quality service
  • Ensure that all guests requirement are timely met
  • Introduce guests to their servers
  • Monitor the activities of the servers

Restaurant Hostess Job Description for Resume

You will need a good resume if you are seeking a new job as a restaurant hostess. To prepare one, the sample job description shown above provides the relevant information to writing the work history section of the resume.

However, you will need to ensure that the duties and responsibilities in the work description match your true experience on the job for use in your resume.

Restaurant Hostess Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

To be considered for the position of hostess in most restaurants, there are certain attributes you must meet, without which you don’t stand a good chance of getting the job. These requirements include:

  • Certificate in hotel management and hospitality is a plus
  • Must have a polite and hospitable disposition
  • Possession of a positive and enthusiastic attitude
  • Pleasing personality
  • Excellent communication skills, especially orally
  • Effective customer service skills
  • Ability to withstand pressure
  • Organizational and management skills
  • Possess leadership skills
  • Possess flexibility and multi-tasking ability

Are you a restaurant hostess or have worked before as one? If so, please share your job description and experience in the comment box below so other people can benefit from it, thanks!