Pediatric Medical Assistant Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Pediatric Medical Assistant job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Pediatric Medical Assistants provide quality support to doctors in taking care of children.

Pediatric Medical Assistant Job Description Example

What Does a Pediatric Medical Assistant Do?

A pediatric medical assistant is someone who works with physicians, doctors, and nurses who are specialized in treating children.

The pediatric medical assistant job description entails maintaining orderliness and facilitating human flow in the clinic.

He/she is also responsible for coordinating the movement of patients within the clinic by providing directions to the different units of the clinic to patients, thereby making their visits to the clinic stress free.

The role of this medical assistant also includes helping the pediatrician in sorting and arranging patients’ files and taking them to the doctor. This saves the doctor some quality time to be able to attend to more patients.

The assistant also helps the doctor to take record of patients’ health history and to carry out laboratory procedures.

Other duties they may perform include collecting and taking patients’ specimens to the lab for testing.

They also assist patients in collecting their test results from the lab and forward them to the pediatrician for further action.

The medical assistant will get the required instruments and materials ready before treatment starts on a patient, and place them where the pediatrician can easily access them during the treatment process, to ensure that treatment procedure on the patient goes smoothly without hitches.

The assistant must be sure that instruments for treatment procedures are in good working condition before making them available for the pediatrician’s use.

He/she must also make sure that instruments that have been used for treatment are well sterilized, and that they are returned to the right place.

During emergency, the assistant will help in keeping patients stable by administering first aid before the arrival of the doctor.

Pediatric Medical Assistant Job Description Example

A newly employed medical assistant by a pediatric clinic will be expected to perform certain duties, tasks, and responsibilities, which make up the job description for the position.

Here is an example of such job description.

  • Give direction to patients who need to go to the lab to perform tests; take test results to the pediatrician
  • File documents of patients’ treatments for record purposes. This should be done by observing utmost confidentiality in respect of patients’ privacy in line with the medical code of conduct guideline
  • Assist in scheduling patients’ appointments with the pediatrician, and keep both the patient and his/her doctor updated on changes or cancellations of previous appointments
  • Inform the pediatrician of the arrival of the patient to the clinic; also keep him/her informed of those waiting to see him/her
  • Have a discussion with patients to get information about their health history for use in filling the relevant forms patients need to complete
  • Prepare treatment rooms for doctors for them to be able to attend to patients in a conducive environment
  • Carry out tests and immunization on patients in line with the pediatrician’s instructions
  • Facilitate patients’ checking in and out of the clinic
  • Supervise the work of cleaning staff and ensure that bedspreads are cleaned in accordance with the clinic’s hygiene standard; also carry out pest control measures to prevent infections
  • Inspect clinic’s equipment for damage and malfunctioning, to avoid setbacks during treatment procedures
  • Document treatment activities in the clinic using the computer
  • Collect patients’ insurance information, verify, and send it to insurance companies when the need arises as evidence of patients’ insurance claims

Pediatric Medical Assistant Resume Preparation

If you need to prepare a resume for the job of medical assistant to pediatricians, information from the sample job description above can be used in completing the work experience section and other parts of the resume.

However, for the resume to reflect your true experience, you will need to modify the work activities given in the job description above.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for the Pediatric Medical Assistant Position

To improve your chances of landing the job of pediatric medical assistant, you will be required by most employers to have the following qualifications, skills, and knowledge, which have been proven to aid performance on the job:

  • Must have Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) Accreditation: To be qualified for the job of medical assistant to a pediatrician you will be required to pass a CMA program from a recognized institution
  • Likeness for children: The medical assistant will be someone who likes children and enjoys been with them.
  • Patience: Dealing with children requires a lot of patience in getting them to do what is expected as they can be reluctant sometimes to follow instructions. Therefore, you will need to be able to persuade them in a gentle manner to work effectively with them