Registered Medical Assistant Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Registered Medical Assistant job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Registered Medical Assistants work with physicians in providing quality healthcare service to patients. Image source:

Registered Medical Assistant Job Description Example

What Does A Registered Medical Assistant Do?

A registered medical assistant (RMA) is an individual who has been certified by the Registry of Medical Assistants to work as an assistant to a physician in the discharge of their duties.

The job description of a registered medical assistant usually entails providing support to medical staff and ensuring that their work is done in a conducive and less stressful environment.

The assistant is responsible for cleaning and fumigating clinic rooms to get rid of germs and harmful insects that could negatively affect patients’ health.

He/she will also ensure clinical instruments are sanitized as part of the clinic’s safety measures.

The role of the RMA also includes receiving clients to the clinic and answering to inquiries about services offered by the clinic.

It also includes documenting reasons why people visit the clinic, and preparing visitors to meet with the doctor.

The medical assistant will also carry out checks on patients, including temperature level and blood pressure checks, and present the information obtained to the doctor to aid effective treatment.

Other duties registered medical assistants usually perform include organizing the physician’s workflow by scheduling his/her daily activities in the clinic, and booking clients’ appointments in line with the physician’s schedule and convenience.

They are expected to communicate with patients to confirm their appointments, or to cancel previously scheduled appointments ahead of the due date.

Registered Medical Assistant Job Description Example

When hired newly as a registered medical assistant, here is an example of the kind of job description you might be given to implement.

  • Record information of patients’ health status in the clinic’s record keeping system. This enables the clinic to have access to the patient’s health history for future treatment and referencing
  • Take stock of clinical instruments, and make arrangement for fresh stock if there is shortage of instruments
  • Coordinate the purchase and supply of medical instruments and ensure records of transactions are kept for account balancing and settlement
  • Answer telephone calls to the clinic, attend to patients in person and see to their inquiries about the clinic
  • Collect patients’ specimen of bodily fluids as directed by the doctor for laboratory testing; aid laboratory tests by taking the specimen to the lab; collect the tests results for patients and make them available to the doctor to take the right decision on patients’ treatment. Ensure that the results are carefully sorted out and correctly tagged to the right patients
  • Interact with patients and obtain information from them to fill their health history forms; periodically update patients’ records to conform with their current health condition
  • Fill insurance forms for patients and forward them to insurance authorities for verification of authenticity to facilitate claims
  • Participate in trainings recommended by the clinic to acquire additional knowledge of the job and exposures to the latest treatment techniques available
  • Help patients’ who cannot walk on their own to move within the clinic and serve as support to them during treatment
  • Handle client billing services and book-keeping functions in the absence of the clinic’s accountant
  • Ensure equipments required for treatment on patients are available to the physician before the scheduled time
  • Run errand for doctors during treatment process
  • Observe patients’ responses to treatment and relay observations to the medical staff in charge; make suggestions to medical staff on effective treatment procedure to try based on observations
  • Get patients ready for the doctor’s examination and provide assistance during the process
  • Direct patients on taking their medication based on the doctor’s instructions and recommend exercises that can aid their recovery

Preparing a resume for the post:

A resume for seeking the position of registered medical assistant can be created with information from the job description sample shown above.

The job description sample presented above highlights important work activities of the position which can be used in creating the job experience section of the resume with some modifications to suit your true experience.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for the Position of Registered Medical Assistant

Here are import skills and qualifications employers usually require from applicants seeking the job of registered medical assistant.

Individuals having these qualities are known to be top performers on the job.

  • Possession of Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) qualification from a recognized institution
  • Possess interpersonal skills needed to get along with clients and co-workers amicably
  • Ability to follow instructions to the letter, so as to be able to take instructions from doctors and perform the required tasks correctly on patients
  • Possession of flawless organizational skills needed to maintain orderliness in the clinic when patients are being attended to
  • Possession of good communication skills, which is needed to be able to receive instructions from doctors and pass them to patients effectively