Operations Technology Engineer Job Description Example

By | August 26, 2023
Operations technology engineer job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Operations technology engineers ensure industrial systems and equipment perform optimally.

Operations Technology Engineer Job Description Example

What Does an Operations Technology Engineer Do?

Operations technology (OT) engineers are responsible for the control, efficient performance, and maintenance of industrial equipment or systems.

The operations technology engineer job description involves overseeing general technical processes in an engineering or industrial establishment to ensure optimal performance and operation.

In performing their duties, operations technology engineers observe and monitor industrial/technical facilities such as compressors, power systems, steam boilers, and refrigeration units.

They ensure all equipment are operational and handled properly. Usually, they control and operate company equipment and tools to generate light, heat, energy, and other fundamental elements required to ensure smooth work processes in an organization.

Their role also entails developing and implementing solutions/strategies for necessary operational efficiency by conducting research, assessing financial requirements, and modifying already existing processes.

As part of their functions, OT engineers occasionally conduct assessments to identify operational limitations and to initiate steps necessary for improved processes.

They ensure compliance with set health/safety regulations and procedures when carrying out job duties.

They also adhere to laid down government policies and laws. It is the responsibility of operations technology engineers to oversee the maintenance and repair of mechanical or industrial equipment in a company, to ensure seamless and efficient operations.

It is also part of their work description to respond quickly to emergency situations such as machine malfunction and breakdown or systems failure.

OT engineers establish operational objectives and implement strategies effective for achieving set targets.

They gather and analyze engineering/process data to obtain information useful in taking key operations decision.

They also perform routine inspection of industrial machinery as well as evaluation of operation systems to check for faults and address them.

They usually liaise with other professionals such as computer engineers and QC analysts to come up with best practices for improved operations.

They also participate in educational workshops and programs to enhance job knowledge and skill.

The operations technology engineer job requires a Bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline such as computer engineering, mechanical engineering, or in a related course.

To succeed in this career, the qualities you need to develop include analytical, reporting, and planning skills.

Operations Technology Engineer Job Description/Template

Here is an example of a job description for the position of operations technology engineer; it consists of typical duties, tasks, and responsibilities performed by individuals who work in that role:

  • Use machines such as excavators, diggers, and bulldozers in digging, grading or moving earth
  • Operate pumps and compressors to generate pressure needed in the transfer of gaseous or liquid substances
  • Oversee the loading and unloading of equipment or raw materials on and from trucks
  • Drive and operate forklifts, cranes and conveyors to transport materials to a worksite
  • Oversee the repair and maintenance of industrial equipment and machinery
  • Ensures work operations are in compliance with set health and safety standards
  • Operate graders, pavers and rollers during the construction and tarring of road surfaces
  • Install, lay, and repair drainage/sewage lines
  • Utilize sprayers in applying curing compounds onto surfaces
  • Conduct inspection of systems of operations, equipment, and processes to ensure efficient and proper functioning
  • Collaborate with computer engineers, production engineers and other operations professionals to develop and effect strategies for effective operations
  • Establish objectives for operations and implement action plans for achieving set targets
  • Conduct survey and analysis of operations to identify operational problems and develop solutions for the resolution of issues.
  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of job operations by participating in educational programs and workshops
  • Study and evaluate operational procedures to modify or redesign the process of operations in order to enhance performance and output.

Operations Technology Engineer Resume Preparation

If you are looking to build an operations technology engineer resume, the above listed duties and responsibilities will be useful in completing the work experience section of your resume.

The sample job description provided above is a suitable source of information to use in making the work experience part of your resume if you have previously worked as an operations technology engineer.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Operations Technology Engineer Job

The following are the common requirements you may be asked to fulfill by most employers if you are applying for the job of an OT engineer:

  • Education and Training: To become an operations technology engineer, you require a Bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline such as mechanical engineering, computer engineering, industrial or operations engineering. Certification by recognized operation technology bodies is often required and can provide a competitive edge when seeking an OT job position
  • Analytical Skills: Operations technology engineers are versed in conducting performance evaluation to identify operational limitations and initiate steps to enhance work processes
  • Reporting Skills: They are able to present to company management periodic reports on work activities; they also make recommendations on ways to improve on already existing procedures to maximize efficiency
  • Planning Skills: OT engineers are skilled in developing strategies necessary for efficient work operations in an industrial facility.

Operations Technology Engineer Skills for Resume

Again, if you are making an operations technology engineer resume, the above mentioned qualities can be useful in completing the skills section of the resume.

Since the above qualities are what most employers usually require in hiring people for the position, acquiring and highlighting them in your resume will surely give it a boost.


This post provides detailed functions, including the duties and responsibilities of operations technology engineers, which can help you to know more about the job if you are interested in applying for it.

Employers too can apply the sample job description given for the position as a template when making one for finding and hiring suitable individuals to the position.

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