Cut Off Saw Operator Job Description Example

By | August 26, 2023
Cut off saw operator job description, duties, and responsibilities
Cut off saw operators ensure wood sawing machines work efficiently and are properly maintained.

Cut Off Saw Operator Job Description Example

What Does a Cut Off Saw Operator Do?

Cut off saw operators are in charge of the set-up, operation, and maintenance of wood sawing machines.

The cut off saw operator job description entails controlling and adjusting sawing machines such as band saws, circular saws, and rip saw to cut or trim wood according to set specifications.

Cut off saw operators measure and evaluate woodparts to indicate cutting lines with the aid of squares, rulers and calipers.

They turn wheels and press pedals or levers to adjust the speed and position of saw blades.

They also guide workpieces and woodparts by hand against saws to cut or trim to desired size.

It is the responsibility of cut off saw operators to start/stop sawing machines; they program automatic systems and monitor their operation to ensure overall work efficiency.

Also, their work description entails carrying out basic maintenance tasks such as cleaning and lubricating the moving parts of machines to ensure smooth work operations.

Cut off saw operators position and properly secure workpieces against the stops on the machine bed to avoid cutting errors or flaws.

They occasionally sharpen or switch out worn out saw blades or bands using a variety of hand tools, among which include abrasive wheels, spanners, and screwdrivers.

They also remove damaged oil from machines and ensure proper disposal.

In fulfilling their role, cut off saw operators set the feed rate and table angle of a sawing machines according to the conditions required for a specific operation.

They conduct periodic inspection of sawing machines to detect faults or damaged parts and initiate the repair process.

They also mark workpieces to indicate the size, shape or other parameters necessary for easy identification and sorting.

Usually, cut off saw operators plan and adopt the most appropriate process for work operations, considering the physical properties of wood and other workpiece materials.

They utilize grinders and lathes in trimming and smoothing the surface of wood materials.

They also turn valves to regulate the volume of air and coolants which blows cuttings away and lowers the temperature of cutting parts.

Cut off saw operators set the height, angle and tension on blade according to the conditions for a specific operation.

They preheat and oil workpieces as may be required before a cutting process.

The cut off saw operator job requires a high school diploma and certifications from a recognized woodwork college.

Some of the qualities needed to excel as a cut off saw operator include technical skills, physical strength, and mechanical skills.

Cut Off Saw Operator Job Description Example/Template

Do you need a job description for the cut off saw operator’s job? If you do, here is an example of one, showing the common duties, tasks, and responsibilities of the role:

  • Position and properly secure wood stock on machine beds using clamps, hoists, and wedges
  • Guide wood materials by hand against a lathe or saw to direct the shaping or line of cutting
  • Oversee the mounting and installation of sawing blades or other components onto a sawing machine
  • Clean and lubricate the moving parts of a sawing machine to ensure efficient work operations
  • Utilize calipers, protractors and rules to mark the cutting lines on a wooden workpiece
  • Sharpen or replace damaged saw blades using bench grinders, abrasive wheels, spanners, and a range of other tools
  • Assign numbers or symbols to workpieces for easy identification and arrangement
  • Adjust the feed rate and speed of sawing machines by turning the controls or inputting appropriate values into the control panel.
  • Ensure proper disposal of waste materials after work operations
  • Comply with set health and safety measures put in place to secure life and property
  • Study and examine the diagrams, blueprints, and work order to determine the most efficient process for operation
  • Utilize forklifts to load and convey wood materials to site of operation
  • Regulate the flow of coolant and air pressure during a sawing process
  • Inspect lumber and wood materials to plan and determine the best approach for sawing
  • Operate conveyor systems and saw panel boards to transport wood stock and control the dimensions of a cut.

Cut Off Saw Operator Resume Preparation

If you are looking to prepare a cut off saw operator resume, the above sample job description will be useful in completing the work experience section of your resume.

If you have worked previously in that role and need to make a new resume, you can highlight the duties and responsibilities of the position shown above in the job experience section of your resume.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Cut Off Saw Operator Job

If you are seeking the job of a cut off saw operator, here are the requirements you should expect employers to demand of you to be able to access the job:

  • Education and Training: To become a cut off saw operator, you require at least a high school diploma and training under an experienced operator. Obtaining certifications from recognized technical colleges on the other hand will enhance your work skills and increase your job prospects
  • Technical Skills: Cut off saw operators are well versed in operating and maintaining a range of automatic/power cutting tools
  • Physical Strength: They are able to handle heavy metal parts of cutting equipment
  • Mechanical Skills: Cut off saw operators are proficient in carrying out basic equipment repairs and servicing.

Cut Off Saw Operator Skills for Resume

If you are looking to create a cut off saw operator resume, the above mentioned qualities will be useful in filling out the skills section of your resume.

Acquiring and highlighting the above skills in your resume shows that you possess the relevant qualities for a cut off saw operator that most employers usually require applicants for the position to have to be effective performing the functions of the role.


If you are seeking the position of a cut off saw operator, the above job description shows the duties and responsibilities you will be expected to perform in most firms if hired.

Also, employers can apply the job description template provided above in designing the perfect work description for hiring the best applicant for the cut off saw operator job.

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