Neiman Marcus Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | August 15, 2023
Neiman Marcus Hiring Process
The Neiman Marcus hiring process involves various stages. Image source: thesomersetcollection.

Neiman Marcus Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

The hiring process at Neiman Marcus involves various stages, including job application and interview, where you will be expected to answer certain questions successfully to be employed.

This post provides exhaustive information on the recruitment process at Neiman Marcus, to help you learn what is required to successfully gain employment at the company.

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Neiman Marcus Company Overview

Neiman Marcus, professionally Neiman Marcus Group, Inc., is a successful American chain of luxury department stores, with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

The company is owned by the Pension Plan Investment Board based in Toronto, Canada, and Ares Management based in Los Angeles.

During the early years of Neiman Marcus existence, the company struggled a bit in the industry.

After opening and operating over 30 stores within the U.S., it was purchased by Broadway-Hale stores, Inc.

As a result of this, Neiman Marcus expanded and was significantly recognized in the industry.

Currently, Neiman Marcus is one of America’s largest best employers and retailers.

Thousands of various individuals have been able to secure a job in this company, regardless of their race, gender, religion, and origin.

The Neiman Marcus Hiring Process

The hiring process practiced at Neiman Marcus is almost the same as other organizations within the same industry.

Here are what to expect in the company’ hiring process:

  1. Job Application Process

To be one of Neiman Marcus staffs, you will need to fill and submit an online employment/application form via their careers website.

Just like other related companies, an applicant must create a candidate portal before he/she can complete the application process.

To create the portal, specific details will be required from you, such as your name, phone number, email, home address/location, as well as other confidential information.

Moreover, you may need to upload your resume, and provide answers to a few questions regarding the position.

2. Assessment Test

After your online job application, the next stage you are likely to undergo is an online assessment test.

You can only participate in this assessment test when your application meets the necessary requirements for the job.

Depending on the position, this assessment test varies. But this article will provide you with the typical tests that Neiman Marcus usually use to assess candidates.

  • Neiman Marcus retail math test: In this test, Neiman Marcus will present you with math calculations and problems to solve, which might be something you have encountered back then in high school.

As pre-retail test, you will also come across industry keywords such as, sales, inventory, products, markdowns, cost, and prices.

You need to prepare for this test by sharpening your mathematical/numerical skills.

  • Neiman Marcus Personality online test: This is one of the most common and significant test conducted not only by Neiman Marcus, but other employers as well. The personality test helps the recruiters to assess the behavior, weakness, strength, as well as other work-pertaining skills.
  • Neiman Marcus EDP math test: This test is conducted specially for managerial roles, especially for store managers.

It is almost the same as a numerical test, but it’s much more advanced. Candidates will need to solve various math problems as well as other complex issues that have a likelihood of occurring in managerial positions later on.

3. Interview Process

Once you have successfully scale through the assessment process, you will then get an invitation to an interview with the hiring manager, or a senior HR personnel.

Sometimes, you may be interviewed by a panel of managers, especially when you are applying for a managerial role.

Surprisingly, Neiman Marcus interview session is not a very difficult one. The company believes you have already been screened during the assessment test.

Just like a typical interview you might have attended before, the Neiman Marcus interview questions will cover various areas, including salary expectation, work history, and the knowledge you have about the job you are applying for.

Aside from these questions, there are some unavoidable questions that will be asked to evaluate certain values in you.

Such questions include:

  • How should an employee, regardless of the role, handle a customer who is nervous?
  • Have you had a conflict with a previous co-worker? How did you resolve it?
  • Give me a few reasons why you should work for Neiman Marcus?
  • What are some of our policies, and how did you intend to work in accordance with them?
  • Do you wish to ask me anything?

Regardless of how difficult the interview would be, it is highly recommended to make proper preparations for it.

Here are some things to note when preparing for your interview:

  • During the interview, try to exhibit genuine enthusiasm and passion to work for Neiman Marcus. You can portray this through the manner in which you answer some questions.
  • Prepare some intelligent questions to ask the interviewer, since you might be asked to do so.
  • Get acquainted with significant facts about Neiman Marcus by researching the company thoroughly.
  • Arrive at the interview venue early enough, and don’t fail to appear in proper interview attire.
  • When answering questions, try to give examples that clearly portray how your skills and experience meet the job requirements.

4. Hearing from Neiman Marcus after the Interview

Few days after you have been interviewed, you should get a message from the HR department regarding your performance, and the employment offer.

You may get a phone call or an email in order for the HR team to communicate this to you.

However, if you are unable to get any response for more than two or three weeks after the interview, it does not mean that’s the end.

You can device a means to follow up the recruiters, which will display that you have a strong desire for the job.

5. Background Checks and Drug Tests

As a candidate who has succeeded in the interview, and has received an employment offer from the Neiman Marcus company, expect to pass through a compulsory background check and drug screening process as soon as possible.

The recruiters will not finalize your employment until you have been found clean, without criminal records and any bad reputation.

Moreover, Neiman Marcus doesn’t want to employ an individual who would later be a bad influence to other employees, violating regulations and principles in the company.

This is the last and significant part of the hiring process that every applicant must take part in.

Failure to participate in the background check and drug tests will greatly hinder the possibility of you getting hired in this company.

6. Orientation

Once you have been hired at Neiman Marcus, your first few days and weeks will be learning process – orientation.

During this orientation, as a new employee, you will learn the necessary things about the company’s history, policies, and culture.

You will also be taught how to be efficient in performing your work-related duties.

The Human Resource department makes the orientation program very compulsory, so that newly hired staffs won’t fail to function in accordance with the company’s standards.

Neiman Marcus Jobs and Careers

Here are a few significant roles that can be applied for at Neiman Marcus:

  • Assistant manager – Human Resource: This role mainly executes HR strategies and initiatives pertaining to the whole life cycle of employees in the company’s direct division. He/she offers the necessary assistance to manage issues occurring among workers.
  • Supply chain coordinator: This employee is responsible for offering support to the culture/engagement tactics, and managing reporting and analytics. He/she provides and oversees the communication strategy for associates that are exempt and non-exempt.
  • Product manager: This position supports the Neiman Marcus group strategy, as well as the company’s digital and technology roadmap. He/she works closely with business partners, vendor partners, engineers, and subject matter experts, in order to establish business, as well as technical requirement. Also, a product manager is responsible for reviewing tactical implications to the company’s products or business aspects.
  • Reporting analyst: This employee collaborates with a team of three to deliver excellent reporting and analysis for all the company’s band properties. He/she is also responsible for providing insights into customer behavior and sales, as well as other vital metrics to aid tactical initiatives and decision making within Neiman Marcus.
  • Styling manager: This employee is responsible for maintaining the best level of brand-right styling throughout all channels. He/she supervises a team consisting of eleven stylists who are assigned to style on set and depict image of product for the Neiman Marcus product depiction pages.

What to Expect Working at Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus is a nice organization to work at. As an employee, you will enjoy flexible work hours, a day off work every week, and great wages, as well as several other employee benefits.

You will get an opportunity to learn how impactful client communication is. Most of the co-workers are polite, helpful, and respectful.

Moreover, the company’s location (Irving, Texas) is pretty great, since it’s close to nice places where you can have amazing lunch.

However, just like some other department stores chain, be ready to experience short breaks almost every day, as well as zero tolerance for violating the company’s regulation.


Neiman Marcus doesn’t hesitate to hire a candidate who is innovative, resourceful, collaborative, and enthusiastic. These qualities and more have to describe you, in order to explore the opportunities at the company.

As a job seeker, consider the information in this article as a guide that will aid you as you undergo the Neiman Marcus hiring process.