Walt Disney Company Hiring Process: Application, Interview and Employment

By | August 15, 2023
Walt Disney Company Hiring Process
You can improve your chances of gaining employment with the Walt Disney Company by learning about its hiring process. Image source: britannica.

Walt Disney Company Hiring Process: Application, Interview and Employment

The hiring process at Walt Disney Company involves various stages, including the job application and interviews where you will be expected to successfully answer certain questions to be hired.

This post provides exhaustive information on the recruitment process at the Walt Disney Company, to enhance your chances of gaining employment with the company.

Please, read on to learn how to effectively find a job and start a career with the Walt Disney Company.

Walt Disney Company Overview

The Walt Disney Company, known as Disney for short, is an American entertainment conglomerate that offers diversified entertainment and multimedia services.

It was known as Disney Brothers Cartoon studio from 1923-1926, The Walt Disney studio between 1926 and 1929, and then the Walt Disney Productions around 1929-1986.

The products from this great company include television, publishing, films, music, video games, amusement parks, broadcasting, radio, and web portals.

These products/services are accessible worldwide.

Disney Company can be categorized under mass media and entertainment industries.

The company was founded by Walt Disney and his brother Roy O. Disney.

The headquarters is situated at Team Disney Building, Walt Disney Studios, Burbank, California, United States of America.

As at 2019, the company had a whopping 223,000 number of recognized employees.

The Disney Company has the following subsidiaries:

  • Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products
  • Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International
  • Marvel Entertainment
  • National Geographic Partners
  • TrueX.

Walt Disney Company Hiring Process

The Walt Disney Company recruitment process could be somehow different from that of other companies you might have come across.

This is due to the diversifications inherent in this company, which affects the entire scope of their hiring process. The process is pretty unique to say the least.

1. Walt Disney Job Application Process

Submitting an application is the first step to take towards getting employed at Walt Disney.

Your application should be through the company’s career website at www.thewaltdisneycompany.com.

When you check in on the company’s official website, you will be given a link to help you link your LinkedIn profile and portfolio, as well as your CV/resume.

You can as well provide more information about yourself, including your work experience.

The in-house recruiters utilize the details in your profile and portfolio to determine if you are suitable for the job or not.

As a result of this, ensure that the details you provided are current and very correct.

2. Phone Screening

After submitting your online application, the Disney recruiters will examine and review your application, including your resume or CV and cover letter, to match the role you’ve applied for.

If you have been considered to continue in the hiring process, you will be contacted by a member from the HR department to be part of a phone interview.

The phone interview is a compulsory part of the recruitment process, and it helps the HR department to have good knowledge about you, and how fit you are for the position.

During this phone interview, expect to be asked questions in regards to your work experiences, education history, and the expertise you have to perform the job competently.

Prior to the phone interview, you will be sent an email to notify you about the upcoming interview over the phone.

3. Assessment Center

After you have successfully passed the phone screening interview, depending on your position, the HR department may invite you to attend an assessment center for some tests alongside other candidates who qualified.

At the assessment center, you will participate in various activities, such as role-play exercises and psychometric tests, and if possible interview as well.

Sometimes, this assessment can be done online instead of going to a physical place to take the tests.

To participate in the online assessments, Disney HR department will send an email to you, which has the link that automatically leads you straight to sit for the tests after clicking it.

The assessment test (whether online or at the assessment center) has a limited amount of time to complete, which means you have to be a bit fast with it.

4. Walt Disney Interview Process

Disney conducts a face-to-face interview session on the assessment day.

You’ll be interviewed by one among the members of the HR and management team.

The interview involves various questions with regards to your resume, former work experiences, behavior, expertise, and the position.

Walt Disney Company Interview Questions

Here are some samples of Disney interview questions you would possibly be asked:

• Can you give me a tangible reason why you applied for this position?
• What are your key strengths?
• Working alone or with a team, which would you prefer?
• What you like about Disney as a company?

Apart from these questions, be prepared to answer several behavioral questions also, and make sure that your answers are very organized and interesting.

Walt Disney Company Jobs and Careers

Disney features a very sizable amount of jobs and careers for qualified applicants, but here are a couple of the roles that are frequently sought for:

• Social media content producer: This employee works closely with the digital content manager and digital content assistant to make and perform social/digital content strategies that drive audience reach metrics, video views, and engagement.

• Story analyst: This employee develops story ideas and is also responsible for illustrating script pages.

He or she also comes up with character personality and comedy or dramatic action.

• Visual communicator designer: This employee is in charge of developing modern, convincing, different, and innovative designs in both digital and print media.

He or she is also involved in designing graphics to accompany very vital notices; orientation materials and other communications materials needed within the organization.

• Arts director: This employee is responsible for supervising good and varied portfolio of games from the attitude of graphics and visual.

Managing a touch but pro-active team of talented artists at Disney is additionally a part of the duties of this employee.

• Media coordinator: This employee consistently works with team members and partners within Disney and also with Studio and non-studio teams.

He or she also helps to arrange shared documents and calendars, including content that’s meant for the team responsible for performance media Analytics/Science.

• Advertising operations associate: This employee is responsible for leading the entire deal account management and maintenance for the whole allocated advertisers.

He or she also makes sure that deal dollars are being booked and are consistent with what the advertiser bought.

What to Expect Working at the Walt Disney Company

Disney is a great company to work for not only for the various benefits that you get, but also for the recognition and respect that you get as an employee there.

Your wages are going to be great, and you’ll be assured of experiencing an honest work life balance.

There are also usually opportunities to get promoted and advance in your career.

However, counting on your position or department, you’ll not enjoy long breaks, and not-too-long working hours.

Disney prefers employees who perform their tasks flawlessly, therefore failure to be effective on your job may cause you serious problem in the company.


Getting recruited into Disney isn’t a simple journey most times, especially if you applied for a position that’s highly important to the company.

As long as you undergo the company’s hiring process successfully, you ought to get employed eventually.

All the stages involved in the Disney recruitment process are made available on this page to assist you in achieving your goal to gain employment with the company.