Nordstrom Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

Nordstrom Hiring Process
To gain employment at Nordstrom involves going through the company’s recruitment process. Image source: Rob Kruyt, BIV,

Nordstrom Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

The Nordstrom hiring process involves various stages, including job application and interview you need to go through to be employed by the Company.

This post provides complete information on the recruitment process at Nordstrom to help you better prepare for job hunting at the company.

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Nordstrom Company Interview

Nordstrom Inc. is a renowned luxury department stores, functioning in Canada, and having its headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

It is an American organization founded by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin in the year 1901.

The company started business as a shoe retailer, and later expanded into the sales of accessories, clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, handbags, and fragrances as well.

Nordstrom currently owns more than 370 stores operating in 40 states throughout the United States.

The company also serves customers in at least 90 countries through its websites – and

The Nordstrom Hiring Process

Nordstrom usually recruits a candidate who has all the necessary qualities and is able to pass through the company’s simple hiring process.
The Nordstrom hiring process entails the following stages:

  1. Job Application Process

In order for you to apply for a job at Nordstrom, simply visit the company’s careers portal and create a candidate profile.

After creating this profile, you will log in and search for varieties of jobs that you can apply for.

Once you have found your preferred role, click on the Apply Now button, then fill and submit the application form that will be presented to you.

Moreover, you may be asked to attach your resume to the application form by uploading it right there on the site.

You can also apply for more than one job using the same profile you created.

After completing the application process, expect a quick response from the Human Resources department within a few days.

2. Interview Process

An interview process typically comes up after an application form has been received by the Human Resources department.

And it is usually a face-to-face interview. Sometimes, a candidate can be interviewed more than once, especially if he/she is applying for a managerial position.

During the face-to-face interview, various questions that will get your brain wracking would be asked by the interviewer.

Moreover, here are some usual Nordstrom interview questions to expect:

  • Do you think you are the most qualified candidate for this position you are applying for? And why?
  • Tell me something significant about Nordstrom department store.
  • Do you prefer working alone or together with a team? And why?
  • As an employee, what do you have to offer this company?
  • Should a customer be prioritized over your assigned duties or co-worker?

To ace your interview, regardless of how difficult it could be, you should thoroughly prepare for it.

Failing to successfully pass a job interview can be caused by attending the interview unprepared.

Below are a few helpful tips to aid your interview at Nordstrom:

  • It is highly recommended to read about Nordstrom and its development before attending the interview.
  • Don’t speak to your interviewer hurriedly, but ensure your answers are delivered concisely.
  • Most people advise a candidate to put on a piece of Nordstrom clothing or footwear for the interview outfit in order to get the attention of the interviewer.
  • Prepare to provide valid and genuine reasons why you have chosen to work for the company.

3. Hearing from Nordstrom after the Interview

Normally, within three weeks after a candidate has been interviewed at Nordstrom, he/she will be informed by the Human Resources team of the chances of getting employed.

As a candidate who didn’t get any feedback or response from Nordstrom, you will need to check the progress of your application by login into your candidate profile, which you created earlier when applying for the job.

4. Background Check

In order for Nordstrom not to hire employees who are irresponsible, and who can be a bad influence to other staffs, the company ensures that a thorough background check is conducted for any individual who is about to be employed.

The background check helps the company to identify various hiring risks for security and safety issues.

As a candidate or newly employed staff, you will need to undergo a background check to ensure that you have no criminal records/felony history, illegal habits, and bad reputations.

Once the Nordstrom finds you clean and free from felony, your employment offer will be finalized.

However, a felon can be hired, provided he/she has stopped and abandoned felony for several years.

Moreover, the company will need some attestations stating that such candidate is now a safe individual to hire.

Nordstrom Jobs and Careers

Here is a list of common jobs that are offered at Nordstrom:

  • Salesperson: This employee works directly with customers and performs several duties within the sales environment. He/she is responsible for increasing sales by ensuring that new Nordstrom rewards program accounts are opened. A salesperson also creates a lasting relationship with customers in order to retain their patronage.
  • Beauty counter manager: This employee works with customers who a passionate about the recent cosmetics, beauty, as well as fragrance trends. He/she is responsible for advising and recommending beauty products to customers, and helping them to purchase the right products that suit them.
  • Project manager – space planning: This role is responsible for ensuring that the business focused space use/facility projects and initiatives are executed appropriately. He/she also supervises and lead meetings to make sure assigned projects are completed within a short time-frame.
  • Season store support: This position is responsible for assisting every customer with various transactions via a friendly and seamless experience. He/she also secures the information of customers through compliance, education, and resolution of issues.
  • Loss prevention ambassador: This role is mainly responsible for preventing loss of inventory by interacting and training other employees, and ensuring a visible presence all through the store. Monitoring, as well as other surveillance activities are also performed by this personnel.

What to Expect Working at Nordstrom

When you work at Nordstrom, there are countless benefits that you are definitely going to enjoy.

Medical, dental, and vision coverage, retirement program and many other great benefits are offered to Nordstrom staffs.

Moreover, job security, long breaks, and amazing wages are inevitable once you are a devoted worker at this company.

However, most of the jobs at Nordstrom can be very physical, which makes many people think working at Nordstrom is stressful.

Unlike many other similar companies, Nordstrom management rarely pays attention to the demands of employees.


Nordstrom is one of the few companies that have been able to create employment for individuals that possess virtually any type of expertise.

As someone desiring to work at the company, you will need to study the information provided in this article, which will enable you pass through Nordstrom hiring process.

Once you’ve successfully joined the workforce at Nordstrom, you have to comply with their principle to serve every customer exceptionally.