Medtronic Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | March 10, 2024
Medtronic Hiring Process
To be employed at Medtronic, candidates are expected to complete the company’s hiring process. Image source: LIU YING/XINHUA/GETTY IMAGES.

This post provides detailed information on the hiring process at Medtronic, including the job application and interview requirements that individuals must fulfill to be employed, as well as the various careers available at Medtronic.

Medtronic Hiring Process

The Medtronic recruitment process involves the following stages:

Job Application Process

To apply for jobs at Medtronic, a person must complete the on-line application form. The online application is designed to gather necessary data and appropriate documents from job applicants.

These documents include information such as resume and references.

Once the applicant submits the application, their information and documents are transferred to Medtronic Human Resources department for review.

The hiring managers review the resumes of applicants who applied for a specific job.

They also check if an applicant meets required skill sets and work experience. The manager may also check if an applicant meets other important requirements like specific educational degree or nationality.

When many candidates apply for a job, the hiring manager may choose some applicants for an interview. The interview will focus on the applicant’s knowledge, experience, and skills that are required to perform the job well.

Job Assessment Test

Medtronic conducts an aptitude test for candidates to identify their skill sets, aptitude, and analytical skills.

If a candidate has a high aptitude but does not meet required skills, then it may lead to an unsuccessful job application.

To avoid this situation and get an application, you must apply for a job at Medtronic which requires appropriate skills.

Tips for Passing the Medtronic Aptitude Test

Here are some tips to scoring well in the Medtronic aptitude test:

  1. Think about the answer, choose an answer and mark the corresponding circle.
  2. Work with great speed and accuracy to complete the test on time.
  3. Select an answer according to your knowledge and reasoning power, not based on your first impression.
  4. Read all options before marking a circle, as some options may look confusing at first glance but they may contain important information related to the question asked.
  5. Answer every question with calculated precision so that you get maximum points in the  Medtronic aptitude test.

Medtronic Interview Process

After the candidate passes the aptitude test, Medtronic Human Resources team reviews their resume and application once again.

If they are successful at this stage, a candidate will be interviewed by phone at first before they are invited to attend an on-site interview with the hiring manager.

Additionally, candidates may be required to participate in a group interview.

Tips for Passing the Medtronic Interview

Here are some tips you can apply in preparing for and passing the Medtronic interview:

  1. Have a clear idea of why you want the job, how it fits your career development, and how you can contribute to the organization.
  2. Prepare specific questions that cover the interviewer’s perspective on your qualifications and why they are being considered for this position.
  3. Before you are invited to attend an interview, research the organization, its business and competitors.
  4. Prepare answers to common employment questions, such as why you are looking for a job and what you can bring to the table.
  5. Research the company and demonstrate your knowledge by asking questions and sharing your ideas.

Medtronic Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some interview questions (and suggested answers) that are frequently asked during a job interview at Medtronic:

  1. Tell us about yourself.

I am a dependable professional. I have a keen eye for detail and outstanding verbal and written communication abilities. I am also patient and personable.

2. Why should we hire you?

I have successfully worked with different manufacturers specialized in various products, such as small parts, large parts, assembly operations, testing operations, and engineering services. I am very organized in my work, which helps me complete projects on time or ahead of schedule while maintaining quality at all times.

3. Describe a time when you faced a problem and how you solved it.

There was one time that we received an extremely bad order from a customer. We were not able to produce the number of products because the customer failed to provide the specifications on what we were supposed to produce for him. This was a new job for me, so I spent three days trying to figure out the problems before we could start production.

4. Tell us about a time when you deserved recognition.

Once I was assigned the task of reviewing and proofreading several documents from our foreign offices to make sure all information was organized before printing. The documents were in different languages with different formats, so I had to proofread each document closely to ensure proper formatting and grammatical and spelling accuracy.

5. What do you know about this company?

Medtronic is an innovative medical device manufacturer with a global workforce. They have won numerous awards for their products and innovative technology.

Major Medtronic Careers and Jobs

The major careers and jobs available at Medtronic include:

  1. Assembler

Description: Assemblers are responsible for the assembly of medical devices. They use advanced technology to assemble parts and documents.

2. Technician

Description: Technicians work in many different areas, including supply chain, procurement, logistics, quality assurance and pricing.

Their responsibilities include administrative work, product inventory management and any other duties required by their position.

3. Sales Engineer

Description: Sales Engineers are responsible for helping customers and patients understand the benefits of Medtronic’s products.

They work with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to ensure that their patients’ needs are met.

4. Operations Manager

Description: Operations Managers are responsible for planning, prioritizing and directing the work of others in their area.

They also supervise staff members who perform operational and administrative tasks in their area of operation.

What to Expect Working at Medtronic

Medtronic provides its employees benefits like:

  1. Medical insurance
  2. Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)
  3. 401k plan
  4. Medical leave benefits
  5. Retirement benefits
  6. Perks like recognition and workshops on various issues related to the company, work life balance and development programs, etc.
  7. Non-medical benefits like gym membership, life insurance and disability insurance are provided as well to employees who have worked for the company for over 1 year in a proactive manner (i.e., thirty days of employment).

What Employees Dislike about Working at Medtronic

A lot of employees have mentioned that management positions are generally filled with people who have worked at the company for a long time and then moved up, which leaves little opportunity for higher education through external professional development to be rewarded.

This is especially prevalent in finance and operations.

Additionally, the company sometimes hires people on a contract basis and offers no way out of it before your contract expires, even if you are not satisfied and wish to leave the company.

Contract laborers are paid little and have few or no benefits. Contract employee management is dumb and unhelpful.

Medtronic Company Profile

Medtronic plc is an American medical equipment corporation with operations and executive headquarters located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the United States.

Medtronic purchased Irish-tax registered Covidien in 2015, in the largest U.S. business tax inversion in history, allowing Medtronic to shift its legal registration from the United States to Ireland.

Medtronic operates in 140 countries, employs about 95,000 people, and produced 31.69 billion in revenue in fiscal year 2022.


This post has provided exhaustive information on the career and hiring process at Medtronic, to help you decide if that is the right company for you to work in, as well as to make it easy for you to gain employment there.