Medline Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | February 9, 2024
Medline Hiring Process
To be hired at Medline, you will be expected to complete the company’s hiring process. Image source: Medline.

This post provides detailed information on the hiring process at Medline, including the job application and interview requirements you need to meet to be hired by the company, as well as the various career opportunities available at Medline.

Medline Hiring Process

The Medline recruitment process involves the following stages:

Job Application Process

The first step in applying for a job with Medline is to submit a resume. If an applicant’s resume is received within 15 workdays of the application deadline, there is a chance they will be contacted for an interview.

Applicants are required to complete their applications in full and submit all requested documentation.

The information provided on the application will determine whether or not it will be reviewed by a hiring manager prior to further consideration.

Medline Assessment Test

Medline carry out a written test for all applicants for certain positions, to determine the candidates’ suitability for the job.

The assessment test is usually held at the initial stage of application process.

Tips for passing the Medline Written Test

Here are some tips for passing the Medline written test:

  1. Answer all questions
  2. Try to answer in a very concise manner
  3. Listen and follow the instructions of the Examiner
  4. Do not use any outside material for assistance
  5. Do not write anything that is untrue or misleading
  6. Do not work faster than the test will allow.

Medline Interview Process

After a written test, some applicants might get a phone call/interview and then be invited to a face to face interview.

The candidate will be given an opportunity to showcase their skills, knowledge, and experience of their past job roles.

  • Phone Interview

This step will include a detailed phone interview with a manager or the applicant’s immediate boss.

The interviewer will ask questions about knowledge and skills related to the position, experience in similar positions and current skills and abilities.

This step is to determine if the candidate possesses all the required qualities for their job.

  • Face to face Interview

This will be followed by a face to face interview with a higher level official, who will be directly concerned with the tasks of the role and further interviews may be required. The official may ask candidates to elaborate on the skills and qualities they have demonstrated in their previous jobs. This is to determine if the candidate possesses the required knowledge, experience and qualifications for the position.

Tips for passing the Medline Interview

Here are useful tips for passing the Medline interview:

  1. Tell about your qualifications and abilities

At this stage, it is important to tell the interviewer what you are good at and where you are lacking.

Give examples of when you have used your skills, knowledge and experience in previous jobs or school projects to your advantage.

You can focus on emphasizing those qualities that will be required for the job and that you possess in abundance.

2. Be blunt

Be prepared for the interviewer to ask questions that are quite personal and even somewhat uncomfortable.

The questions may be related to a candidate’s experience, education, skills, and personality.

The interviewer wants you to be as open and honest with them as possible so they can make a final decision on hiring you.

3. Focus on your strengths

At this point in time, focus on your strengths that are required for the job rather than what you don’t know or cannot do.

4. Plan out the things you will talk about

Before the interview starts, have a plan of the things you will talk about. This way, you will be better prepared and know what to expect in the interview.

5. Dress appropriately

Dress for success and make sure you are clean and well-groomed for the interview.

Avoid wearing over-the-top colors or too many accessories as this might distract from your ability to be interviewed properly.

Make sure your clothes fit properly and that they don’t look sloppy or unprofessional.

Medline Interview Questions and Answers

Here are sample questions you might be asked in a Medline interview (with suggested answers):

  1. Why do you want to work for Medline?

I want to work for Medline because I would learn a lot and I would like to work with one of the leading international healthcare company.

2. What is your strengths?

My experience and knowledge in manufacturing, marketing, hiring, and customer service helps me to be a better secretary for the company and has helped me to acquire great skills in this position. I also have working experience in customer support which help me to be a better team member for the company.

3. What kind of experience do you have in customer service?

I have 5 years of experience working as front desk receptionist for the company in this field. I have experience in leading customers to check-in or check out from the company’s guest house, directing them to front office and making them comfortable by arranging special needs when required. I also work with customers or guests when they require information from around the city area or help them to carry their personal luggage from and to taxi.

4. How much do you know about Medline?

I know very much about Medline because of the report that I have read from the company’s website and my contacts that have used this company before.

5. What can you do for us?

I can provide great service to our customers by making them comfortable when they need to be and arrange for them special needs whenever required by them.

How long does Medline Hiring Process Take?

If an applicant meets the criteria, they may expect to hear back from the organization within a week (some persons got a response from the company in two days).

The written exam is performed in a single day. It took one or two days to finish the interviews.

The typical employee went through three interviews and waited 1-2 weeks for a response.

The interview process might vary based on the role/department/location you are interviewing for, however the entire process is usually three weeks.

Major Medline Careers and Jobs

Here are major careers and jobs available at Medline:

  1. Sales Representative

He or she will be responsible for meeting sales objectives and driving revenue. The sales representative will work with customers to meet their needs and keep them interested in Medline products.

2. Production Supervisor

He or she will supervise production workers, ensure production deadlines are met, and monitor quality control. He or she will also ensure that machines are operating at full capacity.

3. Warehouse Supervisor

He or she will oversee the operation of a warehouse and the maintenance of the equipment in it.

He or she will be responsible for ensuring that all paperwork is completed, employees are trained, and that all legal and safety requirements are met.

4. Maintenance Manager

He or she will be responsible for maintaining quality and efficiency in production processes.

He/she will ensure that machines are operating at full capacity, as well as managing customer complaints.

What to Expect Working at Medline

Medline offers benefits like paid holidays, insurance, and paid time off. As an employee, you get the chance to build a career and become a part of Medline, learn new skills and develop your potential.

What Employees dislike about Working at Medline

Some complained that the company was very demanding, required a lot of work and led to you being stressed out.

Other employees stated that they were never paid the amount they were promised.

Medline Company Profile

A.L. Mills founded the Northwestern Garment Factory in 1910, producing aprons for stock yards.

A.L. Mills founded Mills Hospital Supplies Inc. in 1912, producing surgical gowns and nurses uniforms for hospitals.

Irving, A.L.’s son, took over the business in the 1920s and began distributing general medical supplies in addition to the garments.

Irving sold the company to Cenco in 1961.

In 1966, A.L.’s grandsons, Jim and Jon Mills, left Cenco and established Medline in Evanston, IL, with approximately 12,000 square feet of warehouse space and one loading dock.

Medline opened its first textile manufacturing facility in Covington, Indiana, in 1968.

With the purchase of an injection molding company in 1972, Medline established its first non-textile manufacturing division (Dynacor).

Medline opened its first Sterile Procedure Tray (SPT) assembly facility in Waukegan, Illinois, in 1995.

The company entered the distribution business in 1996.

Medline began producing private label wound care products for CVS, Walgreens, Target, Dollar General, and Family Dollar in 2001.

The company entered the retail market in April 2007 when it purchased the Curad brand of first-aid products from Beiersdorf.

Curad’s product line includes bandages, surgical tape, and liquid bandages.

Medline launched Generation Pink exam gloves in 2009 to help raise breast cancer awareness, and the original Pink Glove Dance video became a viral breast cancer awareness campaign, reaching over 14 million people.

It introduced BioMask in 2011, the first FDA-approved antiviral medical facemask shown to inactivate flu viruses.

Medline Industries, LP currently provides over 550,000 medical products and clinical solutions to hospitals, long-term care facilities, surgery centers, physician offices, home care agencies and providers, and retailers.

Its 28,000 employees are spread across more than 90 countries (including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand) and include clinicians, researchers, engineers, financial experts, and 2,000 direct sales representatives.

Medline has 43 distribution centers in the United States. It collaborates with UiPath, ABBYY, and other OCR and RPA firms.


This post has helped you learn about the Medline hiring process. You are now better prepared to seek employment with the company.