Marshalls Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

Marshalls hiring process.
Getting a job at Marshalls entails completing the company’s hiring process.

Marshalls Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

The hiring process at Marshalls involves various stages, including the job application and interview processes that you need to complete to be employed by the Company.

Please continue reading to learn about the Marshalls recruitment process and improve your chances of landing employment with the Company:

Marshalls Company Overview

Marshalls is an American off-price department store that was born out of TJX companies. The company owns more than a thousand U.S. stores, as well as bigger stores with the name Marshalls Mega Store, that covers at least 40 states and Puerto Rico, and 61 stores within Canada.

Marshalls began its expansion into Canada in 2011, and it’s recognized as the second largest off-prices family apparel and home fashion Retail Company in the United States.

The company was founded by Alfred Marshall after he successfully assembled a group of innovative and creative business experts to do business together.

Currently, Marshalls is one of the world’s most successful companies, who have been able to provide jobs to thousands of unemployed individuals.

The Marshalls Hiring Process

Hiring an applicant is something Marshalls is willing and ready to do, as long as job seekers will be able to pass through their hiring process, which includes the following stages:

  1. The Job Application

To begin the hiring process, you need to apply for the job of your choice first. You can do this in either two ways.

You can preferably fill and then get your application form submitted online through the company’s career portal. Or, you can choose to go for the printable Marshalls employment form by downloading, filling, and submitting it in person at one of the department store that is within your reach.

For your application to be received and taken seriously by the hiring team, provide all the information that are being requested from you while filling the form.

This information includes your work experience, qualification, education history, and much more.

You might also need to upload your resume along with the application form.

2. Interview Process

In Marshalls hiring process, an interview usually occurs after an online application and it is being conducted twice.

Typically, the first interview is a group interview, while the second is a face-to-face interview with the store’s manager/director.

During a group interview, a set of applications (perhaps 8 to 10 candidates) will be assemble together, and then given a special task to solve, which will require cooperation, innovation, creativity, and expertise.

These qualities will be assessed by the recruiters and qualified candidates will be chosen later on.

After you successfully pass the group interview, you will be notified to get prepared for the next and final interview with the manager/director.

Only two out of ten applicants can get to this stage. It doesn’t last more than 30 minutes, but can be very intensive.

This type of interview normally focuses on the applicant’s availability, previous work experience, and personality.

The Marshalls interview questions you may be asked include:

  • Give me an example of how you handled a disagreement between you and a co-worker in your previous workplace?
  • Describe your personality?
  • What skill(s) where you able to get working at your previous company?
  • Why do want to be a personnel at Marshalls?
  • Do you love voluntary jobs? If yes, why?
  • What do you know about Marshalls?

Before the date of your interview comes up, you should make solid preparations for it, in order for you not to be stranded on that day.

The following tips can be helpful when preparing:

  • Since Marshalls is a fashion-focused company, it is highly recommended to have some knowledge about the trend in fashion, as well as some personnel style. This is necessary, especially for sales personnel.
  • When you are being interviewed, try as much as possible to display customer service skills and interpersonal skills.
  • Know major facts about the company, such as values and culture, by researching the Marshalls.

3. Hearing from Marshalls after the Interview

After undergoing the interview process, expect to get a response from the company, especially if you were interviewed twice.

Typically, after an interview, the hiring personnel closely reviews and examines how candidates performed.

Selection will be made, and the chosen applicant(s) will be sent a message to get them informed about the outcome of their interview.

The message can be an email or a phone call, and it is usually done not more than three weeks after the interview. Some applicants can even be notified in a week or two.

4. Orientation

Orientation is what comes up after applicants have been offered employments. Orientation is a learning process that helps the company educate newly employed workers about the policies, culture, and everyday life at Marshalls.

Candidates will also learn what Marshalls like about customer service, and how they prevent loss.

This involves watching videos and being taught by some special personnel in the company.

Furthermore, some positions might require applicants to tour around the work environment, and then get acquainted with some special employees within the company.

Marshalls Jobs and Careers

At Marshalls, there are plenty of positions that you can apply for. In spite of this fact, the company is known for accepting applications for the following positions:

  • Store associate: This employee is responsible for providing excellent service to Marshalls’ customers on the selling floor, which will increase sales and repeat customers.
  • Merchandise associate: This employee is to engage and interact with customers, embody customer experience philosophy and principals, and maintain a decent and well organized work environment, in order to ensure customers are satisfied and content patronizing the store.
  • Warehouse associate: This personnel counts and sorts garments, unloads shipments, and utilizes some basic mechanical equipment in performing some of his or her assigned duties.
  • Loss prevention detective: This employee performs security checks, conducts safety inspections, and comes up with innovative techniques to decrease theft in the store. He/she must have excellent verbal and written skills, ability to work independently, and interest in criminal justice as well.
  • Human resources assistant: This personnel monitors and ensures appropriate payroll functions, and assists in new recruitments and associate benefit orientations. He or she also strategizes with Human Resources and the development teams that are responsible for assisting with the management of departmental operations.
  • Customer experience coordinator: This employee is usually on the front end. He or she takes responsibility for operational controls and makes sure customers always have a top-notch experience.

What to Expect Working at Marshalls

Marshalls is a company that creates a healthy work-life balance for employees, believing it will largely contribute to the company’s success.

As an employee at Marshalls, there are numerous benefits to enjoy, such as:

  • Vision discount
  • Medical
  • Group auto insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Paid vacation, sick days, and holidays
  • On-site day care.

However, these benefits are especially made available to long term employees occupying significant positions in the company.

Some Marshalls’ employees who no longer work for the company have made comments about performing so many tasks simultaneously.

Marshalls prioritizes excellent customer service over many other things in the company, you must make sure you contribute to this culture as an employee.


Marshalls is one of America’s leading off-price retail companies that have succeeded in providing a great workplace for employees, especially those who love fashion.

This article has been able to cover what Marshalls’ hiring process typically involves, such as the job application and interviews.

As an applicant seeking for a job at Marshalls, carefully study the information provided on this page to help you complete the hiring process of the company and succeed in gaining employment.