Old Navy Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | February 12, 2024
Old Navy Hiring Process
To gain employment with Old Navy requires completing the company’s hiring process.

This post provides detailed information on the hiring process at Old Navy, including the job application and interview requirements you will need to successfully complete to be hired, as well as the various career opportunities at Old Navy.

Old Navy Hiring Process

The recruitment process at the Old Navy includes the following stages:

Job Application Process

The first place to start is to visit the career page on the Old Navy website.

Old Navy also has information that can be useful for those looking for a job, such as the current openings, part time and full time jobs, employment opportunities, benefits and more.

Old Navy’s job search is easy to use and very convenient for applicants. Job applicants do not have to fill out an application form to express their interest in a certain position.

Old Navy Assessment Test

The Old Navy assessment test can be found under the job search engine where the available jobs are located.

The test consists of a set of several questions that measure cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills required to perform the tasks in a given job position.

The questions in the assessment test are designed to evaluate certain skills, including:

  1. Basic math skills
  2. Ability to solve problems
  3. Ability to use basic reading skills
  4. General understanding of fashion and style.

The test is quick, convenient, and easy for applicants to give their answers at home with the help of a computer or any device that has internet access, such as a smartphone or tablet.

This test is required for all applicants in the United States and Canada. Applicants in other regions have the option of taking this test or not, depending on the job position applied for.

Tips for Passing the Old Navy Assessment Test

Here are some tips for passing the Old Navy assessment test:

  1. Use only a reliable internet connection.
  2. Don’t forget to log in before starting the test.
  3. Take your time answering each question and make sure you understand everything properly before submitting your answers.
  4. Read the questions carefully then select the right answer based on the given options highlighted in bold letters below every question.
  5. Provide a clear and correct email address.
  6. Correct spelling of your name and phone number is a must to complete the test.
  7. Make sure that you have already read the Old Navy Privacy Policy at the beginning page of the test if you want to be considered for hiring by Old Navy.

Old Navy Interview Process

The next step in the hiring process is the interviews. This may involve phone screening, on-site interview and group interview.

The interview process at Old Navy is designed to evaluate the job applicant’s various qualities and skills.

The Old Navy hiring process has a series of questions that the job applicant will be asked during the interviews for a certain position.

  • Phone Screening

This is one of the most common interview processes for candidates who have applied via email.

In this process, the interviewer will be given a short description about the job position and they will ask you about your experience, skills, interests, and qualifications for the position you have applied for.

The requirements are different for each position so it is best to check them out before applying with Old navy.

  • On-site Interview (on site interview)

In this interview, you will be asked to present yourself to a group of admin or HR representatives from Old Navy.

The purpose of the on-site interview is to determine whether you are a good fit for the position and if you have the qualities needed for the job.

An on-site interview is usually held at an Old navy store.

  • Group Interview

Group interviews are a bit different from the other two kinds of interviews since you will also be asked to answer questions from other candidates.

Group interview can be held online via Skype or any other tool that offers video chat services.

In this process, all applicants who have applied for a job position will be asked to participate in an interview with HR representatives and senior staff members who are interested in hiring candidates for the position applied for.

Tips for passing the Old Navy Interview

Here is some advice for applicants who wish to impress the interviewers during the Old navy interview process:

  1. Prepare good answers to all questions asked during the interviews, whether they are asked orally or through an application form.
  2. Don’t forget to smile and be positive during the interviews.
  3. Have a pen and paper at hand to take notes during the interview process.
  4. Maintain excellent communication with the interviewer during the interview process, be polite and friendly at all times, good listener is always a good asset.
  5. Listening is a must; don’t let the conversation flow without actively listening.
  6. Do not forget to mention your accomplishments during the interview process, be sincere and honest with everything related to your qualifications and skills needed in the position you have applied for.

How Long Does Old Navy Hiring Process Take?

Most candidates receive a response within a week of submitting an application, with others receiving a response as soon as two hours.

However, some people have gotten a phone call three or four weeks after filing their application.

The Old Navy assessment may be finished in a single day. The interviewing process for candidates lasted a day or two.

The typical employee had one interview and received a response from the company within a week. The entire recruiting process at Old Navy takes about 2 weeks

Major Old Navy Careers and Jobs

Here are major careers and jobs available at Old Navy:

  1. Stylist assistants

Stylist assistants are one of the available jobs at Old Navy that involves assisting other staff members in the department.

This position is widely available in any department of Old Navy, from women’s wear to men’s wear, from accessories and beauty to footwear and kids clothing.

2. Sales associates

Sales associates are individuals who are responsible for helping customers make decision on what items to purchase during their shopping visit.

Sales associates can be found working in both store and online as an online sales associate or an e-commerce sales associate.

Sales associate will help you with choosing the right size of clothing, explaining the kind of material used in a specific product, as well as any other concerns customers have.

The sales associate is also responsible for assisting the customers on making their purchase and recommending what items are good to them.

3. Alteration associates

Alteration associates are usually found in stores where tailoring service is provided by Old Navy or any other tailoring services that can handle alterations on clothes or accessories.

Alteration associate will offer suggestions and help customers pick the right size and style of clothing.

They are also responsible for measuring the clothes and accessories, providing customers with measurements or a set of instructions to follow.

4. Sales representatives (sales associates)

Sales representatives or sales associates are usually found working at online stores selling clothes, accessories and other merchandise in the store.

They are responsible for helping clients choose what products to buy based on their taste and preferences, asking questions necessary to clarify any doubts they might have during their shopping experience.

What to Expect Working at Old Navy

Old Navy offers benefits like part time, full-time, and internship positions. They also have benefits like health insurance, a 401k plan, and a stock option plan.

Old Navy employees are allowed to take a 12-week paid vacation per year.

Also it has tuition reimbursement, an employer matching retirement plan, which is 10% of the employee’s salary, flexible spending account and company paid life insurance, which equals to 2 times the salary amount for the employee.

What Employees dislike about Working at Old Navy

Some of the things that employees do not like about working for Old Navy include:

  • Lack of respect for managers and coworkers.
  • Being forced to work excessive hours.
  • Poor working environment.

Old Navy Company Profile

Dayton-Hudson Corporation (previously the parent company of Target, Mervyn’s, Dayton’s, Hudson’s, and Marshall Field’s) sought to launch a new subsidiary called Everyday Hero in the early 1990s; Gap’s then-CEO Millard Drexler replied by creating Gap Warehouse in existing Gap outlet sites in 1993.

Gap Warehouse was rebranded Old Navy Clothing Co. on March 11, 1994, in order to distinguish itself from its parent firm, Gap Inc.

The new stores were around 15,000 square feet in size, as opposed to less than 10,000 square feet for Gap Warehouse locations.

The first Old Navy stores debuted on March 11, 1994, in the northern California communities of Colma, San Leandro, and Pittsburg.

Today it has over 1200 stores and generated over $9 Billion in revenue in 2021.


We believe this post has assisted you in learning about the Old Navy hiring process; you can use the knowledge gained when applying for a position at the company.