Lead Pharmacy Technician Job Description Example

Lead Pharmacy Technician job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Lead Pharmacy Technicians provide efficient pharmaceutical services to patients, nurses, and consultants. Image source: Howtobecomeapharmacytech.org

Lead Pharmacy Technician Job Description Example

What Does a Lead Pharmacy Technician Do?

The lead pharmacy technician, who can also be called senior pharmacy technician, is responsible for providing maximum pharmaceutical services, which corresponds to meeting the desires of all service beneficiaries.

Ensuring secure and efficient pharmaceutical service to patients, nurses, consultants and other multidisciplinary healthcare unit, the lead pharmacy technician will also be expected to supervise pharmaceutical stock according to established guidelines and will contribute to and oversee all procurement function of the pharmacy department.

The job description for this role also involves providing feedback to the needs of the department and be able to exhibit effectiveness with other hospital personnel.

The senior pharmacy technician should possess enthusiasm for customer service and a passion to offer an outstanding patient experience.

He/she will provide progressive technical knowledge and coordinates purchases, and engages in maintenance of data and records.

Lead pharmacy technicians are also responsible for regulating, directing and executing expert technical pharmacy assistance, technical and clerical pharmacy.

They program and organize the duties of subordinate technical and clerical personnel.

This will involve intricate administrative and clerical roles with regards to keeping of records, maintenance of data and facility.

They also support professional personnel in preparing and registering of prescriptions for inpatients and outpatients.

This will also involve preparing regular intravenous solutions and admixtures; monitoring and maintaining updates on patient medication files.

Lead Pharmacy Technician Job Description Example

Here is an example of the lead pharmacy technician job description, showing a list of specific duties, tasks, and responsibilities that most individuals holding the position usually perform:

  • Direct and maintain control of stock within the hospital departments and its facilities
  • Oversee the work of and instruct pharmacy technicians to work on all customary dispensary, ward duties and stock control
  • Support the pharmacist on duty in guaranteeing security and efficiency in running of the pharmacy with regards to provision and sale of drugs
  • Work together with the pharmacy manager on issues relating to dispensary technical support across the pharmacy units
  • Support the pharmacy manager in the indoctrination, inauguration and training of new pharmacy personnel with all procedures
  • Organize and supervise intricate administrative and clerical pharmacy responsibilities so as to ease the work of professional pharmacist personnel
  • Organize purchase and record of activities to guarantee maintenance of pharmacy stocks, oversee stock on hand and refund overstocks
  • Connect with vendors with regards to the availability of the required items
  • Establish orders for conventional and specialized order items and discover specialized items needed
  • Organize deliveries for crucial situations and input everyday drug requests for inpatients and/or outpatient needs
  • Collect and shelve new stock and oversee account balances
  • Establish blanket purchase requests and transfer of funds as required
  • Organize and carry out advanced maintenance of data and give report of activities
  • Insure accurate record keeping and input new patients and their medications into the computer system
  • Make appraisals and adjustments as often as required to help maintain formularies and drug dictionaries
  • Ensure sterilization and cleanliness of work environment according to requirements and standard

Preparing a resume for the post of lead pharmacy technician: Part of the resume for this position, such as the work history section can be created using information from the sample job description shown above.

Requirements: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for the Lead Pharmacy Technician Position

Lead pharmacy technicians are usually required to have the following abilities, knowledge, and skills to enable them succeed on the job:

  • A B tech National Certificate in pharmaceutical services or a related course
  • An accredited member of the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC)
  • Three years prior experience working as an accredited pharmacist
  • Sound computer literacy aptitudes and outstanding aptitude in interpreting medical abbreviations and terminologies
  • A commendable familiarity with procedures in principles pertaining to a hospital pharmacy
  • Sound knowledge of providing first-hand customer services to patients in a health care environment
  • Ability to work with pharmaceutical experts to produce accurate and complete pharmacy outcomes with superlative reimbursements
  • Ability to maintain an alliance and sound working relationship with administrators, nurses, managers, physicians, vendors and other health care providers or staff

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