Lead Maintenance Technician Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 1, 2023
Lead Maintenance Technician job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Lead Maintenance Technicians instruct and give guidance to a team of technicians.

This post provides complete information on the job description of a lead maintenance technician, to help you learn the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

What Does a Lead Maintenance Technician Do?

A lead maintenance technician programs and organizes a team of technicians actively involved in various craft specialties.

The lead maintenance technician job description entails instructing and offering guidance and directives while being involved in one or more of the skilled activities.

Lead maintenance technicians have the role of keeping the property at their designated area of operation in good condition and ensuring a secured and appealing living condition for all staff, visitors and residents.

Since they usually have direct contact with occupants, their possession of exceptional customer service abilities is as significant as their having extensive technical knowledge.

As a leader of the technical maintenance unit, the individual’s responsibility will involve guaranteeing that the apartment components and other property appliances at his/her designated area are in excellent working condition.

This work will also involve maintenance of electrical appliances and outlets, plumbing, heating units, air-conditioning, locks, and wood works.

Lead Maintenance Technician Job Description Sample/Example/Template

Below is a sample of the job description of a lead maintenance technician, showing typical duties, tasks, and responsibilities the individual in such position performs.

  • Give support to supervisors with regards to accomplishing tasks while referring uncommon personnel or technical issues to the supervisor.
  • Offer suggestions for performance evaluation; oversee the duties of designated crew members.
  • Carry out diverse skilled activities involving the repair and maintenance of equipment and facilities; designate and monitor the work of personnel in order to achieve the completion of diverse tasks in relation to building and construction.
  • Fabricate, construct, and repair district appliances and facilities, such as metal and wood structures, furniture, and equipment facilities.
  • Arrange exterior parts for varnishing and painting, and apply surface cover ups as necessary.
  • Carry out diverse heating, plumbing, and refrigeration related tasks.
  • Assemble, cut, thread, and lay pipes while also offering assistance in the repair, installation, maintenance, and purchase of various heating, plumbing, and air-conditioning fixtures.
  • Carry out metal and welding; perform diagnosis and repairs on electronic ignition systems for furnaces and heaters, as well as for hot water heaters.
  • Guarantee adherence to safety practices and principles, and to the relevant Federal, State, and Local codes.
  • Work with diverse machines and equipment, such as hand and power tools, and drill presses saws in carrying out maintenance and repair tasks.
  • Ensure the maintenance of equipment and tools in a clean, secure, and appropriate working condition.
  • Engage in thorough troubleshooting to replace or repair fans and motors, bells, clocks and lightening circuits, as well as audio visual and communication equipment.
  • Engage in diverse skill activities such as repairs of roof, doors, windows and other building components.
  • Make an estimate of cost of labor and items needed for work orders; acquires competitive prices for supplies and equipment required by the district.

In writing a resume for seeking the lead position in a technical maintenance department, you can make use of the job description example above in making the job history section of the resume.

Lead Maintenance Technician Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

It is conventionally expected of the leader of a technical maintenance department to have acquired the qualities – skills and abilities – listed below in order to excel on the job.

  • A High School Diploma or G.E.D certificate with four or more years of progressive and practical experience in at least one or more of the skilled trades previously described.
  • Ability to effectively accomplish diverse skilled work in the repair and maintenance of district appliances and facilities.
  • Effectiveness in prioritizing assigned duties and evaluating the work of personnel.
  • Outstanding skills for offering training and leadership to staff for them to be able to successfully carry out diverse duties associated with the building trades.
  • Ability to interpret, illustrate, and apply regulation codes and rules.
  • Ability to carry out operations safely and efficiently; utilize diverse assigned appliances and tools
  • Outstanding ability to interpret sketches, blueprints, shop drawings, and work orders to other personnel.