Kroger Deli Clerk Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | July 17, 2023
Kroger Deli Clerk Job Description
Kroger deli clerks also engage in preparing different delicacies, including salads and soups. Image source: mashed.

This post provides complete information on the Kroger deli clerk job description, to help you learn the work they do.

It presents the key tasks, responsibilities, and duties commonly associated with the deli clerk work description at Kroger.

It also highlights the major requirements employers/recruiters may want you to meet to be offered employment as a deli clerk with Kroger or other similar companies.

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What is Kroger?

Kroger is an American retail company which was founded by Bernard Kroger at Cincinnati, Ohio in the year 1883.

Kroger is a very large supermarket and was the biggest in the U.S. in 2019 with revenue of $121.16 billion, and is the second-largest general retailer behind only Walmart.

Kroger is the 4th largest privately owned employer in America and is ranked 23rd on the Fortune 500 rankings of the largest US corporations by total revenue

What Does a Kroger Deli Clerk Do?

The Kroger deli clerk is responsible for taking care of the counter at the deli section of the Kroger store.

Their job description involves making meals and sandwiches and also making use of the cash check in.

It also involves rendering quick services to customers, especially during the peak hours of the day, like during lunch and dinner, or during holidays.

Deli clerks at Kroger also arrange, prepare, serve, and stock the kitchen with deli products and food items.

They assist in the washing of dishes and keeping the food preparation area very clean.

They engage in tasks like receiving grocery shipments, preparing different delicacies like salads and soups and cutting vegetables.

The Kroger deli clerk’s duties also include ensuring proper inventory of items commonly used and informing the inventory manager to restock when items are getting short.

It also involves helping in keeping the kitchen area clean, neat, and tidy.

Kroger Deli Clerk Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The job description of a deli clerk at Kroger entails several roles, tasks, duties, and responsibilities, including:

  • Coordinates the preparation process and the packaging of Kroger deli products
  • Tags each deli product with the correct date and costs
  • Coordinates the activities of the other deli workers, making sure that quick service delivery is provided to customers
  • Ensures that the product and store preparation areas are always very neat and tidy
  • Ensures that each product is prepared according to the standards of the store
  • Receives orders from customers and ensures that every order is attended to
  • Accepts the delivery of stock and makes sure that the items are safely packed
  • Checks inbound shipment to make sure that damaged items are not stored
  • Keeps inventory of used and incoming stock
  • Supervises the deli counter to activate client offerings
  • Neatly displays products on the shelves
  • Ensures that the shelves and the products on them are always dusted and cleaned
  • Takes away old and damaged products from the shelves
  • Introduces customers to new products in a friendly and convincing manner
  • Warmly greets and welcomes every customer that approaches the counter
  • Maintains a high level of hygiene and always appears smart
  • Properly handles the cash register.

Kroger Deli Clerk Job Description for Resume

If you are writing a new resume or CV and have previously worked as a deli clerk at Kroger or are presently working in that role, you can apply the sample Kroger deli clerk job description shown above in making the Professional Experience section of your resume.

By highlighting the duties and responsibilities of a deli clerk that you have performed in your resume’s Professional Experience section, you will be able to convince the recruiter/employer that you have been successful carrying out the role of a deli clerk at Kroger.

This piece of information in your resume/CV can be very valuable to your getting the new job, especially if having some work experience as a deli clerk will be helpful to succeeding in the new position.

Kroger Deli Clerk Requirements for Success on the Job

The requirements for the position of a deli clerk at Kroger change from shop to shop, and are highly dependent on the special needs of the shop, as well as the location.

However, there are certain basic skills, qualities, and qualifications which every deli clerk at Kroger is expected to have to succeed on the job, irrespective of their location.

These are also the requirements you may need to meet to be hired at Kroger or other like companies for the job of a deli clerk, they include:

  • Must possess exceptional written and oral communication skills to communicate effectively with customers and co-workers
  • Exceptional skill in customer service to satisfactorily attend to each customer
  • Must be courteous and friendly in welcoming each customer and in dealing with them
  • Must have the ability to multitask so as to simultaneously carry out many tasks
  • Must possess the stamina and endurance to handle standing, talking, and bending when needed
  • Should have a food handler’s permit if required in the city of deployment.


This post is helpful to individuals interested in the deli clerk career with Kroger or other similar companies, who want to learn about the job.

They will be able to increase their knowledge of the duties and responsibilities that make up the deli clerk’s role and so will be able to make up their minds on whether to go for the career or not.

This article is also useful to employers/recruiters who are looking to hire competent individuals for the vacant deli clerk position in their companies.

They can apply the Kroger deli clerk job description example provided on this page in making a detailed description of the available deli clerk position for use in the hiring process.