Kohl’s Hiring Process: Job Application, Interview, and Employment

By | August 16, 2023
Kohl’s Hiring Process
Kohl’s Retail Sales Associates strive to ensure company sales goals are achieved. Image source: Joe Raedle | Getty Images.

Kohl’s Hiring Process: Job Application, Interview, and Employment

The hiring process at Kohl’s involves various stages, including the job application and interview processes that you must pass through to be employed by the Company.

Please, read on to learn about the Kohl’s recruitment process and increase your chances of gaining employment with the Company:

Kohl’s Company Overview

Kohl’s is one of the largest department stores and retail chains in the United States, with more than 1,500 locations.

The company is engaged in the sales of a vast collection of high-quality clothing and other fashion-related products.

It was founded by a Polish immigrant Maxwell Kohl who was the owner of a corner grocery store in the year 1927.

Kohl’s stores are in every state of America but Hawaii.

Moreover, Kohl’s has surpassed its largest competitor – J. C. Penney, which was the leading departmental store chain in the United States.

It is currently ranked among the largest retailers by revenue and retail sales. Also, the company has made itself one of the greatest names in the fashion industry.

The Kohl’s Hiring Process

Kohl’s usually finds and hires suitable candidates to its employee strength through an est6ablished process which consists of the following stages:

  1. The Job Application Process

The quickest way to make a job application at Kohl’s is by applying online through the company’s career portal, which is also the first stage of the company’s hiring process.

Simply visit kohlscareers.com, and then search for the position you wish to apply for.

The site will provide a large list of jobs so you can choose your preferred role. Once you have settled on the position of your choice, click the job’s title.

After clicking, you will be able to read the job’s description and the requirements to apply for it.

Move to the base of the page, click the highlighted Apply Now button and correctly follow any instruction that arises afterwards.

2. Assessment test

An assessment test is not officially part of Kohl’s hiring process. The recruiters have a way of screening applicants before inviting them for an in-person interview.

As an applicant, you will be notified to participate in any necessary screening process before you can proceed in the hiring process.

3. Interview Process

Kohl’s interview process varies, depending on the role. Most times, applicants are being interviewed by the hiring manager in the break room.

The interview mainly focuses on your approach to the role you are applying for.

It’s a process that helps the interviewer to know if you are fit and really have the requirements to perform the role efficiently.

The interview is also conducted to know your reactions to certain situations in your departments.

They usually discover all these from the way you answer specific questions.

Here are a few examples of the Kohl’s interview questions you may encounter:

  • Why do you want to be a Kohl’s staff?
  • Tell me about a time you went out of your way to get a job done.
  • How can you simultaneously help two customers that need immediate help?
  • Tell me about a time you were recognized for your good work performance.
  • Do you have anything to ask me?

Most Kohl’s employees say that interview process is quite easy to pass, but that shouldn’t prevent you from preparing very well for it.

A very good preparation will give you an edge in passing the interview.

Here are some tips to aid your interview preparation:

  • It is highly recommended to get yourself acquainted with the company’s corporate culture.
  • You should visit the company’s official website – www.kohls.com and click on About Us to know what Kohl’s desires to get from employees.
  • Try as much as possible to answer questions very briefly and confidently. You should only take enough time to answer a question, if it’s necessary.

4. Orientation

There is usually an orientation conducted at Kohl’s for new employees. This process is quite stressful, according to some staffs.

During the orientation, you and other candidates will be in a conference, watching videos, and listening to instructors who will educate you on your role, the company’s culture, and how to deal with customers.

The whole process takes three days to complete.

Also, you will be taken around the building to get familiar with the working environment, as well as putting what you have learnt into practices.

How Long Does Kohl’s Hiring Take?

Unlike other companies, Kohl’s usually contacts applicants shortly after the interview. They don’t keep mute or take several weeks before responding to the applicants.

According to several employees at Kohl’s, you will be contacted in about two days after your interview.

You will be told the result of your interview, and if you will be recruited. If you don’t get a call in two days, you should definitely receive a response in a week.

Kohl’s Jobs and Careers

The jobs and careers you can apply for at Kohl’s are many; however, here are some of the major ones:

  • Full-time sales lead: This employee is responsible for increasing sales and ensuring a very good experience for the company’s customers through relationship, knowledge of products, and operation execution. He or she also makes use of technology and the knowledge of products to direct the sales team.
  • Part-time beauty advisor: This employee is responsible for creating and deepening customer loyalty, by appropriately meeting their beauty needs. He or she also acquaints customers with the knowledge of the company’s products, and then utilizing a consultative approach to aid them in choosing the right product that suits their needs.
  • Full-time loss prevention supervisor: This employee has a responsibility in evolving company profitability through the development and maintenance of effective LP programs that minimize theft risk and increase associate awareness. He or she is also responsible for developing and implementing strategies to prevent theft.
  • Full time retail sales associate: This individual does some of the duties of a full-time sales lead, and is also responsible for interacting with customers on the sales floor, maintaining the store, and using technology to support customer shopping experience.
  • Store manager: This individual is responsible for developing recruitment plans for vital roles in the store. He or she also supervises the activities that take place in the store, and effectively work together with store executive team to build and execute associate retaining strategies.
  • Full-time visual merchandiser: This employee is responsible for planning and performing proper execution of visuals (displays, mannequins, forms, graphics, and lighting). He or she is also responsible for maintaining a clean, neat, and well organized storage environment.

What to Expect Working at Kohl’s

At Kohl’s, employees are friendly and ready to offer assistance to themselves when needed. Long-term workers who are competent have likelihood of getting promoted and given increment in salary.

The company offers a very flexible working schedule, and does not prioritize employees over customers, even though some people think that’s not true.

However, working at Kohl’s requires commitment and professional approach to customers.

Employees who find it difficult to handle customers are considered to be very incompetent.

Getting some time off might not be approved sometimes even if you have a very tangible reason.


Kohl’s is a thriving establishment that has helped thousands of employees to secure a job and then build a successful career.
The information provided in this article will aid applicants who are in pursuit for a job at Kohl’s.

The hiring process at Kohl’s is made available in details on this page, and there are specific directions on how to pass through the process successfully.

The correct application of this information can make you end up as a Kohl’s staff.