Edward Jones Hiring Process: Job Application, Interview, and Employment

By | August 16, 2023
Edward Jones Hiring Process
Edward Jones provides various employment opportunities in the financial industry. Image source: edwardjones.

Edward Jones Hiring Process: Job Application, Interview, and Employment

The hiring process at Edward Jones consists of various stages, including the job application and interview processes that you must complete successfully to be employed by the Company.

Please, continue reading to learn about the Edward Jones recruitment process and increase your chances of getting employment with the Company:

Edward Jones Company Overview

Edward Jones, professionally termed Edward D. Jones & Co., L.P, is a very large firm that offers financial services, with its headquarters at St Louis, Missouri, U.S.

It’s an establishment that serves investment customers in the United States and Canada, using its branch network of over fourteen thousand locations.

The company presently has connections with virtually seven million clients and one trillion dollars in assets under management globally.

Edward Jones was birthed out of the Jones financial companies, L.L.L.P., which is a limited partnership liability owned by just its staffs and retired workers, and is traded publicly.

Moreover, this establishment was by Edward D. Jones and began its operation in the year 1922. And it has been thriving ever since then in spite of the various challenges that affected its development.

Edward Jones Hiring Process

Edward Jones usually hires its employees through a process that involves the following stages:

  1. The Job Application Process

Getting a job at Edward Jones begins with the submission of your job application, which is normally done on the company’s website.

Simply visit the company’s career site, find the position that interest you and submit your resume.

After submitting your resume, the department in charge of recruitment will receive it immediately.

Moreover, you will be sent a message via your email to confirm the reception of your application.

The sender of this email must be careers@EdwardJones.Etrack.System.net, and not otherwise.

2. Phone Screening/Interview

A recruiter at Edward Jones usually contacts applicants via phone to schedule and conduct a phone screening before you can proceed in the hiring process.

This phone screening is being conducted to confirm if you actually possess the skills that is needed from an employee at Edward Jones.

For candidates who really have the preferred skill sets and qualification for the job, the screening process would evolve into phone interview.

Note: You can only participate in this phone screening and interview if your resume meets the qualifications of the positions you applied for.

3. Interview Process

After your successful performance during the phone screening/interview, you will be invited for an in-person interview.

The interview is always quite brief and straight forward, and will be conducted by a senior personnel at the company or by the hiring manager.

During the interview, you will be asked to perform a short exercise related to the job you chose. This exercise varies, depending on the job you applied for, and it is conducted to discover if you can fit-in your preferred role.

The Edward Jones interview questions may also include:

  • What makes you think you will perform this role successfully?
  • What do you have to offer Edward Jones?
  • Tell me about a time you had misunderstanding with a supervisor or a colleague; what was the outcome of the situation?

Your performance at this interview is important, since it decides if you will continue the hiring process or not.

Intense preparation before participating in the interview will be helpful, and it is advised that you begin your preparation a long time before you are invited for the interview process.

Here are some tips to aid your interview preparations:

  • Read and study the description of the job you applied for, and articulate the value you can add to the company through your role.
  • Get yourself prepared to share precise examples about how you performed your former role competently.
  • Research about Edward Jones and get yourself acquainted with the organization’s policies and core values.
  • Ensure to wear suitable outfit for the interview, wearing something that’s inappropriate can be the beginning of your disqualification.

4. Assessment

After passing the interview successfully, you will be asked to undergo an assessment, which is the last part of the hiring process.

Edward Jones terms this process “Day in the Life” assessment, entailing the performance and completion of computer-based tasks, which is conducted to simulate your typical day at work.

The duration of this assessment is about four hours. And after its completion, a successful candidate will be employed and called to participate in an orientation.

5. Orientation

Edward Jones normally conducts an orientation process for newly hired candidates. The process involves training sessions to get the newly employed worker well-informed and trained on how to perform assigned duties in the company.

Moreover, the duration of the process strongly depends on the role, and you will get paid for the time spent during the orientation process.

Candidates who concluded this training will be certified and employed afterwards.

How Long Does Edward Jones Hiring Last?

The hiring process of Edward Jones normally last for a few months, and then they will offer the job afterwards.

After the assessment, it might take up to three weeks before you can get a call from the recruiter.

Some current employees complained about not receiving a response even up to a month.

Sometimes, an applicant won’t get a call at all. This can be as a result of their incapability to perform the role.

Edward Jones Jobs and Careers

The jobs and careers you can access at Edward Jones include the following:

  • Financial advisor: This employee is responsible for building a professional practice in his or her community by creating significant connections with clients as he or she renders them help towards their financial aims.
  • Branch office administration: This individual is responsible for collaborating with a financial advisor to offer excellent service to clients, performing administrative responsibilities and helping to strengthen clients’ relationship.
  • Headquarters associate: This employee is responsible for providing assistance and expertise to aid Edward Jones’ 12,000+ branch teams in delivering perfect client experience.

What to Expect Working at Edward Jones

Working at Edward Jones is a remarkable experience. With the helpful management team and fellow colleagues, your assigned tasks and duties would be done without much hassle.

Most of the company’s employees usually commend the establishment for offering endless opportunities to workers.

However, if you are not a financial advisor at Edward Jones, you might not get bonuses or some enticing benefits received by the financial advisors.

Also, almost all employees experience a tough work/life balance while working at this company.


If you are seeking employment at Edward Jones, this post will help increase your knowledge of the hiring process at the company and make it easy for you to be employed.