Dollar General Key Holder Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities

Dollar General Key Holder Job Description
Dollar General key holders strive to ensure excellent customer experience. Image source: barrons.

Dollar General Key Holder Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities

If you are searching for the job description of the Dollar General key holder position, this post will be useful to you.

You will discover the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities that you may be required to perform if hired as a key holder at the Dollar General, and be well prepared to work in that position and achieve success in carrying out the work description that will be handed to you.

You will also learn about the requirements you may be expected to meet to be considered for hiring at the Dollar General for the position of a key holder.

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What Does a Dollar General Key Holder Do?

Key holders at the Dollar General are responsible for providing excellent customer experience to all Company customers.

They ensure that the Dollar General values are expressed to customers in all activities that they carry out by developing product knowledge, service and selling skills, and proficiency in point-of-sale, and visual presentation and merchandising skills.

The Dollar General key holder job description entails partnering with the management team to ensure sales goals are achieved.

It also involves providing assistant to the management team in all store operations and staff development.

The key holder at the Dollar General store opens and closes the store while carrying out certain procedures and processes.

He/she is expected to provide outstanding customer service and ensure his/her personal sales targets are met.

The key holder’s role may also entail providing leadership to team members to achieve specific targets set by the store.

He/she is expected to ensure high retail standards are implemented and maintained at all times to realize store’s operational expectations.

The Dollar General key holder work description may also entail providing assistance to customers with their purchases and helping them with answers to questions concerning the technical aspect and performance of Company products.

Dollar General Key Holder Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Key holders at the Dollar General perform various functions that ensure customers get excellent service.

Shown below are major duties, tasks, and responsibilities that may constitute the job description you may be expected to implement if hired for the role of a key holder at the Dollar General store:

  • Promote excellent customer service and selling culture; build enduring relationship with customers and exceed their expectations
  • Create interactive customer focused service and selling environment
  • Maintain accurate knowledge of products, merchandising standards, and other areas of customer service
  • Develop strong knowledge and understanding of product categories, their features and benefits
  • Achieve and maintain measurable goals, such as units per transaction (UPT), sales per hour (SPH), average dollar per transaction (ADT), email capture rates, and customer capture rates
  • Stay informed of current advertisements and merchandising promotions
  • Collaborate with the assistant store manager and store manager to find ways of improving metrics
  • Collaborate with the leadership team of the store to gain knowledge and understanding of all management reports and processes
  • Provide assistance in merchandising, floor moves, and display maintenance
  • Perform store housekeeping functions and assist in setting up sales
  • Provide assistance in processing merchandise for customers and refilling them in the store
  • Take part in receiving and checking floor stock
  • Complete all sales transactions correctly and efficiently and ensure cash and media accountabilities are properly maintained at POS registers
  • Perform opening and closing procedures following Dollar General set standards; and ensure Company’s policy and procedures regarding time and attendance are adhered to
  • Perform other duties the management may assign.

Dollar General Key Holder Requirements – Skills, Abilities, Knowledge for Career Success

If you are seeking to work as a key holder at a Dollar General store, you will be expected to meet the requirements for the job to prove that you will be effective in performing the obligations, objectives, and purpose of the role at the Company.

Shown below are major requirements that recruiters at Dollar General may expect you to fulfil to be considered for hiring for the position of a key holder at the Company:

  • Possess High School Diploma or equivalent, such as GED, in addition to at least one year of experience working in a retail sales environment that offers one-on-one interaction with customers
  • Possess outstanding professionalism in team work, attitude, and communication with peers, management, and customers
  • Strong ability to adhere to all safety regulations, policies and procedures of the Company
  • Knowledge of and ability to adhere to all relevant local, state, and federal laws
  • Strong leadership, organizational, and time management skills
  • Ability to work flexible schedules, including working varied hours/days and extended hours; evenings, weekends, weekdays, and holidays, as may be required by the store management
  • Strong ability to perform challenging tasks and work under pressure and in difficult situations
  • Self motivated and success driven, with strong ability to work in a fast-paced retail environment, providing excellent customer experience
  • Strong ability to provide training to team members to be able to achieve set goals.


If you are seeking the key holder job at a Dollar General store, the content on this page, including the sample job description provided will help you to know and understand the kind of duties and responsibilities you may be required to perform at the Company if hired.

Having this knowledge will enable you to prepare before hand for the job, which will increase your chances of succeeding on it.

Employers and recruiters looking to hire for the key holder role in their retail stores can apply the sample job description in this post as a template in making a good description of the position for their company.

By publishing a good description of the key holder position, they will be able to find and hire the best individuals for the job.

Dollar General Key Holder Job Description for Resume

If you’ve had some experience working at Dollar General as a key holder or are currently on the job and need to make a resume, you can apply the sample Dollar General key holder job description provided above in making the career, job, or professional experience section of the resume.

When recruiters read your job experience as a key holder, they will be convinced that you can succeed on the job in their company.

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