Insurance Sales Representative Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Insurance Sales Representative job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Insurance Sales Representatives provide property insurance services, as well as for vehicle, health, and life.

Insurance Sales Representative Job Description Example

What Does an Insurance Sales Representative Do?

Insurance sales representatives are basically professionals who work for insurance companies to broker various insurance coverage to clients.

The insurance sales representative job description entails selling of life, auto, health, and property insurance to customers.

Insurance sales representatives scout and identify potential clients for specific insurance packages.

They design and implement strategies for the effective marketing and sales of insurance deals.

They reach out to customers through cold calls, emails, and meetings to discuss the benefits of an insurance service.

As part of their work description, insurance sales representatives offer clients life, health, auto, and various other insurance packages.

They assist clients in selecting the most suitable insurance service that better covers a policyholder.

In fulfilling their role, insurance sales representatives give clients an elaborate explanation of service features, benefits, and downsides to an insurance service.

They customize an insurance service to match the requirements of a customer thus covering various contingencies.

As part of their duties, insurance sales representatives ensure company policies and regulations are maintained when carrying out sales of insurance programs.

They usually discuss with clients to obtain information as regards their financial status and condition of property or individual to be insured.

They are also responsible for maintaining records of insurance contracts and notifying clients when insurance is due for renewal.

Insurance sales representatives proffer advice and recommendations to clients on retirement, risk minimization, and pension plans.

They facilitate the payment process of insurance beneficiaries on event of the demise of a policyholder.

They are also responsible for the inspection of property to ensure it’s a worthy insurance venture.

As part of their tasks, insurance sales representatives sell annuity contracts and mutual fund to clients as part of retirement plan.

They maintain contact with customers to provide them updates on insurance contract and available policies that suit their preference.

They also proffer recommendations to customers on companies that provide desired insurance coverage.

The insurance sales representative job requires at least a high school diploma. A Bachelor’s degree in a business related discipline such as economics, finance, and business studies on the other hand increases job prospects.

Qualities necessary for the job include communication skills, persuasive quality, and analytical skills.

Insurance Sales Representative Job Description Example/Template

Insurance sales representatives carry out a number of tasks, duties, and responsibilities as shown in the job description example below:

  • Scout and identify potential clients with need for insurance coverage
  • Design and implement strategies for effective marketing and sales of insurance contracts
  • Contact potential customers through cold calls, emails and arranged meetings
  • Offer clients various insurance services which cover health, property, vehicle, and life
  • Provide elaborate explanation of contract features, benefits, and possible downsides to an insurance coverage
  • Assist clients in selecting most suitable insurance service that better covers a policyholder
  • Customize insurance contracts to match the requirements of the holder
  • Ensure company policies and procedures are maintained when conducting the sales of insurance services
  • Discuss with clients to obtain information as pertains the financial status of a client and condition of a property to be insured
  • Conduct inspection of property to verify its condition and determine if it’s a worthy insurance venture
  • Maintain record of insurance contracts and duly notify policyholders of pending renewal
  • Proffer advice and recommendation to clients on risk minimization, retirement and pension plans
  • Sell annuity contracts and mutual funds to clients often as part of retirement plan
  • Facilitate the payment of beneficiaries on event of the demise of a policyholder
  • Maintain contact with clients to provide them with updates and reply to customer feedback.

Insurance Sales Representative Resume Preparation

Do you wish to build an insurance sales representative resume? If so, then the above listed duties can be adopted in completing the work experience section of the resume.

If you have worked previously or are currently on a job as an insurance sales representative, you can apply the content of the sample job description above to quickly complete the job experience part of your resume.

This section tells a lot to the employer about your knowledge of the insurance sales job and what is expected of you, and your ability to function without supervision.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Insurance Sales Representative Role

The following are the typical requirements you will need to meet to be accepted to work as an insurance sales representative by most employers:

  • Education and Training: To become an insurance sales representative, you will need not less than a high school diploma. Having a Bachelor’s degree in a business related discipline, such as economics, business studies, or finance increases job prospects. The insurance sales representative job is easier secured with prior experience in the field of sales. To acquire experience, insurance sales representatives are mentored by more experienced sales reps
  • Communication Skills: The insurance sales job requires sales representatives to possess strong communication skills useful in interacting clients to offer policy services
  • Persuasive Quality: Insurance sales representatives are skilled in convincing potential clients to subscribe to an insurance service
  • Analytical Skills: Part of the qualities of insurance sales reps includes the ability to analyze the requirements of a client and determine most suitable policy coverage.

Insurance Sales Representative Skills for Resume

In building an insurance sales representative resume, the above mentioned qualities can serve as an essential reference in filling out the skills section of your resume.

Employers look out for the above listed skills, therefore having them in your resume increases chances of securing an insurance sales representative job.


The insurance sales representative job description provides detail functions; the duties and responsibilities to expect to be assigned if you are hired to work as an insurance sales representative.

The sample insurance sales representative job description given above can also serve as a template to enable employers to easily make their work description for the position, which is used in the hiring process for new insurance sales representatives and assigning tasks to them.

Did you learn more about the duties and responsibilities of insurance sales representatives from this post? Please make a comment or tell us about the duties you carried out as a sales representative for insurance product if you have been one.