Outside Sales Representative Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Outside Sales Representative job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Outside Sales Representatives discuss with customers to find out what their needs are.

Outside Sales Representative Job Description Example

What Does an Outside Sales Representative Do?

Generally, outside sales representatives are responsible for the promotion, marketing, and sales of company products and services to clients and potential customers outside the company premises.

The outside sales representative job description entails taking products/services to clients at their workplace and homes in order to boost sales and increase customer base.

Outside sales representatives develop and employ various customer sales strategies such as home visits, cold calling, and distribution of promotional materials.

They scout and identify potential customers by conducting a demographic survey which provides statistics of a target market.

In performing their duties, outside sales representatives interact with clients to identify their needs and offer them products/services which are capable of meeting their requirements.

They establish and maintain good working relationships with clients such that fosters sales and increases clientele.

Outside sales representatives work description also includes maintaining contact with customers through calls and emails to ensure satisfaction.

They also assist customers with explanation of product/service features and resolution of issues.

As part of their tasks, they monitor the sales industry to stay abreast of changes in the demands of a target market.

Outside sales representatives in carrying out sales activities work in line with company policies, rules and regulations.

Their role also involves providing periodic reports of expenses and sales operation to management.

They also attend conferences and trade fairs during which they promote their products and exchange ideas with other sales professionals.

In fulfilling their role, outside sales representatives assist with the training and coaching of trainee outside sales representatives.

They are responsible for the professional execution of sales operation in a manner that enhances company image and public outlook.

They conduct sales negotiation with clients to strike a favorable bargain that sees optimal profit for company and quality service for client.

As part of their functions, outside sales representatives prepare sales forecast, which is vital for the analysis of market conditions.

They utilize CRM systems to document interaction with clients and ensure effective management of leads.

They also assist with development of annual fiscal budget and targets.

The outside sales representative job usually requires at least a high school diploma although sales of technical products may require a Bachelor’s degree in specific disciplines.

Some of the skills you need for the job include communication skills, persuasive quality, negotiation skills, and time management skills.

Outside Sales Representative Job Description Example/Template

Here is an example of an outside sales representative job description, highlighting the main duties, tasks, and responsibilities most employers will require you to perform if hired for the role:

  • Take products/services to clients at their workplace, homes, and recreation spots
  • Develop and implement customer sales strategies necessary for efficient sales
  • Conduct surveys to identify potential customers of a product/service
  • Interact with clients to identify their needs and product specifications
  • Offer clients products which are capable of meeting their requirements
  • Develop and maintain cordial working relationship with customers to boost sales and increase clientele
  • Provide customers with the explanation of product/service features
  • Assist with the development of company annual fiscal budget and targets
  • Maintain contact with clients through calls and emails to ensure customer satisfaction and obtain feedback
  • Help address and resolve customer complaints and issues with products/services
  • Work in line with company policies and regulations when carrying out sales operations
  • Provide periodic report of expenses and activities to management
  • Prepare sales forecast useful in the analysis of market conditions
  • Document interaction with customers using CRM systems to ensure efficient management of leads
  • Assist with the training and coaching of trainee outside sales representatives
  • Professionally execute field sales operations to boost company image and public outlook
  • Conduct sales negotiation with clients to strike a favorable bargain for both the company and client
  • Monitor the sales industry to identify changes in customer demand and preference.

Outside Sales Representative Resume Preparation

Are you working on a resume for the job of an outside sales representative? If so, the sample job description above will be of help to you.

You can apply the highlighted duties in the above work description in making the job experience part of your resume if you have worked previously as an outside sales representative.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Outside Sales Representative Job

The following are the normal employers’ requirements, including skills and qualities, for the role of outside sales representative for most firms:

  • Education and Training: At least a high school diploma is required to become an outside sales representative with most firms. Some employers may prefer sales representatives with Bachelor’s degree in science disciplines (chemistry, biology) for technical sales positions. Outside sales representatives are usually provided with training on employment
  • Communication Skill: Outside sales representatives are well-versed in effectively communicating with clients to identify needs or to resolve issues
  • Persuasive Quality: Outside sales representatives are adept in convincing clients to purchase a product/service
  • Negotiation Skills: They are able to negotiate prices with clients to get a favorable bargain.

Outside Sales Representative Skills for Resume

Having the skills section in your resume for the outside sales representative job will assure employers that you have the competence to carry out your job description excellently. And that is a boost to your resume.

To make this section, the above qualities usually required by employers can be adapted if you have them.

This will easily get the attention of employers as your resume will show that you have the qualities they believe will make a better outside sales representative.


When applying to the job of an outside sales representative it is a good idea to learn of what it is all about; the duties and responsibilities that constitute the role, so that you can prepare well for it before you are hired. The above sample job description comes really helpful in this regard.

It is also valuable to employers who may use it as a template in hiring and giving tasks to new employees for the outside sales representative job.

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