Hospital Case Manager Job Description Example

By | August 26, 2023
Hospital case manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
The hospital case manager job also involves determining the best medical plan for patients from reviewing their medical history.

Hospital Case Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Hospital Case Manager Do?

Hospital case managers are responsible for the planning and coordination of available resources in order to provide high quality and cost-effective medical care to patients.

The hospital case manager job description entails providing a wide range of services, among which include discharge planning, patient-physician liaison, and health staff management.

As part of their duties, hospital case managers review patients’ medical history and records to determine most suitable care plan.

They interview patients to identify their requirements and assess their need for psychosocial, medical, or psychiatric treatment.

They also conduct orientations to educate patients on their health status as well as provide them with information regarding the nature of their treatment plan.

Hospital case managers collaborate with doctors and nurses to ensure provision of high quality healthcare services to patients.

They assign and delegate job duties to health care staff to ensure an even distribution of workload and functional patient coverage.

They also organize training for healthcare personnel to improve their knowledge of case care management techniques and to enhance their job skills.

Their role also entails conducting reviews to determine the recovery status of patients in order to amplify discharge plans.

They make arrangements for patient post-discharge treatment at home or at post-acute care facilities such as rehabilitation or nursing facility.

They also coordinate the activities of all the health care professionals responsible for patient needs, to ensure they work towards a common goal.

Usually, hospital case managers assist patients by providing them concrete services that meet their housing, clothing, escort, or food needs.

They achieve this by taking advantage of interventions and referral to social services and community health organizations.

Hospital case manager work description also involves conducting inspection of patients’ homes to ensure a hazard-free environment.

They perform various administrative tasks, among which include maintaining patient case files, conducting review of health services and educating the family of a patient.

To get into the hospital case manager job requires a Bachelor’s degree in nursing or social work. Certifications and licensure are also required.

Some of the qualities you need to succeed in this field include people management skills, communication, and analytical skills.

Hospital Case Manage Job Description Example/Template

If you need to know what makes up the daily duties, tasks, and responsibilities of hospital case managers, the following job description example highlights them:

  • Develop and implement action plans for effective treatment of patients
  • Maintain record of client treatment and progress of recovery
  • Refer patients to therapeutic, psychosocial, or psychiatric professionals in order to address particular needs or challenges
  • Assign work tasks to health care personnel to ensure functional coverage of patients
  • Interact with patient’s family to educate them on care techniques required to enhance the recovery of a patient
  • Assist patients with the interpretation of medical documents
  • Ensure tests administered to patients are appropriate and necessary
  • Oversee the coordination and integration of health and case management functions in order to achieve a common goal
  • Monitor patient response and progress of treatment to recommend adjustments where necessary
  • Establish good working relationship with physicians to ensure timely and effective patient recovery
  • Monitor the quality of health care provided to patients to ensure they are up to acceptable standard
  • Help patients access government health aid and community health organization/social service benefits
  • Contact patient’s health insurer to verify coverage and benefits
  • Prepare and implement patient discharge plan which allows for continued treatment after hospital discharge
  • Ensure patients have the necessary utilities and amenities required for complete convalescence.

Hospital Case Manager Resume Preparation

If you are seeking a new hospital case manager job, you will need to prepare and send a resume to employers for them to be able to properly assess your suitability for the job.

One of the things they will like to see in your resume is your work experience. This is important, being a management position.

To make your work experience if you have previously worked as a case manager in a hospital, you can use the duties of the role that are highlighted in the sample job description above’

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Hospital Case Manager Job

If you are seeking the job of a hospital case manager, here are the major employer requirements to be able to access the position:

  • Education and Training: To become a hospital case manager, you require a Bachelor’s degree in nursing or social work. Hospital case managers usually require the Accredited Case Manager (ACM) certification awarded by the American Case Manager Association (ACMA) in order to practice as a certified hospital case manager. State licensure is also required
  • People management Skills: Hospital case managers are adept at coordinating the activities of various health care staff to ensure delivery of proper patient care plan
  • Communication Skills: Hospital case managers are able to communicate with patients and their families to educate them on essential care techniques required for complete recovery of patients
  • Analytical Skills: They are proficient in conducting research to identify and develop solutions to patients’ requirements and needs.

Hospital Case Manager Skills for Resume

Again, if you are making a hospital case manager resume, you can create the skills section of the resume by applying information from the above job requirements.

Acquiring the above requirements that employers usually demand that applicants for the hospital case manager job meet, and using them in your resume, can boost its effectiveness.

This is so because employers will see that you possess the qualities and skills that they require from their case managers.


This post provides the duties and responsibilities that make up the job of hospital case managers.

If you are looking to work in this position, this information is useful to you in learning more about the job and what to expect in the career.

The sample job description also provided in this post is helpful to hospital employers as a template in making effective case manager work description for recruiting new people for the role and assigning tasks to them.

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