Head Chef Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 30, 2023
Head Chef job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Head Chefs coordinate all activities in the kitchen and ensure it runs smoothly.

This post provides complete information on the job description of a head chef, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they typically perform.

What Does a Head Chef Do?

The head chef, who is also known as the executive chef or chef manager, is someone responsible for all activities in the kitchen.

The head chef job description entails oversees everything going in and out of the kitchen.

It is pertinent that whoever holds this position is able to maintain control of the kitchen.

They are usually the ones that are held accountable for the success or failure of a food servicing facility, such as a restaurant.

As far as employers are concerned, head chefs are the boss around the kitchen area, and as such are to command the respect of every subordinating kitchen staff.

Unlike other chefs or cooks who are primarily concerned with food, the head chef’s role extends unto figuring out how much food will be needed for a particular period of time – say one week, and orders food and supplies. This is to mean that there will be a little math involved in the job, and the head chef is expected to take care of that.

There are a wide variety of settings where you can find a head chef, ranging from industrial kitchen to the tiny local kitchen.

Their services are also employed at a number of establishments offering food service, such as hospitals, universities and residential care centers. Also, they can work as personal chefs.

The lead chef can delegate tasks to the kitchen staff and ensure efficient running of his zone. He or she will also ensure that the staff productivity is maximized as much as possible.

It is expected of a head chef to show example to his subordinate staff to follow soothe. He will ensure that standards of safety and hygiene are adhered to.

The executive chef plays an important role in creating recipes and the preparing of advanced items, and then assigns less complicated duties to sous chefs and cooks. He/she may also be called upon to perform certain administrative tasks as the need arises.

Chef Managers are also responsible for ensuring that the restaurant meets the necessary standards and regulations, which include safety and sanitary guidelines.

They work closely with other cooks, creating menu items and determining food inventory needs.

This is one position that is mostly learned through experience, that is, by apprenticeship. However, there are academic programs available where necessary cooking skills are taught.

Head Chef Job Description Example/Sample/Template

There are major duties, tasks, and responsibilities head chefs are expected to perform at work; they are given in the job description example below:

  • Order supplies and report to the head of the establishment
  • Ensure the serving of quality culinary dishes and on schedule
  • Ensure that no problem arises during serving; if any, it should be rectified quickly
  • Approve all foods before they leave the kitchen
  • Develop menu offerings
  • Forecast supply needs and estimate costs
  • Recruit kitchen staff
  • Ensure efficiency of the kitchen and staff.
  • Ensure production of quality and consistent food
  • Perform accounting functions and scheduling of meals to be served
  • Weigh in on patron complaints
  • Ensure that the food servicing facility meets all necessary standards and regulations such as sanitary and safety guidelines
  • Create recipes and prepare advanced items
  • Assign tasks that are less complicated to lower kitchen staff
  • Maximize the productivity of the kitchen staff
  • Manage the rest of the chefs in the chef’s chain of command
  • Ensure proper equipment maintenance and operations
  • Oversee special catering events and where necessary offer culinary instruction and demonstrate techniques
  • Supervise kitchen personnel and their performance
  • Take charge of kitchen staff payroll and initiate possible increase
  • Report to the food service director
  • Order food from designated suppliers
  • Manage stock of food
  • Organize duty roster for kitchen staff

Head Chef Job Description for Resume

Preparing a resume for the head chef job entails completing the sections of the resume with relevant information.

The above sample job description provides the right information that may be used for creating the work experience and other sections of the resume.

Head Chef Requirements: Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge for Career Success

There are certain skills and qualities that a head cook must possess in order to be considered for the position by most employers, these include:

  • Passion for food
  • Previous experience of working in a professional kitchen
  • Effective communication skills
  • Ability to manage a budget and work with figures
  • Ability to work under stressful conditions
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Ability to make quick decisions
  • Ability to ensure high standard of hygiene and cleanliness in the restaurant area